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Congratulations on the print wedding in verse and prose
Congratulations on the print wedding in verse and prose

The anniversary got its name due to its similarity to calico: the fabric is light and airy and not very durable. So the marital relationship has not yet had time to get stronger enough for the first year of living together, this time is considered a time of grinding and recognizing each other as a new role. At the same time, chintz is a colorful and bright fabric, just like relationships in couples in the first year of life. It requires special and very careful care so that the fabric can serve for a long time and delight with its beauty.

Also, chintz is often used as a material for baby diapers. And it is not uncommon for a young family to have a new addition in the first year.

Celebrating the anniversary, it is customary to dress in chintz from head to toe on this day. Spouses dress up in cotton clothes; the husband gives his wife a bouquet of chintz (paper, buttons), and the parents give diapers; the table is decorated with chintz napkins, etc. The main thing here is to observe airiness and lightness, while emphasizing the uniqueness and zest of this particular married couple.

Congratulations on the first anniversary

Of coursecongratulations are an integral part of any celebration. And congratulations on a chintz wedding are, as a rule, parting words to a young couple to strengthen relations and further develop them. Consider a few examples of congratulations from friends, parents, loved ones.

Congratulations on the print wedding in prose

Congratulations on your chintz wedding
Congratulations on your chintz wedding

"The book of the clan has been replenished with another entry: a chintz wedding of the young. We congratulate you on your anniversary and wish you to live life together so that your children are proud and want to repeat your happy family experience. We will not wish eternal and carefree life, just you always strive to go there, without which you yourself cannot imagine your life, be true to your goals and values. And then happiness will find you. We sincerely wish to carry the love and awe of the first joint year of life through all family storms and just passing years. ease and airiness of relations, but feelings are getting stronger and the knots are getting tighter. The main thing in the family is support. And remember that you are with the person next to you who is best for you. Accept each other, love and be grateful! Cheers, with anniversary!"

"The first year of life is the most responsible, you need to be very careful about what has just been created. You coped with this difficult task, now you are on the way to new achievements. And today is the day called the calico wedding, and we want to wish your family a speedy / further replenishment, so that there is someone to swaddle in chintz. After all, the decoration of a real family isthese are not colorful fabrics and embossed wallpapers, not sonorous speeches on holidays, but children, their mischievous, loud voices that will, standing on chairs, recite poems to you on your birthday, their pens that will paint the wallpaper one day. But let this never bother you, because people and impressions are important in life, not things. Be happy dear!"

family tree
family tree

"Exactly one year ago on this day, you promised each other to live together a lifetime. We do not know how long this life will last, but one year of it has already been lived, and we are glad that you keep your promise to be the most happy couple in the world. The chintz year is the most fragile, you saved it. Let this careful and reverent attitude towards each other be the basis of your life together in the future, because there is nothing more important than the foundation on which the house stands, just as there is nothing more important than the ability to save the fragile sprout and grow from it a strong tree. Cherish, love and appreciate each other."

Congratulations from parents

And here are the congratulations on the print wedding from the parents of the spouses:

"Our dear children, a year ago you chose the path of living together. Today, accept our congratulations on your chintz wedding anniversary. The first anniversary is like the first brick in a huge building, and how you want to see it in the future, depends on the first brick laid: it is under it that all the others will be selected, it is he who determines the design of the whole building. And this building is not just stones, but the soul and heart of your family nest. Let the cement that holds yourrelationships, there is and will be trust and mutual understanding, lightness, but not frivolity, responsibility for the promises you made to each other, and of course, your continuation of the family, without which a real family is unthinkable! Congratulations folks! Be genuinely happy!"

Print wedding: congratulations to the wife

Chintz and paper flower
Chintz and paper flower

"Darling, I congratulate you on our anniversary. You once lit up a beacon for me and became a guide in my life. The light that you emit did not blind my eyes, was not too dim, it became comfortable for my eyes, the dearest and most comfortable. I am always pleased to look at him and know that he shines only for me. I believe that this is mutual, that I am the same traveler for whom this light was born. You are my brightest feeling, the brightest road in life. Despite the fact that power outages are very rare, but still happen, I love you very, very much and thank you for being in my life!Please, shine on me further, and I I will do everything so that the light in your eyes never fades."

