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How to improve relations with your wife? Basic rules of family life
How to improve relations with your wife? Basic rules of family life

Quarrels and disagreements between spouses are a common occurrence for any married couple. Sometimes everyday problems and difficulties depress so much that thoughts of divorce arise. How to mend relationships with your wife and save your marriage?

How to build relationships with your wife
How to build relationships with your wife

Is there life after marriage?

The first months of life together are the happiest for any couple. Spouses enjoy spending time together, do not get tired of pleasing each other with pleasant surprises. Over time, everyday problems become more and more. There are minor disagreements. Small bad habits of the second half, which touched and amused before the wedding, after the marriage begin to cause irritation. If you are thinking about how to improve relations with your wife, most likely the situation is already unfavorable. Fighting for feelings is definitely worth it, if they still exist. But what if the beloved spouse is increasingly dissatisfied, makes scandals from scratch and frankly “nags”? The main thing is not to panic and not to enter into open conflicts.

Listen and learn to hear

In aphorisms about how to understand womenalmost impossible, there is some truth. But in fact, most men simply do not know how to listen. The fair sex loves to talk, often they talk too much. In order to come to an understanding with your wife, first of all let her speak. All claims of women can be divided into concrete and abstract. In the first case, there is an exact wording, for example, the wife may be outraged by the low level of material we alth, the lack of help around the house, or the inattention of the spouse.

How to improve family relationships
How to improve family relationships

In this case, to solve the problem, you need to listen to the words of the second half and try to find a way out of this situation. The situation is much more complicated with abstract claims. One of the most popular among them: "You don't love me!" Hearing something similar from the lips of his own wife, a man must be patient. Try to talk calmly and find out what exactly your significant other would like to change in your relationship.

Spouse is your best friend

Many modern families suffer from a lack of communication between spouses. Try to remember the last time you really spoke to your wife. Many couples, after several years of marriage, communicate exclusively with a standard set of everyday phrases. These are small orders and requests to each other. However, when your relationship began, you probably saw a partner as a pleasant conversationalist and an interesting person.

What has changed? Start small. Ask dailyhow the day went, what he remembers, what mood his wife has. Share your news and thoughts if you see that the wife is ready to talk. Feel free to ask for advice and listen to it. Monitor the quality of communication, try to address your beloved politely.

Women love with their ears

How to improve relations in the family, if sometimes it seems that the love from the partner has passed? Compliments are the easiest way to win a woman over. Feel free to praise your wife. Be attentive to all the little things. Compliment her appearance, thank her for the delicious food she cooks. Just think about how much your wife actually does for you. She strives to make the house cozy, tries to look her best in order to please, and certainly pleases in the little things that you sometimes don’t think about.

Perfect wife
Perfect wife

Don't be lazy to thank her more often and celebrate all her successes out loud. Follow this simple rule, and for sure quarrels in the family will become much less frequent.

Learn to care for your own wife

Remember the very beginning of your romantic relationship with your spouse. Surely you wanted to be a hero in her eyes, surprise her every day and carry it in your arms in the literal sense of the word. So why not try to at least partially return that magical time? Of course, it will never be the same as before. But that's even better. Having lived all these years together, you know exactly all the preferences of your spouse. You no longer need to guess how to surprise her. Just buy a bouquet of flowers or cutesouvenir. Still wondering how to improve your relationship with your wife? Arrange a real surprise for her. Let it be dinner at a restaurant on a weekday or a walk in the countryside on the weekend.

Regular touching is the key to a strong relationship

When a relationship is on the brink of divorce, most spouses stop talking to each other altogether. Very often in this case, the husband and wife ignore each other, being at home together. You can correct the situation if you try to restore tactile contact. Try to hug and kiss your spouse more often. Many happy couples have the sweet habit of seeing and meeting each other to and from work. Feel free to show your feelings in public places. Hug your spouse on the street, hold the hand in the company of friends, lend a hand, helping to get out of the car.

Try to make all these simple gestures your habits, and positive changes will not be long in coming. Most likely, very soon you will be able to boast of everything that you have an ideal wife. Separate consideration deserves the issue of intimate relationships in marriage. Sexologists say that regular sex is the key to a strong marriage. But at the same time, it is important to listen to the desires of your soulmate. You can not insist on sex or, worse, force your wife if she refuses. In the bedroom, everything should happen only by mutual desire. If you lack passion, you can try something new. It is advisable only to discuss everything with your spouse in advance and, having shared your erotic fantasies, decide which of them should be translated into reality at the very least.soon.

Time for two

Family life is full of various responsibilities and tasks of varying degrees of importance. If there are children in the family, parents sometimes have no time to sleep and brush their teeth. What to think about improving your relationship! Still, it's worth trying to find time for yourself. A good option on how to restore relations with your wife is to make a rule to regularly spend time only together. Make it one evening a week or a whole weekend.

