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Stone-coated frying pans: reviews, harm. How to choose a stone-coated pan?

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Stone-coated frying pans: reviews, harm. How to choose a stone-coated pan?
Stone-coated frying pans: reviews, harm. How to choose a stone-coated pan?

Not only the products that make up the dish provide it with a pleasant taste and aroma. Often, poorly selected dishes can spoil the whole impression of food. Today, disputes often arise as to which is better: stone-coated pans from modern manufacturers or old models from the time of our grandmothers? Someone considers the non-stick layer dangerous, others refuse heavy dishes because of the inconvenience in its use.

General recommendations for choosing pans

  1. The most delicious dishes can be cooked in cast-iron models with thick walls and a bottom. They are massive, but at the same time provide uniform heating of dishes.
  2. Characteristics of the plate also matter. Extruded aluminum, for example, is not suitable for electric furnaces.
  3. When looking closely at certain modifications, do not forget about the size of the burner. In accordance with it, they determine what diameter the pans will have (with or without a stone coating - it doesn’t matter).
  4. Most comfortableconsidered a model with a removable handle. By removing it, you can put the product in the oven for baking various dishes.
  5. Remember that you should not save on good dishes! Branded products made from complex materials cost more. However, they provide more options for any hostess.

Product Features

If you are interested in a stone coated pan, the reviews can tell you a lot of interesting information. The decorative qualities of such dishes are high.

stone-coated pans
stone-coated pans

The main feature is the presence of stone imitation technology in it. Two types of materials are used for its production:

  • granite;
  • marble.

The surface of the cookware is strong and durable. She is monochromatic. The presence of inclusions of stone chips gives it a special charm. Such products are suitable for housewives who dream of preparing juicy food that contains a minimum amount of calories. The stone-coated frying pans currently being produced are the ideal solution for lovers of tasty and he althy food. They can also be used by novice cooks who do not have a high level of skill.

Offers on the market

Overseas, stone-effect cooking utensils are very popular. For the domestic buyer, it has not yet become dominant. At the same time, many drew attention to it. Experts argue that the period of maximum demand fell on the time period from 2014 to 2015. Todayproducts continue to occupy their niche in the market.

stone coated pan reviews
stone coated pan reviews

Are you attracted by the characteristics of the stone-coated frying pan? Reviews - that's what you need to read in the first place, and there are already plenty of them. We will share the collected information with you, and you can draw preliminary conclusions based on it. So, someone refuses to purchase such utensils due to the impressive mass of the product. But if this parameter does not matter, you will surely enjoy cooking in such dishes. As mentioned earlier, the presence of a thick bottom and walls allows for uniform heating of the pan. The result is a dish with a harmonious taste, juicy and fragrant.

Manufacturers claim that due to the presence of particles of granite and marble, heat distribution occurs like that of natural stone. It is this moment that makes it possible to refuse the use of oil during cooking. Why not an advantage? However, it should be noted that there are dishes of different quality on the market. For this reason, stone-coated pans from several manufacturers do not always perform equally well, as reviews confirm.

Purchasing Tips

Don't know how to choose a stone-coated pan? Here it does not hurt to know some of the nuances.

Titanium coating, present in many modifications, is, in theory, harmless. However, some companies go to the trick. They combine said material with Teflon. So you can forget about allenvironmental properties of dishes. Sometimes the features of the stone, which are mentioned in the advertisement, do not appear. This suggests that the surface of the product is simply stylized as a stone, but no more.

how to choose a stone-coated pan
how to choose a stone-coated pan

There are so-called diamond pans. For the manufacture of these products, aluminum is used, which is coated on top with Teflon. It contains Gem Dust Fragments. In the range of stone-coated dishes, these models are the highest quality. They are extremely resistant to mechanical stress, and also prevent food from burning.

Question about security

Can the stone coating of the frying pan harm human he alth? As mentioned above, counterfeit products designed in the same style as the original may not be the most environmentally friendly. As for quality dishes from a trusted manufacturer, there is no danger here. On the contrary, it has certain advantages:

  • sustainable;
  • makes it possible to cook food with excellent taste;
  • easy to clean;
  • no need for oil while cooking.
stone pan coating damage
stone pan coating damage

Which company would you prefer?

An example of good quality is the Fissman stone coated pan. Reviews about her at least confirm this. They are predominantly positive. Buyers who have purchased such dishes say that they require careful care, but their costjustifies.

This kitchen utensil is produced by a Danish company. The price of products is high, but their features are worth it.

Fissman's stone-coated pan is scratch resistant. People who have used it note the long service life of the product. The cover can be purchased separately. It adheres tightly to the pan, so the cooked dish remains warm for a long time. Another advantage is the attractive appearance. The manufacturer is diligently working on the design of its products.

fissman stone coated pan reviews
fissman stone coated pan reviews

Additional benefits

Real stone coating not only pleases with durability, but also preserves the taste of products to the maximum. During cooking, the dishes do not emit toxic substances that could accumulate in the body. It contains only natural minerals.

The dishes we are considering work on the principle of a hot stone. To understand what it is, it is enough to recall ancient times. Then people cooked their dinner on hot stones. As a result, the dish acquired a unique taste.

fissman stone coated pan
fissman stone coated pan

Thanks to modern developments, people of the 21st century have the opportunity to feel it. Stone coating makes it possible to do without iron sponges while washing dishes. Food simply does not stick to the surface. Sometimes it is enough to wipe the pan with a damp cloth.

At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that the product youdisappoint. Sometimes buyers complain that the surface is quickly covered with scratches. However, the reason may be that you came across a fake. To avoid disappointment, choose your dishes carefully!

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