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SwaddleMe diapers: how to swaddle, sizes, reviews
SwaddleMe diapers: how to swaddle, sizes, reviews

With the birth of a child, new parents have many questions regarding the care of the baby. After all, I so want to provide the baby with all the best and surround him with care. The modern baby products industry offers a wide range of different devices for the comfort of the child and the ease of life of the parents. SwaddleMe diapers are one of those things. They normalize the baby's sleep and help him adapt to the new unknown world.

Should babies be swaddled?

Recommendations of pediatricians about swaddling are ambiguous: some experts insist on a wide method of fixation, while others suggest abandoning it altogether. The only thing that the opinions of modern doctors agree on is that it is impossible to tightly fix the arms and legs of a newborn. Otherwise, the decision always remains with the parents and in most cases depends on the individual characteristics of the child.

swaddleme diaper

Many babies feel uncomfortable after birth, lying alone in a spacious crib. In the first months of life, babies go through a difficult path of adaptation to new living conditions,therefore, many things familiar to us may seem terrible and incomprehensible to them. Being recently in the mother's stomach, they are used to being in a limited space, which is why newborns fall asleep so well in an embrace in their parents' arms. In such a situation, SwaddleMe diapers can come to the rescue, which will give the baby a feeling of coziness and comfort.

Benefits of cocoon diaper

Swaddling a baby is sometimes difficult due to the fact that he cries and moves restlessly, trying to throw off his clothes and any matter covering him. In the womb, all children are naked, so at first it is difficult for them to get used to such manipulations. Fixing a child with a regular diaper securely and at the same time freely is not an easy task. But even if this can be done, usually after a while the baby takes out the handles and tries to fully open up.

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Using a diaper-cocoon with a zipper or Velcro allows you to solve this problem quickly and as comfortably as possible. This product has the following features:

  • thanks to the special design, the swaddling process takes a matter of minutes, and even inexperienced parents can handle it;
  • during the movement of the child, the fabric stretches and does not hinder his movements, but does not allow the arms or legs to be released;
  • diaper does not crumple during sleep, does not press and does not rub the baby's delicate skin.

How to choose a cocoon diaper?

Among the products for children, you can find different modifications of diaper envelopes or cocoons. They differmaterials, technique of execution and safety of use. SwaddleMe diapers are high quality products made from breathable natural fabrics. They are distinguished by bright colors, a variety of sizes, simplicity and ease of use. These products have a pocket for easy diaper changing, so you can do it without disturbing your baby's sleep.

It is very convenient to use a changing bag, which has special cutouts for car seat belts. All SwaddleMe models have this, so you can use them even when traveling by car. If the design of the diaper requires a zipper, it is important that it be double-sided - this will allow only the upper or lower part to be unfastened separately (for example, when checking the diaper).

swaddling envelope

Sizes and types

SwaddleMe diapers are available in different sizes, depending on the age and weight of the child. They can be fixed on the body with a lock or Velcro. In total there are 4 types of diapers from this manufacturer:

  1. Double zippered pouch for newborns. Ideal for babies up to 3 months old and weighing 2.5 to 4.5 kg.
  2. Diaper with Velcro in the abdomen and side. Can be used for babies up to 9 months and weighing from 3 to 10 kg (S/M and L models available). In such an envelope, the baby's arms and legs will be securely fixed throughout the entire sleep.
  3. SwaddleMe Velcro diaper with holes for hands. Designed for babies of the same weight and age categories,as type 2 diaper, but thanks to the slits, it allows you to swaddle only the legs if necessary.
  4. Sleeping bag. It is intended for children over a year old who do not like blankets and try to throw them off. The product has sleeves for baby's hands and a double zipper for easy hygiene.

SwaddleMe diaper: instructions for use

If a zippered envelope is used for swaddling, it is enough to place the baby inside it and carefully fasten the lock to the end. The edges of the zipper are lined with soft fabric, which prevents chafing of the baby's face during sleep.

