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What to wear for a wedding, or Choosing the right outfit

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What to wear for a wedding, or Choosing the right outfit
What to wear for a wedding, or Choosing the right outfit

Every girl has two of the most joyful moments in her life - a wedding and the birth of a child. But, as is customary in Russia, you first need to get married, and then have children. Any newlywed couple wants to make their wedding unforgettable. So, invite a lot of guests, regardless of who it will be: friends, relatives or just acquaintances.

Choosing an outfit with examples

Let's look at it the other way. For example, you are a bridesmaid. And it so happened that for the first time you go to a wedding. There is only one thought in my head: “What do they wear for a wedding?” First of all, choosing an outfit is not so easy. Although the bride will be the center of attention at the wedding, you still need to look beautiful, and the outfit must be attractive. Secondly, there will be a photographer at the wedding, and you will certainly get into the frame. If the outfit is not very beautiful, then it will stand out significantly. Thirdly, this is a holiday, and everyone should be beautiful on this day. If you were invited to a wedding, then you should look your best.

Let's consider againone example. The bride invited all her friends to the wedding. Each of them had an idea: “How to dress for a friend’s wedding?” Naturally, everyone would like to look amazing, but it's better for friends to get together and discuss outfits. This is to ensure that they do not buy the same dresses. Suppose that everything is resolved with this issue, now you need to go to the store for dresses. And in what? Your best bet is to go to a speci alty shop that sells wedding gowns, as they have a collection of clothes appropriate for the occasion.

how to dress for a friend's wedding
how to dress for a friend's wedding

How to dress for a wedding for witnesses

Witnesses carry the most honorable mission at the wedding celebration. Since they play one of the main roles, outfits must be chosen especially carefully. The costume of the witness and the dress of the witness should be in perfect harmony with the dress of the bride and groom, but at the same time be of a different color and more modest. Witnesses are advised to carry a small handbag containing a comb, powder and lipstick, handkerchiefs and cosmetic tissues.

How to dress for a wedding for a woman?

outfits for wedding
outfits for wedding

A wedding is a day where you can show off your best outfits and compete with other women in elegance. But still, there are some simple tips in choosing clothes:

  • Too bright colors, like red, are perfect for "80s disco" style. And for a wedding, you need to choose a pastel outfit andelegant range: turquoise, green, pink, purple, beige or blue. The game of halftones will look perfect on your dress.
  • Avoid eccentric clothing. There should be no vulgarity at a wedding. For makeup, use calm, pastel colors of powder and shadows. And lipstick can be chosen, on the contrary, brighter.
  • The optimal length of a dress for a wedding is to the knee, but the dress should be comfortable and should not restrict movement.
  • Choose shoes to match the clothes. If you plan to participate in dances and games, then it is better to forego high heels.
  • Jewellery and costume jewelry will complete your look. But do not overdo it, so as not to look like a Christmas tree. It will be enough if you put on an elegant chain, a brooch, earrings, a pair of rings and a bracelet.
  • Eau de toilette or perfume use sparingly. For a wedding celebration, it is better to use light fragrances so that they serve as a barely noticeable trail, and do not oppress others.

Bright but elegant

For every person, a wedding is a thought. For the bride and groom, first of all, these are thoughts about how the wedding will go, what photos to take … There are a lot of thoughts, but, as a rule, on the wedding day they all disappear somewhere. The guests of the celebration have completely different thoughts, including what they wear for the wedding. This is a rather difficult question, since any person understands that it is necessary to look beautiful. In this regard, it is much easier for men: I bought a suit, and that's it. And women need to go and choose dresses or blouses and skirts. After all, the outfit should be greatlook at a woman. Saleswomen in stores often hear the question addressed to them: “What do they wear for a wedding?..” No one can give an exact answer. Everyone has different views on this matter. Some believe that you need to wear a luxurious dress, someone, on the contrary, will refute such an opinion and say that a wedding outfit should be modest, some kind of plain dress.


You can talk endlessly about what to wear for a wedding. Every person is different and thinks differently. To this case, we can apply the words of our ancestors that "there are no comrades for the taste and color." It's true, everyone has their own ideals. But one thing must be remembered: if you are going to a wedding, your outfit must be beautiful, so that the bride and groom will have only pleasant impressions of you for the rest of their lives, and not the thought of “how terrible she was dressed.” Of course, it will be more pleasant if they respond with a kind word about you and say: “Remember how pretty she was.” But for this to happen, you need to try.

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