Cool congratulations

Friends always want to make funny congratulations on a calico wedding. For example:

"You opened the door to adult, serious life a year ago! I really want to believe that, having lived together this year, you did not want to close this door from the back. Let there be fewer curious looks in your life (except for parental, of course), more inner harmony, family warmth. We wish to be open and honest with each other, and most of allLet the secret in your life together be the recipe for a chocolate cake for your husband's birthday. Hooray, Happy Anniversary!"

cotton cupcakes
cotton cupcakes

"Today is the anniversary! They call it chintz or paper, only chintz is a dress, paper is a boat, and married life is a whole series of events, and it is more like a roller coaster, especially in the first year: they quarreled, reconciled, at some point, they froze in surprise at what an extraordinary spouse you can be. We wish you, dear ones, to surprise each other more often, to please, and be creative in family life, remembering that life and everyday life settle there where there is a habit instead of a mischievous twinkle in the eye. Happy calico anniversary!"

Congratulations in verse

print wedding
print wedding

And now congratulations on the print wedding in verse:

Embroider thin knitting needles

Fate commemorative pattern, Let love still from calico, -

This is the tradition, this is not a reproach!

Year you quarreled, reconciled, And loved as best they could, You got married a year ago -

Test passed.

First life stage -

Print wedding!

Happy Day we congratulate you, You live on!

Take care of relationships, Chasing boredom away, Cherish your sweet home, Keeping the fuss out.

Stand bravely for each other, As a close-knit team, Well, everyone believes in life

Trust by appreciating.

Chint, gloss or glamor –

It's all passing, The main thing is that your feelings

Were real.

So that you always have in your soul

The song sounded, From which everyone around

Falled in delight.

There will be many tests, After all, life is given for that, The main thing is to understand: you have your own, A unique destiny!

You drink your drink, Undiluted with water, Write in the book of the family

The experience is unique!

Here, today and now

Happy Anniversary

We are very happy for you.

Be a real woman

And you are a man!

Congratulations in verse from parents

Parents can also wish happiness to the couple in verse. Here are congratulations in verse on a chintz wedding from parents:

Chink strings

Started playing early in the morning, The year you walked

The calico route.

The first year is always special, He has his own tasks:

Show you are woven

You are from a strong brocade.

The canvas is still airy, Only one pattern on it, You live together, children, To be proud of every day!

Let one stitch short, And the other one is slightly longer, Life is behind every line, No extra stuff here.

And parental advice

Finally, children, you:

Let your love duet

Comprehends wisdom on his own.

Congratulations to my wife in verses fromfriends

wife with a bouquet
wife with a bouquet

You can prepare congratulations to your wife on a print wedding from friends:

A year ago was a bride, Achieved a new status, And today is the day known

Like a print wedding.

A lot depends on the wife:

She can tell you

Which way to go, To have happiness.

Congratulations dear, With a new role and destiny, Remember you always, dear, There is a law how to be a wife:

Be attentive to your spouse, The mood to notice, Be both a companion and a friend, Become a mother soon!

Be a good sorceress too, Shine with charm, Be a good fortune teller

To awaken feelings.

Well, just wish, To be native to him, Aiming for neither hell nor heaven, There was only your warmth.

Cool congratulations in verse

Love for dinner
Love for dinner

Of course, nowhere without cool congratulations on a print wedding in verse:

The year before was

Bird free, New status found:

Being a wife is fashionable!

Be a stylish beauty

Be a housewife, And let the husband not be meek, A mountain stands behind you!

Let your love be like dinner, There is nothing tastier, But not too suffocating, Let's sigh at lunch!

Remember your parents, What's on the husband's side, Although he lives in this monastery

Mother-in-law - but still expensive!

Let the days be different, Boredom is not respected, Entertain, wife, you are the husband, While he is all in the work.

Wish you visit

All seas and oceans

And many, many different countries, But with finances in my pockets.

Let a fragment of life be a year

You remember clearly:

He keeps the parting code, What you wished in colors.

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