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International Aviation Day
International Aviation Day

The dynamic rhythm of our life requires the fastest possible movement from one point of the world to another. Today, this is possible through modern aircraft, which transport people and goods over the longest distances at high speeds. Despite computerized flight control, pilot skill and the crew's ability to orient themselves in extreme conditions still play a primary role. Also important is the work of dispatchers and a large staff of specialists who design and maintain aircraft. These brave people are dedicated to Aviation Day, which is celebrated around the world on December 7.

stewardess profession
stewardess profession

History of the holiday

This holiday appeared relatively recently, only in 1992. This happened at the initiative of the International Civil Aviation Organization (or ICAO for short), which deals with the coordination and safety issues around the world,setting uniform standards for all participating countries. She determined the date of Aviation Day, fixing this event in Resolution No. A29-1.

However, officially the holiday began to be celebrated only two years later, in 1994. It was timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the creation of the International Convention on Civil Aviation, which was signed in the American city of Chicago on December 7, 1944. The document consolidated the general principles and rules of flight, determined the behavior of aeronautical vessels on the territory of other states. All this was aimed at improving the safety of flights.

Finally, 1996 marked an important milestone when International Aviation Day was finally recognized by the United Nations (UN). It was from this time that various festive events began, such as awarding distinguished employees, various processions, concerts, etc., and this, in turn, contributed to the growth in the popularity of the holiday.

Important events in the world history of civil aviation

Attempts to conquer the sky have been made since ancient times, which is reflected in the mythical history of Icarus. People tried to take to the air in a variety of ways, which often led to tragic consequences.

However, the beginning of the 20th century is considered to be the turning point of the world history of civil aviation, when in 1901 the world's first aircraft, which was designed by the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, flew. Despite the fact that few people believed in the possibility of moving through the air in a heavier-than-air aircraft, thispostulate has been refuted. The airplane managed to stay above the ground for a full 12 seconds, subsequent attempts increased the amount of time spent in the sky to 1 minute, in which he covered a distance of 260 meters.

Wright brothers aircraft
Wright brothers aircraft

In 1908, the Wright brothers took their friend Charles Farnes on a flight, who became the world's first passenger.

The first airline, which began to transport people, was founded in 1914. At first, the planes flew short distances, but the flight time, the number and variety of flights gradually began to increase.

The world's first flight attendant was the American nurse Elin Church. In this capacity, she began to work in 1930. The presence of a young girl on board, and even with a medical education, reassured passengers. Then other airlines introduced the position of flight attendants on their aircraft.

First passenger plane

big airbus
big airbus

It is believed that this was produced not just anywhere, but in our country. The name of the aircraft was in honor of the famous epic hero - "Ilya Muromets". The plane was designed at the B altic Carriage Works in 1913. And the next year he went on a demonstration flight with 16 people and one dog on board. Subsequently, when his model was improved, the aircraft set several world records for altitude and flight range.

Civil Aviation Day in Russia

Aeroflot company
Aeroflot company

In our country, in addition to international,there is also its own, national holiday, which is also unofficially called "Aeroflot Day". It is considered an even more important and popular date than December 7th. And the Russian Civil Aviation Day is celebrated on February 9.

The history of the formation of civil aviation in Russia

Domestic civil aviation arose at the dawn of a new, Soviet system. 1923 was a landmark year, when the first air route appeared, connecting Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. Passenger planes covered a distance of 420 km. The next logical step was the creation of an air society, which was called "Dobrolet". A few years later it was renamed into Aeroflot familiar to us. And in the same year, 1923, an event occurred that determined the day of aviation on February 9th. It was then that a council was organized to oversee the developing aeronautical industry.

How to congratulate on the holiday?

pilot dog
pilot dog

Today, on the Internet, you can find a huge number of verbal congratulations on Civil Aviation Day, both in poetic form and in prose, and then you just have to choose from them those that are best suited for a particular person.

If your family member is the hero of the occasion, then it would be appropriate to organize a certain entourage in an apartment or house, decorating the home thematically. This is easy to do with balloons and paper airplanes hanging from the ceiling.

It is desirable to make a festive table in the "flying" style. beautifulthe solution will be a cake in the form of an aircraft or some element of pilot paraphernalia. Dishes can also be decorated in the spirit of the holiday and come up with names for them using a professional lexicon.

Congratulations on Aviation Day, of course, need to be supplemented with an interesting gift.

How to choose a gift

pilots at work
pilots at work

What to give for a professional holiday to a person whose activity and, in fact, life is connected with the sky? This question has probably been asked by many. Here are some gift options to choose from.

  1. Thematic. It can be a picture depicting a beautiful plane against the sky or aviation-themed puzzles, collecting which will help you take your mind off stressful work and relieve tension after the next flight. An interesting model of an aircraft will also be a good gift, especially if the hero of the occasion is collecting them. Books and encyclopedias on relevant topics with a gift cover are also suitable.
  2. Gifts with aviation symbols. These can be various household and household items designed or made in the appropriate style: men's cufflinks, wall or wrist watches, cigarette cases, wine or cognac sets, an original alarm clock with a propeller, backpacks and T-shirts with drawings on them on a flight theme or even a portrait. the pilot himself (stewardess) in service uniform.
  3. Practical gifts. These can be suitcases and travel bags, organizers, thermoses and thermo mugs, pillows with relaxingeffect, as well as various kits with the necessary accessories that may come in handy in flight. For flight attendants, a certificate to a massage or spa salon, as well as a set of cosmetics that will help preserve the skin in conditions of constant flights and stress, will be a wonderful gift.
  4. Various souvenirs, for example, in the form of airplanes or globes, it would also be appropriate to give a good luck souvenir in the shape of a horseshoe.
  5. For a person whose life is spent in constant flights, a wonderful gift will be a high-quality camera that will allow you to capture those beautiful places and countries in which he visits on duty.
  6. Gifts with humor. You can, for example, give a banal umbrella, just justifying it as an alternative to a parachute. Or present tickets for a train, a ship or even a bus as a present, which will become a vehicle for traveling around European or Russian cities.

Other aviation holidays celebrated in Russia

In addition to the world and national days of aviation, which unite absolutely everyone who works in this field, there are also "smaller" holidays dedicated to specific branches of aeronautics in our country. Here is a list of them.

  • December 23 - Long-Range Aviation Day.
  • April 12 is traditionally celebrated as Cosmonautics Day, which is especially important for Russia, since it was on this day that Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first in the world to go into outer space.
  • June 1 - military transport holidayaviation.
  • July 17 is dedicated to people related to Naval aviation.
  • August 12 - Russian Air Force Day.
  • 3rd Sunday of August - Air Force Day.

The international holiday of December 7, like the Russian Civil Aviation Day on February 9, is significant not only for representatives of these professions, but for all of us, since flights have long become an integral part of human life.

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