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Day of the angel Tamara: patron saints, customs

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Day of the angel Tamara: patron saints, customs
Day of the angel Tamara: patron saints, customs

According to church canons, the day of an angel in a person's life is more important than his own, worldly birthday. The churched laity treat their guardian with reverence, celebrating name days every year. Angel Day is the day of memory of one or another saint. At birth, each of us is given a name, among the Orthodox it is customary to name children in honor of the patron saint, according to Christmas time. According to the church calendar, Tamara's Angel Day falls on May 14, May 1 and December 15.

angel tamara day
angel tamara day

Blessed Queen of Georgia Tamara

May 14, on their day of the angel, the Tamars of modern times remember and honor the Holy Queen of Georgia Tamara, who is known as a meek, pious, wise ruler of her people. She patronized the weak, widows, orphans. Queen Tamara was distinguished by her beauty and religiosity. During her reign, she did a lot for the spiritual development of her people, built a large number of temples.

congratulations on the day of the angel tamara
congratulations on the day of the angel tamara

Tamara Georgian was a successful ruler. During the years of her reign, the kingdom grew stronger and expanded its territory. Queen Tamara continued the work of her pious father, the time of her reign is considered the golden age of Georgia. Tamara managed to defend Christianity and prevent the dominance of Muslims.

Throughout her reign, she was a revered and beloved ruler of her people. The Georgian Queen spent the end of her life in the cell of the monastery, offering prayers to God.

Reverend Martyr Abbess Tamara Satsi

Tamara Satsy was canonized in 2007, so she can become the heavenly patroness of Tamaras born not earlier than this year. The day of the angel Tamara, whose patroness is this saint, is celebrated on May 1. Tamara Satsy, born with the name Maria, took the tonsure and was named Tamara. She was convicted of campaigning against Soviet power and defending Christianity.

Reverend Martyr, nun Tamara Provorkina

The day of the angel at Tamar, whose patroness is this saint, is celebrated on December 15th. She can be a holy protector only for those born after 2000, since she was canonized only this year.

Tamara Provorkina was convicted and shot for "counter-revolutionary activities" and upholding Christian principles.

How to celebrate name day

The day of the angel Tamara or any other patron saint is a holiday that, first of all, should be celebrated with the soul. On this day, the Holy Defenders are remembered so that they also remember us. You should visit the temple, confess and take communion. Offer a prayer to Saint Tamara (or any saint whose day is celebrated).

angel tributeTamara according to the church calendar
angel tributeTamara according to the church calendar

Of course, you can arrange a feast, invite guests. But the holiday should not be noisy. The day of the angel Tamara or another saint is best celebrated in a close circle. At the same time, it is advisable to avoid noisy companies and loud toasts.

Day of the angel (name day) of Tamara does not fall on the post, you can set the festive table and invite guests. Treats can be generous and varied. This is not prohibited by church laws. But it is more important and more useful for Tamara herself to dedicate the day of the angel to visiting the temple and spiritual joys.

How to congratulate Tamara

Congratulations on the day of the angel Tamara are accepted either on May 15, or on May 1, or on December 15, in accordance with which saint patronizes them. There is no special tradition to give gifts on the name day. If, nevertheless, the celebration takes place, then the gifts can be ordinary, those that will always come in handy or be pleasant:

  • dishes;
  • bed linen;
  • towels;
  • cosmetics and accessories.

It's good to present the icon of the Holy patroness to Tamara on the day of the angel. It will be symbolic and by the way. On the day of christening or on the first name day, a newborn Tamara can be presented with a measured icon of St. Tamara. So it was accepted in Russia. The icon was made in a size equal to the height of the birthday person at birth. For example, if the baby was born with a height of 51 cm, then the icon of St. Tamara is made 51 cm high.

tamara name day angel day
tamara name day angel day

You can prepare a poem or a toast by composing the lines yourself or by finding them in other sources of information. Flowers will always be appropriate, as it is customary for women to give them for any reason or even without.

The characteristic of the name Tamara suggests that she is very inquisitive and interested in the new. In this case, you can congratulate the birthday girl by giving a book. It can be any secular publication, or it can be the life of the Saint, whose day is celebrated - both pleasantly and appropriately.

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