Trust in relationships
Trust in relationships

Children can be sent to visit their grandmother, left with a nanny or put to bed early. Turn off your phones and focus on each other. You can go on a mini-trip, just take a walk, watch a movie or lie in bed all day. Choose a pastime option solely for your own interests and the amount of free time.

Stop being jealous for no reason

Many married women complain of unreasonable jealousy on the part of their husband. Indeed, many spouses have a negative attitude towards regular meetings of their wives with friends, visits, corporate parties. Every man is inherently possessive. And even with firm confidence in the fidelity of his chosen one, every husband experiences discomfort, realizing that his wife in beautiful clothes goes somewhere to rest alone. How to avoid quarrels over holidays separately?

It is important to find a compromise. Ask your spouse to warn you in advance about all meetings in women's companies and feel free to arrange these days to spend time with your friends. No waycase, do not forbid your wife to have some kind of hobby. But if you are very worried and angry when your spouse is having fun without you, directly tell her about it. Offer to relax together more often, and it is quite possible that very soon, instead of gatherings with girlfriends, dinners with their families will become a tradition.

How to properly express your dissatisfaction?

Russian folk proverb calls not to wash dirty linen in public. And this folk wisdom is useful for each of us to remember. Never criticize your own spouse in front of third parties and do not talk about her disrespectfully with your own friends, even in her absence. May you all have the perfect wife. Believe me, talking in the company about the shortcomings of life partners does not bring any benefit.

Relationship on the brink of divorce
Relationship on the brink of divorce

If there are problems, and you have some claims to your spouse, discuss them in private in a calm atmosphere. In a personal conversation, you should clearly formulate all your thoughts, avoid generalizations. Never compare your wife with any woman you know. Believe me, there is nothing more offensive than the phrases: "But my mother …" or "Irina does not act like you." In a couple of days you will forget the words spoken in the heat of the moment, and resentment against them in a vulnerable female soul can live for years.

Every woman needs care

Even if your spouse is a stern business woman, deep down she dreams of coming home to a man next to whom she can feel like a little girl. Surround your beloved with care, and you will never have to think about how to improve relations with your wife. A man shouldn'trefuse to do men's housework. Regularly help your spouse carry heavy bags, try to take on some household duties. Don't know exactly what to do? Come and ask: “How can I help?”

Next to a real man, a woman blossoms, becomes kind, soft and incredibly beautiful. Create all the conditions for your spouse to feel that you can be relied upon in any situation.

Family Traditions

All happy families have their own traditions. For each couple, they are individual, but it is these little sacraments that make life more interesting, and the relationship between spouses deeper. If you are still thinking about how to improve family relationships, maybe it's time to come up with traditions that you will enjoy observing?

How to reconnect with your wife
How to reconnect with your wife

Regular dinners with family and Sunday trips to relatives, parties with friends or romantic evenings every month on the date you meet - the options are endless. You can offer your wife an unusual competition - during the day, come up with the most interesting and pleasant traditions for the family. In the evening, read the lists you have made together and choose the items that are of interest to both.

Give gifts to your wives

Each of us knows how nice it is to receive gifts. So why not please the closest person - your own wife? Many men will say that if you regularly please your wife with expensive presents for no reason, then you can spoil it. This is a reasonable judgment, but forFor most women, the main thing is not a gift, but attention. A box of chocolates on your bedside table, a cute keychain or photo frame, stylish jewelry, cosmetics - all these little things will not hurt your budget. And they can help build relationships.

If the phrase “We constantly quarrel with my wife” is about you, try bringing sweets or flowers to your wife instead of another showdown. From time to time, you can leave romantic messages to your wife, write SMS messages. An option for those who do not know what to give their own wife - make a good habit from time to time to give her an acceptable amount of money for you with an offer to buy something for yourself. Such gestures will be appreciated by any woman.

The main thing is love

Very often, men who devote too little time and attention to their wives think about how to fix a damaged relationship. If your spouse has cooled off towards you, there are probably problems in your attitude towards her. The words "I love you" mean a lot to every woman. Get in the habit of saying this phrase regularly. Learn to understand your soul mate. And remember that from the moment you create a family, you are not just lovers, but full-fledged partners in all areas of life. Delve into all the problems of your soulmate. Do not dare to mock her feelings and thoughts, even if she claims that she has nothing to wear in front of a full closet.

We fight all the time
We fight all the time

Trust in a relationship means a lot. A woman will feel calm and happy, provided she is confident that she is appreciated and appreciated at home.understand. And most importantly, do not forget that relationships require the constant work of both spouses. Even in the most ideal family, they should try to treat each other better every day. This is the secret of a long and happy family life. Try to open it and become perfect for each other.

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