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Collars for dachshunds: types, purpose, tips for choosing. Dog training collar
Collars for dachshunds: types, purpose, tips for choosing. Dog training collar

Properly selected ammunition will make walks with the dog comfortable and protect the pet from dangerous situations. Pet stores stock a wide variety of dog collars. They differ not only in price, but also in purpose. Let's figure out which collar is better for a dachshund to choose.

Leather goods

Leather collars look unusually aesthetic, they are chosen by owners who attach importance to the appearance of the pet. High-quality leather goods are double or triple stitched, thanks to which they do not wear out for a long time.

When choosing a collar, you should look at its inner surface. There should not be threads and knots, these are signs of marriage. Poor quality firmware can injure the animal's skin.

The only significant disadvantage of such collars for dachshunds is their high cost. If the product is of high quality, it can cost several thousand rubles.

collars for dachshunds

Collars with extension

This collar is designed for hyperactive dogs. Its design reduces pressureon the throat and with sharp throws of the animal does not choke him. Collar-"herring" does not rub the neck. This product got its name because of its shape, resembling a fish. It is used most often for hunting breeds.

The herring collar is recommended by all cynologists specifically for dachshunds as a product that allows you to maintain the he alth of the dog's spine.

harness or collar for a dachshund

Soft with clasp

This textile collar is available with and without a semi-automatic clasp. Thanks to the buckle, the width of the neckline can be adjusted.

The product is convenient because it can be adjusted to the changing parameters of a growing dog. A special clasp (fastex) eliminates the need to cut new holes as the pet grows up. When the puppy grows up, the collar can be changed to another one.

herring collar

Rubber options

Dachshund collars are made not only from leather, but also from elastic rubber. Thanks to modern materials, such products can be easily cleaned of dirt. In addition, rubber collars are hypoallergenic and resistant to temperature changes. The micro-adjustment system will help to adjust the product to the size of the pet's neck.

Chain show collars

If a dog participates in exhibitions, its owner often purchases a metal collar. The chain attracts the attention of viewers and emphasizes the attractive appearance of the dachshund.

collars for dachshunds

To correctly calculate the length of suchcollar, you need to add 5 cm to the girth of the neck. The steel product is removed before swimming and other water procedures.

When choosing a collar, you should pay attention to its links, they must be made of high-quality alloy. Chemical impurities in the metal can irritate the skin and coat of the animal. It is desirable that the links are welded, then they will withstand strong jerks. If there are gaps in them, dog hair can get in there, causing injury.

Dog training collar

Such products are designed to correct the behavior of the animal. They can be:

  • lamellar - with short teeth that allow you to train your pet;
  • wire - with long spikes, they are suitable for dogs with long hair, dachshunds do not need to wear them.

A strict collar for dogs (parfors) often causes controversy among dog breeders. Some consider it an inhumane remedy, others believe that there is no alternative to such a product if you need to teach an animal obedience.

Parfors are made of a metal chain with spikes, it has large links. From the outside it seems that the animal is in pain when wearing such a collar, but the instructors say that this is a completely safe method for training.

Selection rules

When choosing a strict collar for a dachshund, you should take into account the diameter of the product and the length of its spikes. The diameter should exceed the girth of the neck by several centimeters (usually 5 cm is recommended), but so that the pet does not throw off the collar. The parameter is measured below the ears, at the very throat,this is where the dog wears a stricter.

It is ideal when buying a product to try it on a dog. It is also worth checking whether the links are fastened with high quality, whether they will break during a sharp jerk. Parforce requires proper fitting or it will cause the animal pain, irritation and unwillingness to obey.

Manufacturers produce collars for short-haired and long-haired breeds. Of course, for dachshunds, you must purchase the first option. There are also sold parfors with spikes with rubber tips at the ends. Such products cause pain to the dog when worn, as they rub rubber teeth against his coat. This should be borne in mind, and such stricters should only be used in exceptional cases with very naughty pets.

gps collar reviews

Rules for the use of the "slicer"

Parforce for a dog is a method of training it. It may be needed, for example, when a pet does not obey during a walk and pulls the leash towards itself. It is impossible to use a strict collar for a long time, and even more so all the time.

To accustom a pet to a "stricter", at first it is worth putting it on for a while at home. Training in such ammunition should last no more than an hour. If the product is worn for a long time, it may irritate the dog's skin.

During the walk, if the animal tries to rush forward, you should pull it briefly by the "stricter". This will stop the pet and make the owner obey. So the dachshund will understand that he did something unacceptable, and over time he will learn to behave correctly.

But put on a "stricter"it is not worth every walk so that the animal does not have a fixed association of pain and irritation associated with the street. At worst, the dog may become shy.

After training, it is worth removing the "stricter" from the pet in order to protect it from accidental injury. Dogs left unattended in such collars for long periods of time have been known to seriously injure themselves, resulting in death.

