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Sleeping pills for a child. Choosing the best
Sleeping pills for a child. Choosing the best

Often, young mothers and fathers face a problem when their baby becomes irritable, restless and for some reason does not sleep well. This behavior of the child is due to many factors. The fact is that he perceives reality more sensitively than adults. Even half an hour spent without a mother can cause him anxiety. Was he sent to a kindergarten, where the situation is not familiar to him? This is also cause for frustration. What if he cuts a tooth? Of course, in this case, he may cry and sleep badly.

Sleeping pills for a child

One way or another, but mothers do not want to put up with such behavior and, in an attempt to calm their little one, think about which sleeping pill is better for a child.

However, it is not recommended to solve this problem yourself.

Does your baby sleep poorly? Contact a specialist

Qualified assistance in the question of which sleeping pills for a child should be used in a particular case, will only be provided by a pediatrician. It is to him that you should contact if your baby shows anxiety. He candetermine the cause of his behavior and, based on the tests performed, prescribe a special sedative for the little one.

What types of sleeping pills are available today

Currently, on the shelves of pharmacies there is a wide range of "sleeping" drugs: syrups, infusions, tablets, while many parents simply do not know what sleeping pill to buy for a child. As already emphasized, it is better to trust a specialist in this matter.

In any case, when purchasing this or that drug, you should strictly follow the instructions that are contained in the package. The specific dosage of the medicine depends on the age of the child.

Sleeping pills for children up to a year

So, what kind of sleeping pill for a child can be recommended to parents who are concerned about the "excessive" excitability of their child?

Often, pediatricians recommend the drug "Glycine". However, this is not the only sleeping pill for children under one year old. As an alternative, drugs such as Magne B6, Baiu-Bai, Central can be advised.

At the same time, a huge number of “newly minted” mothers are interested in the question of which sleeping pill for infants today is most harmless to the he alth of the baby.

Infusions based on medicinal herbs

Of course, these are soothing teas based on medicinal herbs (peony, hops, mint), motherwort tinctures, valerian. At the same time, decoctions from medicinal plants are an effective sleeping pill for children under one year old. Again, it should be emphasized that beforehow to make a choice in favor of one or another herbal tea, you should consult with a specialist to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction after drinking healing tea to zero.

Homemade tea recipes from natural ingredients

Currently, herbal infusions are presented in a huge assortment in stores and pharmacies.

Sleeping pills for babies

However, in order to save the family budget, you can make tea from plants and herbs at home. For example, you can brew chamomile at the rate of two teaspoons of raw materials per glass of water. Such a sleeping pill for children 1 year old will be ideal. Chamomile calms the nervous system, relieves tension and relaxes muscles.

An infusion of fennel seeds will also help get rid of irritation and excitability. It can be boiled alone or combined with other herbs. Doctors recommend this tea not only to the child, but also to the mother during lactation.

Babies should drink fennel infusion to eliminate gas formation in the intestines.

Ready-made herbal teas for children

It is necessary to elaborate on the herbal infusion called "Children's sedative". It contains such natural ingredients as valerian root, licorice, rose hips, warty birch leaves, peppermint, five-lobed motherwort herb, spike-shaped lavender. Tea will cheer up the child, his sleep will become stronger, and there will be no trace of the former capriciousness. The above children's sleeping pill has a beneficialimpact on the nervous system, “slowing down” the intensity of excitability processes in the brain.

Sleeping pills for children 1 year old

Children's pediatricians advise giving the infusion of "Children's sedative" to all babies, regardless of their age. For toddlers up to three years old, a decoction should be given at the rate of one glass per day, and for older children, the dosage can be increased to one and a half glasses per day. The course of treatment is approximately thirty days.

Pediatricians also speak positively about decoctions of medicinal herbs called "Evening Tale" and "Mother's Tale". They help improve the psychological state of capricious kids and eliminate the symptoms of bad mood. Among other things, the above preparations, made on the basis of natural ingredients, help reduce gas formation and eliminate colic in the intestines.

Healing herbal baths

In order for the child to sleep well, many fathers and mothers prepare soothing herbal baths. Through such water procedures, the child becomes calmer, he is less likely to get irritated, in addition, he just rests.

For example, you can prepare a bath with four natural ingredients: motherwort, oregano, valerian and thyme. You will need three tablespoons of the above plants in crushed form. The mixture must be brewed, wait until it is infused for half an hour, strain and add to a bath of water. Water procedures should be taken for a quarter of an hour.

Homeopathic remedies

Well, of coursemention should be made of homeopathic remedies to help eliminate insomnia in children.

Children's sleeping pills

It should be remembered that such funds are focused on the elimination of mental and emotional arousal. If taken for a long period of time, a side effect may occur, and the baby's nervous system may malfunction. That is why you should definitely consult a doctor before use.

If a child is teething or cannot fall asleep for a long time, experts recommend such homeopathic remedies as Dormikind (manufacturer - HEEL) and NOTTA (manufacturer - Bittner). However, the first medicine is recommended for infants, and the second for children over the age of three.

Also, there is a high demand for a drug called "Bayu-Bai". It strengthens the nervous system, relieves tension, and also provides protection against stress. The drug has no side effects, it does not contain barbiturates. Bayu-Bai does not cause drowsiness and is not addictive.

Parents should promptly respond to the symptoms of childhood insomnia, otherwise neurotic pathologies can significantly worsen he alth in adulthood.

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