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Ashera is the largest breed of cat

Ashera is the largest breed of cat
Ashera is the largest breed of cat

Cats are the most common pets these days. Big and small, angry and cute, different colors and characters, in general, for every taste. Now let's talk about what is the largest breed of cat.

There is a lot of controversy about this, among the big ones one can single out such cats as Ashera, Maine Coon and others. But we will talk about one breed.

largest cat breed

Ashera is the biggest cat. The breed was bred relatively recently (about seven years ago) by an English biotech company called "Lifestyle Pets", but immediately became popular among pet lovers. These creatures, seemingly huge, conquered everyone with their large size and amazing character. Let's talk about them in more detail and point by point.

Origin and appearance

Asher is an exotic hybrid breed. She appeared as a result of mixing an Asian leopard, a simple domestic cat and an African serval. The weight of such a pet can reach fourteen kilograms, and the length quite reaches one meter. The appearance of the breed resemblessphinxes, but thanks to the color they also look like leopards, which brings a touch of exotic to your home. Another advantage of these marvelous creatures is that they are hypoallergenic, so they will become the best friend of any person.

largest domestic cat breed


It is important to note that this is not only the largest breed of domestic cats, but also the most expensive. Therefore, perhaps their only drawback is that these representatives cost about twenty thousand dollars, and not everyone can afford such a wondrous beast, despite their great desire.

Character of a predatory beast

Despite the fact that Ashera is the largest breed of cat, her representatives are quite playful. They have high intelligence, excellent temperament. These pets are gentle, and they do not need additional special care, it should be the same as for the cats we are used to. They are fed with ordinary food, but they can still be walked, for this only a leash is needed. They are sociable, so they will get along with other pets, if there are any in the house. The playful nature will bring joy to your children or you when such a pet rubs against your legs. Another favorite activity of these pets (as, indeed, with all cats) is sleep.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that, despite the intimidating appearance (after all, the largest cat breed seems huge compared to the usual representatives of its kind), Ashera is an ideal pet.

largest cat breed

Acquiring a pet

If you decide to make yourself such a friend, then you will have to stand in line. Despite the huge cost of this cat, many people want to buy them, so those who wish sign up for a whole year in advance! Aside from looks, another reason for the high cost and queues is that the company only breeds about a hundred representatives a year.

Now you have learned about the biggest cat breed, what it looks like and what it likes to do. Maybe one day Ashera will appear in your house.

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