If the dachshund has learned to show obedience, you can part with the "stricter". If everything is done correctly, the pet will obey the owner even in a regular soft collar.

Cynologists emphasize that the use of a "stricter" is only a temporary measure, and it is necessary to teach an animal obedience without using such a product.

Using a noose

Some cynologists recommend starting your pet's training by putting on a regular ribbon or lace. This version of the collar for dog training, also called a noose, teaches the puppy to the correct behavior from the first days of life.

If an adult dog is being raised, this soft option may also work for her at first, before using a heavy leather product that the four-legged friend will immediately try to throw off.


This handy invention comes in a variety of designs. All GPS collars are divided into:

  • Depending on the breed. For miniature decorative dogs (including dachshunds), products with a low weight have been developed. For hunting breeds, the produced collars are equipped withmany useful features.
  • Depending on battery capacity. For hunting breeds, the amount of charge should be greater than for decorative breeds.
  • By feature set. The most expensive devices have a wide range of features that allow you to accurately track the minimum radius of the pet.
  • Depending on the purpose of use. GPS collars are divided into tracking devices and electronic leashes for animal training.

GPS collars are very comfortable and safe. With their help, you can find an animal if it is suddenly lost. The product determines the location using online navigation through a satellite communication system. The current location is displayed on the device that comes with the collar, or on your phone and computer.

textile collar

GPS tracker is combined with a mobile device and transmits data via a SIM card.

What to consider when choosing?

When choosing an electronic collar for a dog, you should consider the breed and purpose of the device. Specifications for each model are different. They are different:

  • coverage area;
  • battery capacity;
  • vibrating signal;
  • the dimensions of the device itself;
  • the presence of the alarm button.

The functionality and cost of an electronic collar differ depending on the model. Before buying, you should clearly understand what exactly this device is being purchased for.

how to choose a collar for a dachshund

When putting the product on a dog, one shouldfasten it to the animal as securely as possible. It is also worth considering the battery life and the range of the device.

Opinions of dog breeders Reviews of GPS-collars are the most controversial. Some owners are satisfied with the device, others consider it a useless device. Such collars are often purchased by owners of dogs involved in hunting. Devices help track the location of the pet in the forest, where there is no mobile connection. Also, the device is useful to the owners of dachshunds, who often go to the country and let their pets go free range there. As a rule, the owners are very satisfied with the collar, provided that it is of high quality.

I must say that such products are not at all a small price and it varies from 2,000 to 90,000 rubles. Negative reviews refer mainly to low-budget models that do not cope with the declared functionality and do not help owners quickly find their dog. So if there is a need to purchase a GPS collar, you should not save money, otherwise you can buy a completely unnecessary item.

Can I wear a harness?

Some dog owners are wondering: what is better - a harness or a collar for a dachshund? This question is very serious. The harness allows you to change the collar. But a dog dressed in such equipment can freely pull its owner in the direction it needs, while not experiencing any obstacles.

dog collar sizes

Cynologists are categorically against the use of harnesses for dachshunds. This version of the collar leads to violations in the setting of the paws, twisting themout. This, in turn, deforms the spine and can cause serious illness.

Wearing a harness, the dachshund constantly stretches his neck. And this is harmful, especially for young individuals. The dog will get used to keeping the neck close to the ground, this will spoil its appearance, fixed by the breed standards. The back of the dachshund will take the form of a dome, the load will be distributed incorrectly.

What to do, is there an alternative? Of course have. Experts advise purchasing the previously described “herring” collar with a leash for dachshunds. Puppies can use softer options, while adults can wear harder leather ones. Such collars will not harm the cervical vertebrae and keep the four-legged he althy.

How to decide the size?

Sizes of collars for dogs are marked differently depending on the manufacturer. Also, various trading platforms can offer their own classification of goods.

To choose the right collar for a dachshund, you should measure the base of the pet's neck with a soft centimeter tape. It shouldn't be pulled too tight. The index finger should fit between the neck and the band. The required collar length must exceed the received parameter by several centimeters.

Dachshunds usually fit collars 35-41 cm long, the marking will be different depending on the manufacturer, as mentioned earlier. Collars for rabbit dachshunds will be one or two sizes smaller. These miniature animals are much smaller than their regular counterparts.

what collar is best for a dachshund

How to choose a collar for a dachshund?

In thisprocess, it is worth listening to some recommendations:

  • When choosing a collar, you should read the product description. The material of manufacture will be indicated there, which may be important.
  • All measurements should be made in advance, prior to purchase. Then you can compare the received figures with the product classification tables offered by the seller.
  • Reviews from other buyers about a particular dachshund collar can often help. It would be useful to listen to the advice of the seller.

Following the recommendations outlined in the article, the owner will be able to easily find the right collar for the dachshund.

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