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Chihuahua: reviews. Chihuahua - care. Chihuahua dog breed

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Chihuahua: reviews. Chihuahua - care. Chihuahua dog breed
Chihuahua: reviews. Chihuahua - care. Chihuahua dog breed

Chihuahua is the most popular dog breed among women. These cute miniature pets attract more and more attention every year. Dogs become favorites of celebrities, they are adored by city fashionistas, they serve as faithful companions of life for people of mature age. A lady with a mini chihuahua in a fashionable bag is an ongoing trend of recent years.

chihuahua reviews
chihuahua reviews

It's amazing how so much devotion, love and charm could fit in a dog of such tiny size!

Amazing stories

The Chihuahua breed is one of the most ancient and mysterious. There are many legends about its origin. The history of dogs has been studied even by the most prominent scientists in the world.

There are many versions, some of them are romantic and fantastic, and some are simply amazing. For example, some people believe that the Chihuahua dog came to us from outer space and endows its owner with a unique living energy that flows through an opening in the skull that does not close over (fontannelle). According toin another, no less strange opinion, the ancestors of cute dogs climbed trees, and this helped them survive at such a small size. Amazing, isn't it?

Mexican Baby

The most popular and, by the way, scientifically confirmed story about the Chihuahua connects them with the ancient Mayan and Aztec tribes. There is evidence that, starting from the 5th century AD, small dogs, called "techichi", lived in the territory of modern Mexico. Their images can be seen in stone carvings of that era. The most famous such painting is located in Montezuma's majestic palace.

chihuahua mini
chihuahua mini

However, Techichi is not the only ancestor of the Chihuahua. It is believed that the modern breed was born as a result of crossing these babies with a Chinese hairless dog. Thanks to this mixing (according to multiple reviews), Chihuahuas are born both long-haired and short-haired.

Breed Standard

Chihuahuas are classified as Miniature Companion Dogs by the FCI. The ideal show dog has a compact body shape. The skull must certainly be apple-shaped, and the tail must be moderately long and carried high. The height of the withers is slightly less than the total length of the body. Males have a more square body than females (to make it easier for the latter to endure pregnancy).

Chihuahuas are smooth and long-haired. In the latter, the coat should be smooth and silky, slightly longer on the ears, neck, dorsum of the paws and tail. Long, rearing hair all over the body is unacceptable.

What a beautiful color

Chihuahuas can be of any color. However, there are some that are especially valuable. The most unusual shade is gray-silver with a bluish tint; it is impossible to instill it artificially, as this will have an extremely negative effect on the he alth of the chihuahua. The price of a puppy of such a rare color can start from $10,000.

chihuahua dog
chihuahua dog

The ideal dog weight ranges from 1.5 to 3 kg. There are also especially small individuals, whose weight starts from 500 g.

By nature the dogs are active, attentive and very brave. In any case, this is how most owners characterize them, leaving detailed reviews.

Chihuahua: where to buy

Along with popularity, the number of breeders of a unique breed is growing. But if you decide to buy a baby, it is best to contact a reputable nursery. There you are guaranteed to sell a purebred, he althy puppy. Having made a purchase "with hands", you can become the owner of a mestizo of unknown origin. In addition, professionals look after the puppies in kennels and competently care for them.

My baby

When choosing a puppy, adhere to the following criteria:

chihuahua price
chihuahua price
  • examine the litter, all puppies must be well groomed;

  • choose the most active and temperamental, if you like it, opt for it;

  • start examining the puppy, it should be well-fed (protruding ribs and a swollen belly are the first sign of helminth infection), and the coat should be smooth and silky;

  • examine eyes and nose, there should be no discharge;

  • watch the babies while feeding, the puppy should have a good appetite;

  • examine the puppy's parents, it will help you imagine what your baby will look like when he grows up.

Issue price

You have to pay for happiness, especially if it runs on all fours. Chihuahua puppies can cost from 15,000 to 100,000 rubles.

The following factors influence the price:

  • females cost 25% more than males;

  • puppies with a predicted weight of less than 1.5 kg, as well as with a strong physique, on short legs are valued more than their relatives;

  • rare colors and titled ancestors also have a significant impact on the price.

Care and maintenance

As many reviews say, Chihuahuas are very gentle creatures that require a careful and delicate approach. By nature, they have very fragile bones, and even a jump from a low chair can cause a fracture. Therefore, it is not recommended to start them in a house where small children live.

chihuahua care
chihuahua care

Chihuahua coat requires careful, but not too difficult care. Bathe dogs as needed. But not too often, as this will negatively affect the quality of the coat and can provoke dandruff. The claws on the paws are trimmed once a month.

He alth

Babies can't stand cold and drafts. Even with a slight decrease in temperature, they begin to tremble. Everythingthe fault is the rapid metabolism in the body of the pet. It is categorically impossible to walk with them at a negative temperature, you can only go out when the thermometer shows more than zero. But do not forget to dress your dog in warm overalls. It is very important to monitor the condition of the dog's eyes and check the ears for infections.

Chihuahuas need to be fed in small portions. Overdose on a regular basis can dramatically lower your pet's blood sugar levels, leading to a coma.

Chihuahua: dental care

Like all toy dog breeds, the Chihuahua has a dental problem. They quickly deteriorate and begin to fall out already at the age of 4-5.

Difficulties begin at an early age, during the period of changing teeth. Very often they do not fall out on their own, and a second row of teeth (permanent) grows in the dog's mouth, which negatively affects the bite. In this case, be sure to use the services of an animal dentist.

To keep your pet's teeth he althy for as long as possible, periodically remove tartar (by a professional, of course). And also wipe them with a decoction of oak bark.

Parenting Toddlers

chihuahua breed
chihuahua breed

As many reviews say, Chihuahuas have a real hot Mexican temperament. Proper upbringing is very important for such obstinate persons.

You can't take Chihuahua puppies under three months old. It is very important for dogs of this breed to stay with their family for as long as possible. Puppies deprived of this opportunity grow up selfish, do not get along well with people and other dogs.

Remember that a companion dog will always be with you, so it is very important to socialize it in time. Walk a lot, meet new people and other dogs. Stop nervous and loud barking, especially if it is out of place. But never punish your baby by hitting your hand or leash. This will make him nervous and withdrawn.

In general, Chihuahuas won't cause much trouble for their owner. They are active and playful, but quickly calm down when they see that the owner is busy with other things. Dogs do not require long walks, they can be taught to relieve themselves in a cat's tray. They eat little (only 50 grams per kilogram of body weight per day), unpretentious and tidy. For this, Chihuahuas have become a favorite breed of the elderly.

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