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The first signs of early pregnancy
The first signs of early pregnancy

How nice it would be if a woman learned about the first signs of pregnancy almost immediately after conception, and through explicit signals. In reality, the expectant mother has to rely on hormonal changes. And since the characteristics of the female body are individual, the appearance of the first symptoms of motherhood may be delayed for some time, up to a month.

Many women rely on the absence of menstruation, considering it a special and pleasant signal of a successful conception. In fact, this is not a solid guarantee, since the menstrual cycle for each of the fair sex passes with a certain and individual frequency. It is worth remembering that it may take place with a delay.

The first signs of pregnancy

In any case, it is desirable to know about the characteristic features of every lady who plans the birth of a child or, conversely, tries to prevent its occurrence until better times. But especially about the first signsearly pregnancy is desirable to know for all young girls for whom pregnancy occurs for the first time.

Difficult diagnosis

The issue of determining pregnancy occupies every girl, especially for young expectant mothers. However, finding an early date is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Of course, there are signs, they are not so pronounced as to accurately state that the “patient” is in position. Often, the symptoms of so-called pregnancy can actually indicate malfunctions of the endocrine glands, nervous diseases, and an overdose of drugs. Thus, this can be misleading not only for women themselves, but also for doctors.

The first signs of early pregnancy, or female intuition

As we know, there are no absolutely similar people, and each of us has his own individuality. According to the stories of some women, within a few hours after conception, they began to feel some changes in themselves. Moreover, the ladies not only accurately revealed the fact of motherhood, but were also able to predict the sex of the child. Other women saw the corresponding hints in their dreams.

But the vast majority of girls rely little on their own intuition or subconscious. They are more inclined to believe facts. That is, they monitor their weight, use tests, evaluate their appearance, comparing their real reflection in the mirror with old pictures. Only in the early stages of pregnancy this will not help, because outwardly the woman does not stand out much: the weight remains the same as before, and the stomach still appearsearly.

HCG levels

This can also be considered the first sign of pregnancy. Numerous studies show that the fertilization of the egg occurs within 12 hours after its release from the ovary. But at the same time, no more than a day should pass, otherwise it dies. Pregnancy symptoms can be noticed only after the embryo attaches to the wall of the uterus, which usually occurs 7-10 days after ovulation. After that, the hCG hormone begins to be produced, which notifies the female body of the presence of a new life.

HCG level

And it is constantly increasing. The woman herself does not need this hormone, since it serves as a building material for the future placenta. In this regard, a high content of hCG indicates a successful conception. For this reason, signs of pregnancy are unlikely to be detected on the first day.

And the longer a woman puts off (within reason, of course) taking the test, the clearer and sharper the bar on the indicator will be. As for the test itself, experts recommend conducting it, starting from the day when there should be menstruation, which is not. However, this may also be talking about late periods, but the topic of our article is a little different.

Yes or no?

There are a number of signs that may indicate pregnancy, but it is impossible to be completely sure of this. These include the following cases:

  • Intermittent lack of appetite.
  • Smell sharpened.
  • Fatigue and irritability are more pronounced than before.
  • Headache.
  • Drowsy.
  • Increased salivation.
  • Change in blood pressure.

Yes, these first signs of pregnancy in the early stages may indicate pregnancy, but to be sure, if they are detected, you should undergo an examination to establish an accurate diagnosis. In addition, sometimes a woman may feel pain in the bladder area. With the outcome of urine, there is also a slight pain. This may indicate pregnancy, but may indicate some inflammatory disease like cystitis. To confirm or refute a terrible diagnosis, it is better to take urine for analysis. And by the time he is ready, there will be other signs in case of a successful conception.

Signs of pregnancy

Successful conception can sometimes be reflected by external signs, saying that something is happening inside the female body. After the lucky male reproductive cell (or gamete) has reached its goal, the egg begins its movement down to the uterus. This can happen already in the first days, and signs of pregnancy may appear in the form of changes in the well-being of the expectant mother.

The female genital organ after a successful conception needs to be properly prepared for bearing the fetus. Therefore, the uterus also undergoes changes: its structure adapts to prepare favorable conditions for the development of a new life. In this case, you can feel unwell, pain in the lower abdomen, rectum. These are clear signs of pregnancy.early – up to 7 days.

