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Wedding wreath on the head (photo)

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Wedding wreath on the head (photo)
Wedding wreath on the head (photo)

Wedding is an event that for any girl is included in several important dates in life. Since childhood, girls dream of a beautiful celebration and a stunning outfit. On this day, the image of the bride should be perfect and completely complete. The decoration on the head is of no small importance. A highlight in the image of the bride can be a wedding wreath.

wedding wreath
wedding wreath

Wreath as a symbol

The decoration on the bride's head has not only aesthetic functions, but is also a symbol of innocence. A wedding wreath of flowers has long been considered at the ceremony a sign of the "purity" of a young girl.

Women who married a second time did not wear it. Girls who lost their innocence were also not allowed to wear this accessory. People used to say "lost the wreath".

Weaved such a decoration on the eve of the bridesmaid's wedding. The prerequisite was that they must be unmarried. On the last evening before the wedding, the girls gathered and wove a wedding wreath to traditional songs.

Wedding wreath. Signs

This accessory should not be thrown away after the celebration. Previously, flowers and herbs were woven into it, which were considered a family talisman. Therefore, after the wedding ceremony, the bride dried it andkept in a secluded place.

According to another belief, if you sew a wreath in the bed of the newlyweds, they will live happily for a long time. And if the bride after the wedding gives an accessory to her husband, then this speaks of her fidelity and love. The groom should put it in a cozy place and keep it all his life.

You can't let your friends measure the wreath before or after the wedding, otherwise the family will fall apart.

Wreath of wild flowers

Wildflowers are always associated with lightness and tenderness. Interwoven ears can emphasize the naturalness of the image. Ideal for long-haired girls with a long, non-fluffy dress, such a wedding wreath on the head of fresh flowers. The photo of the bride will be bright and memorable.

wedding wreath on the head photo
wedding wreath on the head photo

This solution for a headdress is suitable for girls who arrange a wedding in a folk style. A traditional Russian dress combined with such a wreath will give the image the mystery and lightness of a forest nymph.

To make the accessory remind you of the happiest day for a long time, a girl can order it from polymer clay. Such an accessory will not fade and can be used as needed. It often contains forget-me-nots and clover. The combination of blue and red will give the headdress a touch of tenderness and celebration at the same time.

Bells and marigolds in one plexus will suit bright and cheerful girls. Such an image will undoubtedly be remembered by the guests of the celebration for a long time. In the photo, such a wreath will definitely focus on itself.

Wreath of roses and alstromerias

Roses are always associated with love and romance. The petals of this flower are often used to decorate the marriage bed and shower the couple in solemn ceremony. Delicate shades of spray roses are great for weaving a bride's headdress. Such flowers are small in size and have an open bud.

wedding wreath on the head of fresh flowers photo
wedding wreath on the head of fresh flowers photo

Pale pink shade of alstroemeria will give the image of the bride tenderness and sensuality. Such a wedding wreath is ideal for a short girl. The accessory is about 10 cm high and will make the wearer visually taller.

These accessories are suitable for pale pink dresses or a white outfit with an "airy" cut. Do not use this accessory under a classic puffy wedding dress. This combination will look awkward.

Gypsophila wreath

This headpiece is just perfect for any bride. Small snow-white inflorescences of this flower add "angelic" radiance and innocence to the image of the bride. Such a wedding wreath on the head (the photo with it will amaze everyone) will become an original highlight in the image of the bride.

Gypsophila can be combined in composition with others. She will add a touch of romance and sensuality to the accessory. Such flowers can be woven into the bride's French braid as an extension of the wreath.

Living flowers of this species have the ability to keep their freshness for a long time. Therefore, the entire solemn day, the accessory will look neat and voluminous. The structure of the inflorescences allows you to create a wreath from artificial materials. From the side willit is very difficult to make out that these are not fresh flowers woven into a wedding wreath on the head. The photo will come out natural and delicate.

The combination of gypsophila and small alstroemerias is often used for weaving wreaths, which are combined in one composition with a veil. This look is very popular as two interesting accessories are used at the same time. A wedding head wreath with a veil is now considered the most popular option. It can be worn with any style of dress. It looks good with a long model and a short wedding decoration.

bridal head wreath with veil
bridal head wreath with veil

Thin ribbons of a delicate color or decorative ornaments can be woven into such a headdress:

  • stones;
  • beads;
  • rhinestones;
  • weaving elements from different materials;
  • bridal hair pins.

Such a decorative move will make the wedding wreath even more elegant and elegant.

Which hairstyle to use

The use of this wedding accessory does not depend on the length of the hair. It will perfectly complement the image of both long-haired and short-haired girls. In such cases, you need to responsibly approach the choice of style and filling of the wreath.

Brides with long hair should look for wreaths with large or medium flowers, especially if the hairstyle is supposed to be loose curls. Hair braided into a French braid will perfectly decorate a wreath with medium-sized inflorescences, which will smoothly turn into single braids of smaller buds.

wedding wreath signs
wedding wreath signs

For girls with short hair, a wreath with small flowers or one or two large ones is perfect. The variant of inflorescences woven into the ribbon will look gentle. Often used is a wreath in the form of a diadem with interlacing of small flowers and stones.

Dark-haired brides should use white or delicate shades of flowers. Blondes are more suitable for bright shades of blue or red.

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