In the case of a Velcro diaper, the child should be positioned in it so that his shoulders are on the same level with the wide open part of the product. The legs should be freely placed in the bottom bag, at the top of which there is Velcro. The right side of the diaper should be tightly fixed on it, fixing one side of the baby's body. The remaining left part should be wrapped around the child and securely fixed with Velcro.

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Despite the completely natural composition, the fabric of the product stretches perfectly and does not hinder the movements of the arms and legs. She only gently hugs the body of the child, causing him pleasant associations with his intrauterine life. As a result, the baby feels comfortable, and the movements of the hands do not interfere with his sweet sleep.

Can only the legs be swaddled?

In the life of any kid there comes a moment when he begins to take an active interest in the world around him. At this time he learns to control the partsyour body, especially your hands. With their help, the child learns the environment and acquires new skills.

In some cases, even an ordinary diaper can cause inhibition of a child's development during this period. The Velcro cocoon of the SwaddleMe, which has holes for the hands, avoids this. With it, you can continue to swaddle the baby, while leaving the handles open.

The technique of fixing the legs in this product is the same as in other models, but the hands can be freed thanks to the slots on the side. Thus, the child will feel comfort and coziness without constraining his movements. Soft and comfortable cocoon material provides a restful sleep and a feeling of comfort.

Sleeping bag features

Like the swaddle bag, the SwaddleMe sleeping bag is designed to provide a restful and deep sleep for your baby. It is specially designed for children over 1 year old, as it becomes difficult to swaddle them with simple products with Velcro or zippers due to their large size. In the sleeping bag, the child's hands remain completely free, and the body and legs are securely covered with a pleasant fabric that protects the child's sleep until the morning.

Some children do not like blankets and rugs and pull them off in their sleep, as a result of which they lie open for a long time. In the cold season, a sleeping bag can serve as a warming function for such a child, since it is impossible to throw it off in a dream thanks to a zipper.

swaddleme zip-up diaper

Due to the fact that the lower part of the product is freelyunbuttoned, nightly changing diapers allows you not to open and wake up the baby. If necessary, this procedure can be carried out directly in the baby's bed, without disturbing the baby's sleep.

Does swaddling interfere with normal hip development?

The likelihood of developing hip dysplasia largely depends on how you swaddle your baby. If you do it tightly, while straightening your legs, then the chances of earning such a pathology in the future are high. This is due to the fact that for normal maturation of the joints, they must be well supplied with blood and often be in a divorced position. With free swaddling, there is no significant restriction in the mobility of the child's legs, so it does not increase the risk of dysplasia.

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Moreover, the use of cocoon diapers slightly contributes to the wide separation of the hips of the child during sleep, so sometimes it is even considered a small prevention of joint development problems. Such products do not allow the legs to be fully straightened for a long time, so the newborn gradually gets used to sleeping in the correct physiological position.

Parent reviews

Many mothers note that, being ardent opponents of swaddling during pregnancy, they radically changed their minds after discharge from the hospital. Most often this was due to situations in which the child cried all the time and could not sleep for a long time. Frequent awakenings of the baby, associated with the fact that he scares himself with pens, prompted young parents to think about the need for free swaddling.

After using cocoons and envelopes, children usually behave more calmly, fall asleep faster and need less motion sickness and lullabies. These products help to make the child's sleep longer and stronger. For many mothers and babies, SwaddleMe diapers are such a salvation. Feedback on this wonderful invention is mostly positive, which proves its effectiveness and relevance.

Reviews of pediatricians

Most doctors are convinced that the question of the need for swaddling should be decided on a case-by-case basis. Some babies sleep on their own and peacefully from birth, but more often than not, babies need an extra sense of warmth and a little space. The SwaddleMe zip-up diaper and its other modifications have received only positive feedback from doctors, as they do not squeeze the newborn's body and do not prevent him from moving freely.

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It has been observed that with intestinal colic, such cocoons and envelopes can be used to reduce abdominal pain. To do this, before use, the product must be ironed so that it transfers dry heat to the child. This helps to reduce the discomfort associated with the development of digestion experienced by the newborn. Unlike conventional diapers, SwaddleMe products do not slip off the skin of the stomach and therefore the effect of gentle warming lasts longer.

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