First sign of pregnancy

Let's look at a few more symptoms that may indicate pregnancy. Some of them are obvious, and there are those that only admit the fact of motherhood and therefore need additional confirmation with the help of appropriate studies.

Bleeding of short duration

You can say that this is one of the very first signs of early pregnancy. A week later, the egg has already reached its destination, picked up a cozy place for itself and begins to attach to the uterine wall. As a result of this, the integrity of the uterus is violated, the nearest vessels are destroyed, which provokes a slight bleeding, which is then brought out. This can be confused with menstruation, but the discharge is not so abundant, it breaks the schedule and stops on the second day.

Such discharge is called implantation. They usually appear 8-12 days after conception, but they can also be observed after a delay, so they do not always indicate the fact of motherhood. In any case, they must be vigilant. If the discharge is profuse, you need to urgently seek medical help, as this is sometimes an alarming sign of a miscarriage.

The presence of another important hormone

Considering the first signs of pregnancy in the early stages, this phenomenon cannot be bypassed. After conception, another hormone is produced, which is also necessary for the child - progesterone. Before conception, it was not, and it was with its appearancein the female body there is a cardinal hormonal restructuring. Often, characteristic symptoms are observed:

  • headache;
  • weakness;
  • temperature increase.

It can all feel like a cold. Moreover, some of these signs may not appear on the first day. And sometimes this may even indicate the approach of menstruation or be a reaction to a stressful situation. For this reason, many girls are in no hurry to visit the doctor.

Mood change

This can also be regarded as the first sign of pregnancy in the early weeks (1-2). As you know, in the case of a successful conception, hormonal changes occur in the body of a woman, and the changes occur radically. This is well felt by all close people, especially parents and, in fact, the soulmate herself. While the woman herself may not notice this at all.

Mood change

The nature of the future mother is changing, and sometimes it can happen unexpectedly for everyone around. Sometimes she can be seized by a rush of rage for no reason, then everyone who is nearby is under attack. From the outside it seems that a woman has a bad character, but in reality she is simply not able to control herself. She is well aware of the pain she brings to her family, but she cannot do anything. A similar first sign of pregnancy in the early stages (1-2 weeks) may manifest itself before other symptoms. Therefore, relatives should be well prepared for future attacks and understandhandle the situation.

New tastes

The female body, feeling the birth of a new life in itself, immediately tries to accumulate useful microelements, and the more, the better for the child. This is manifested in the formation of new taste preferences. In other words, a woman can eat with pleasure everything that she could not bear before. Such eating behavior can hardly be overlooked. A woman tries to collect everything incompatible on her plate, and any dish seems insipid, so she tries to add s alt to it. If everything was in her power, the expectant mother would eat a whole jar of pickled cucumbers at a time.

In some women, when the first signs of pregnancy appear, at 1 week or a little later, unexpected addictions appear: an irresistible desire to taste chalk or sand. An increase in appetite and a change in taste habits are one way or another the first symptoms of motherhood.

Change in the mammary glands

In particular, we are talking about the following manifestations:

  • Nipples begin to darken, their sensitivity increases, they become softer.
  • The glands themselves swell.
  • Venous network becomes more visible.
  • Circumferences around the nipples may also darken and increase in size.

During the first months of pregnancy, a woman may experience chest discomfort. In addition, the first sign of pregnancy may be the appearance of Montgomery's tubercles - small outgrowths that form on the circumference of the nipples after a successful conception. Outwardly theyreminiscent of warts, inside of which is a sebaceous substance. If they are present, a woman should not worry, because the tubercles do not have any effect on the functioning of the mammary glands and do not pose a threat to the mother.

Characteristic external skin sign

There is another external symptom that indicates pregnancy - the condition of the skin. Pigment spots or inflammation may develop on its surface. This is due to changes in the hormonal background of the female body. As you can now guess, this process has a significant impact on a woman, so she just needs the support of loved ones, especially her husband.

