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Hammock - what is it? Types of hammocks, photo

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Hammock - what is it? Types of hammocks, photo
Hammock - what is it? Types of hammocks, photo

During the experiment, scientists managed to find out that a person falls asleep much faster if his body sways a little. British scientists measured body parameters when volunteers fell asleep on a bed and in a swinging hammock. This study also found that "wiggles" increased brain activity, leading to better dreams.

hanging hammock

The history of the hammock

Inventors of the hammock are Indian tribes. Hanging beds they designed to keep out snakes and ants, but as it turned out later, this design is also incredibly comfortable for sleeping. The sailors who discovered America appreciated the positive aspects of the hammock, so they immediately began to use a hanging bed on ships, since there was almost no motion sickness in it. With sailors, the hammock spread throughout the world.

Today it is popular all over the planet, and some countries have developed their own tradition of making it. For example, in Brazil they are made fromcotton and the bark of a local walnut tree, and decorate everything with a fringe. Colombians, when creating such lodges, use vines and an agave tree. Colombian hammocks are said to be the most durable hanging beds in the world.

By the way, mesh hammocks were also hung in dachas in the Soviet Union.

What are

Today, the original design of the hammock has changed, so the market is replete with a variety of types. On this basis, these products can be divided into 5 types:

  • hammock swings
  • frame;
  • chair-shaped products;
  • pendant;
  • baby items.

All types of hammocks should be considered separately. Each type has its own disadvantages and advantages, but one thing remains unchanged - a comfortable rest and relaxation effect.

Hammock swing

This type of hammock is a country option, in apartments this type of hanging bed is used very rarely. The main feature of this installation is only one reference point, all the fortifications converge in one specific place and are fixed to a tree or beam. The size of the hammock can be absolutely any. A compact cradle hammock is suitable for children, and if you attach a canopy, you get a cozy place for the little ones.

There are swing hammocks large in diameter, in order to relax in the fresh air with a large company. To do this, you just need to choose a reliable support. The convenience of a swing hammock is undeniable, but the price of this pleasure is not small.

frame hammock


This is a completely versatile hammock, it can be placed both in the country house and indoors. Unlike the previous type, this hammock does not require supports, as it is located on a ready-made frame. Its supporting structure can be metal or wood. The versatility of the hammock also lies in the design features: collapsible or stationary.

The weight of the stationary model is far from small, but thanks to this, good stability is achieved, so the choice of the place where the installation will be located must be approached thoroughly. For summer cottages, stationary frame hammocks can be equipped with a hanging installation and a mosquito net. No less popular are products with a frame for apartments, as an extra bed or a resting place. Often they are placed on balconies, in living rooms or loggias, because a hammock is, first of all, a symbol of relaxation.

The collapsible design, on the one hand, has an advantage due to mobility, but on the other hand, it loses due to less reliability. Most often they have a metal frame. Such a hammock is not tied to one place, it is easy to transport.

hammock based

Hammock chair

From traditional models, the hammock chair differs only in the shape of the bed. As a rule, this type usually has a frame base, but there are also hanging hammocks that are easy to attach, for example, to a tree or ceiling in a house or apartment. This chair is the perfect place to read or work at the computer. A similar design is often equipped with a canopy. The hammock chair is the most popular type of hammock to place inapartment. Unlike its counterparts, it is not as bulky, it is ideal for almost any interior.

hammock photo

Hanging product

Classic - hanging hammock. It was on such lodges that the Indians and sailors slept. The design is very simple: a fabric is fixed between two supports. If in the country such support installations can be trees or concrete poles, then in an apartment it is a little more complicated: a hammock is attached to the ceiling or walls.

Hanging product can be equipped with slats. It costs a little more than the “plankless” brother, but the canvas will be more stretched, which will reduce the likelihood of falling out of the bed during sleep. Models that are not equipped with slats are much easier to assemble and transport, such a hammock looks like something like a cradle and can only accommodate one person. You can assemble the product yourself, it's not difficult at all.

There are a couple of recommendations on how to make a hammock and relax in comfort:

  1. For a safe and comfortable rest, you need a strong and strong support (two parallel to the tree is ideal). You can do it yourself: dig into the ground pillars with a cross section of 80 millimeters or more, 80 centimeters deep, then pour concrete mixture. The distance between the supports is calculated very simply: add 30 centimeters (deflection) to the length of the fabric itself.
  2. Standard canvas hanging height is 1-1.5 meters.

Do not forget that the height of the suspended hammock affects the deflection according to the rule: the higher, the more.

hanging frame hammock

Children's hammock

Hammock for children has practically no differences from their "adult" versions, but manufacturers refer them to a separate category. Children's models have a small size, colorful colors, they are safe. Almost always, manufacturers equip hammocks for children with additional bumpers. The canvas has an ergonomic shape so that being there, the child feels only comfort and does not earn he alth problems during the rest. The maximum weight they can carry as standard is 40 kilograms.

children's hammock

How to choose

Buying a hammock is a difficult choice from hundreds of different types. At the same time, 3 criteria remain unchanged:

  • capacity (capacity);
  • ultimate load;
  • web size.

In terms of capacity, hammocks are divided into double, adult and children's. The first option is designed to accommodate two people. But do not forget about their carrying capacity, as overloading can affect the cliff. The larger the hammock, the stronger the supports should be. Do not hang the product on thin, young trees - there is a high risk of breaking them.

The standard load on a hammock is 80-100 kilograms, as it is usually designed for one person, but it's better to play it safe. If you need a large carrying capacity, then you should give preference to parachute silk - it can withstand 150-200 kilograms, and synthetics can withstand no more than 120 kilograms. The most fragile canvas is mesh, it cannot lift more than 80 kilograms of weight.

ButWhatever the maximum load limit a hammock has, it must be remembered that its fibers wear out and weaken over time. Therefore, in order not to injure yourself, you should not save on the load capacity of the product.

The last thing when choosing a hammock is the length. They are for both children and adults. The standard length is 2 meters, but if your height is just that, then there are options for 3-3.5 meters.

Photos on a hammock are homely, cozy and atmospheric, and the rest is complete. Plus, it's a great place to sleep outside.

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