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Long-haired cat breeds: description and character traits
Long-haired cat breeds: description and character traits

Cats are perhaps the most popular pets and one of the oldest domesticated ones. Today, everyone is used to the fact that there is a huge variety of breeds. Some prefer simple Russian "muroks", while others - on the contrary, exotic, rare and not very.

Among certain breeds of cats, there are also natural ones that have become such in the process of evolution of the animal world, and there are also those bred by selection. Purrs also differ in the type of coat - short-haired, smooth and long-haired. Many people want to have a fluffy cat with long hair.


Such breeds exist in variety. The first one that immediately comes to mind is a white long-haired cat (Angora breed). This is a natural look. The breed is domesticated and cultivated. Although now the clubs breed mainly Turkish Angoras, obtained from cats brought from the Ankara Zoo. These are no longer those classic representatives of the breeds, but half Persians. Actually, Persian cats were bred from them by selection.

white longhair cat breed

The coat of angoras is silky, flowing, lengthening towards its end and thicker on the panties and tail. Her tail resembles an ostrich feather. The coat has almost no undercoat. These animals are very graceful. Their nature is extremely inquisitive, and they are also affectionate and docile. Breeders of such cats note their very melodious voice. The deafness found in white individuals can be attributed to the features of the angoras.

British: the nature and opinion of the owners

Another popular variant is the British Longhair cat breed. She is descended from short-haired British. All representatives of this species are very friendly and self-possessed. Cats of the British Longhair breed easily adapt to the society in which they live. But at the same time they are quite self-sufficient and proud.

british longhair cat breed

Absolutely not conflict, even with all the dissatisfaction, they only show their attitude by wagging their tail. The owners note the aristocracy in the behavior of the British, as if they only allow you to admire their grace and thoroughbredness. Adult representatives lead a very measured lifestyle, but kittens are quite ready to play and have fun.

British Longhair: description of the breed

They are predominantly medium in size, have a broad chest and a muscular body. At the same time, the limbs are rather short with round thick paws. The tail of the British is dense, rather short. The widely spaced ears are medium-sized and not long. The characteristic of the representatives of thisbreeds - eyes. They are almost perfectly round and quite large.


The breeds of black longhair cats are not diverse. More often this color is found in smooth-haired or short-haired animals.

First of all, we can name the already mentioned Britons. They are dark and black in color. The same should be said about Persian cats.

long haired cat breeds

The color of the Persian is absolutely black, without the slightest speck of another color. The coat is extremely long. The constitution is very powerful and dense in the region of the forelegs on the belly and chest and on the shoulders. There is a fairly dense undercoat. Long black hairs flow like a silk cover over it.

Cats of this breed have a strong muscular and strong body, which rests on short thick legs with a thick edge. The pillows are also black. On the muzzle of the animal is a flat, snub-nosed nose. The eyes are quite round, mostly bright orange or copper. The ears are small and round. The tail is unusually short, but fluffy. Here the mustache is long and also black. Like all cats of elite breeds, Persians are majestic and calm. They prefer a measured life to games with the owner.

Owners say there are no problems with these cats in adulthood. They just need to be properly looked after. Kittens, like other breeds, have some behavioral issues.

british longhair cat breed description

You can meet a Persian and not black. After all, today the breed has a lotvarious and unusual colors. Among them there are tortoiseshell, spotted, red and even blue.

Birman longhair cat: description and opinion of owners

This cat has a double color. It is very similar to the colors of the Siamese cat, with the difference that it is not cream with dark brown muzzle and paws, but almost white with gray-brown spots in the same places. And, of course, we should not forget that today we are interested in long-haired breeds. Burmese cats have rich fur. Moreover, it is very interesting that, according to breeders, such a cat is born completely white and only at the age of 3-4 months it gradually begins to acquire its future color. According to the owners, representatives of the breed are playful, affectionate and unpretentious.

Maine Coon

A very interesting and recently fashionable and popular breed of long-haired cats is the Maine Coon. Beauties of huge size, similar to a lynx. They were bred from wild members of the family. Outwardly, perhaps, they are more reminiscent of an ordinary cat, only extremely large and with a muzzle, like a wild one. Ears, like those of a lynx, are long and tufted at the ends.

black longhair cat breeds

Colors of Maine Coons are very diverse. The owners are very proud of such rare cats, striking everyone with the size of a pet. These cats are very smart, dexterous and a little capricious, or rather, wayward. The breeders themselves note their selectivity in food and a clear division according to the hierarchy of family members.

Norwegian Forest

What other longhairs are therebreed? These cats are quite versatile. For example, Norwegian forest. One of the most ancient species, obtained from a variety of outbred cats living in northern Europe. In general, rather large cats with long and thick hair have always been found in these areas. It was they who became the progenitors of the Norwegian forest breed. She really looks like a simple mongrel cat, only her face looks more like a wild reed cat. Its color is predominantly brindle, gray-brown.

cat breed british longhair

Therefore, anyone who wants to acquire a thoroughbred cat and surprise his friends with this should understand that this is unlikely to work with a forest cat. Only a specialist can distinguish it from the usual. An elongated muzzle with large eyes set close to the nose, large ears - these are the main differences between a forest beauty and an ordinary one. The character of a representative of this species is extremely independent and freedom-loving.

Although she is quite calm, intelligent and sociable within her limits.

Long-haired gray cat: breed cIberian

And, of course, don't forget about the Siberian cat. Our compatriot, one of the ancient natural breeds. She has a long and very thick coat with a dense undercoat, since her homeland is Siberia and the Urals. She is kind and patient. The character is playful and inquisitive. The "Siberians" have a beautiful, slightly pointed muzzle in the edge of wool, like a lion's mane. The tail is also fluffy. And its tip, also like that of a lion, has a thickening like a brush. Colors atSiberian cats are brindle, gray and brown tones. They also come in red, and blue, and spotted. So there is no definite color standard. All the uniqueness lies precisely in the location of the spots on the wool.

Beauty and showiness - that's what attracts people to long-haired breeds. Siberian cats are also very smart and perceptive. The owners of such pets claim that they do not bother a person, but they always appear when the owner needs affection. There is also an opinion that it is the Siberian that can help relieve pain and even have a healing effect.

Neva Masquerade: description and opinion of breeders

Another Russian breed of long-haired cats is the Neva Masquerade. This is a relatively new species, it was registered in the 90s of the last century. The Neva cat has a thick coat, which is more fluffy. Only the tail is covered with really long pile. The northern breed, bred in St. Petersburg, should have a dense undercoat, but not too long hair on the body due to the high humidity of the climate at home. The colors of this breed are not very diverse. But still not the same for all cats. The color is slightly similar to the color of the Siamese, but can vary from light beige to bright orange, almost red. There are almost always spots on the muzzle, as if wearing a mask.

Cats are especially large in this breed, they can reach almost ten kilograms in weight. Kittens are neat and clean to the point of fanaticism. But their character is accommodating, friendly and soft. They play well with children and endure them not always tactfully.behavior. Breeders even advise families with babies to get Neva Masquerade cats.

longhair gray cat breed


This is not all long-haired breeds. These cats are quite numerous. With the development of club breeding and fashion for cats brought and bred in other countries, the number of breeds is only increasing. Of course, there are also feline representatives who do not have a chic fur coat. But still, many people prefer to buy fluffy long-haired beauties. It always seems that they are more comfortable and beautiful, although, as you know, there is no comrade for the taste and color. And yet, the luxurious glossy coat of long-haired representatives always attracts attention.

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