Pregnancy is beautiful for any woman

A sharp fluctuation in hormones leads to the fact that pigmented “decorations” appear on the face, neck and chest. And this can also be regarded as the first sign of early pregnancy. This also applies to the arms and legs, where you can find spider veins, reminiscent of hematomas in their shade. But women have nothing to worry about, because all these “decorations” disappear as soon as a child is born.

The sebaceous and sweat glands in the course of successful conception begin to work in an enhanced mode, and therefore the faces of many mothers are additionally decorated with blackheads. With the advent of about 12 weeks of pregnancy, a woman can notice a longitudinal pigment strip on her stomach. You should not worry about this, because this first sign of pregnancy also disappears after childbirth.

Almost everyone who is interested in stretch marks knows aboutall this process. They appear on the sides and lower abdomen, but somewhere from the 20th week. And the fuller the mother, the more pronounced they are.

Frequent urination

As a rule, frequent urge to urinate occurs in a woman in late pregnancy. This is due to the fact that a grown child puts some pressure on the bladder and ureter. However, failure of the genitourinary system may occur earlier.

This can be due to human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone secreted only by pregnant women. It helps to accelerate the blood circulation of the pelvic organs, which gives a false feeling of overcrowding of the bladder. Although in reality there is very little liquid. This is especially felt in the supine position, and therefore almost every woman regards it as a sign of pregnancy in the first weeks.

It is worth noting that frequent urination is not necessarily a sign of impending motherhood, sometimes it is a symptom of some disease of the genitourinary system like cystitis or urethritis. If a strong burning sensation is felt during urination, then this is definitely not pregnancy, everything here points to a disease. See a doctor as soon as possible.

Elevated basal temperature

Many women measure their basal body temperature to determine when they are about to ovulate. Its increase in the genitals indicates the readiness of the egg for fertilization. But with the help of this you can still learn about the successful outcome of conception. To do this, a thermometer is placed in the anus,since the temperature of the rectum and genitals is the same. Measurement should be taken early in the morning while still in bed.

basal body temperature chart

It is desirable for every woman to keep her own schedule for measuring basal temperature. After 3-4 months, she will already be able to detect the first sign of pregnancy before menstruation. It manifests itself as follows: 7 days before the onset of menstruation, the temperature indicator, instead of decreasing, remains unchanged, within 37 C °. With a greater degree of probability, this indicates a successful conception.

Gastrointestinal tract and toxicosis

To be more precise, we are talking about his disorder. This is a fairly common phenomenon that is observed in most expectant mothers. And as medical practice shows, this is 2/3 of all cases of pregnancy. A characteristic sign of hormonal changes can be considered flatulence and constipation. Progesterone is responsible for such activity, which in the early stages of pregnancy provokes a slowdown in the digestive tract. As a result, constipation occurs.

In addition, a woman in the morning may feel other signs of pregnancy in the early stages in the form of toxicosis, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Moreover, this condition can be not only in the morning, but also in the evening. And vomiting can overtake almost after every meal. Although this phenomenon in most cases occurs only in the middle period of bearing a child, when he has already grown up and developed enough. However, completely exclude their appearance at an early stage.maternity is not possible. Doctors call this condition early toxicosis.

At the same time, nausea and vomiting do not always indicate pregnancy, sometimes toxicosis occurs with food poisoning. In addition, symptoms may indicate gastritis, enteritis, intestinal or stomach ulcers.

In closing

It is impossible to establish a 100% fact of motherhood using the first signs of pregnancy described in this article, since some of them may indicate the presence of a disease. Although there are those that clearly indicate this. However, in order to make an accurate diagnosis, an additional study is required, which will be prescribed only by a doctor after visiting the antenatal clinic.

For a full guarantee, a woman can be assigned an ultrasound examination (ultrasound), which is a reliable method for determining pregnancy. At the same time, if twins are expected, the device is not able to detect this at an early date. This fact can be determined only at the 5th or 6th week, when hearts form in the embryos.

early signs of pregnancy

Well, a woman's heart can hardly fail. In any case, it is better to seek medical help or, as a last resort, take a pregnancy test. So the woman will be calm, and relatives will not worry ahead of time. And in order for the whole process of bearing a child to proceed smoothly, a woman needs to be registered in a timely manner when the first signs of pregnancy appear. Conception can be fully considered successful when a he althy and full-fledgedbaby.

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