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Hesba - a stroller worthy of attention

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Hesba - a stroller worthy of attention
Hesba - a stroller worthy of attention

Today we will be interested in Hesba. The stroller of this production (any of its models), according to many buyers, is worthy of attention. But is it really so? What is special about this manufacturer? In what cases can the chosen stroller really please customers? And who is dissatisfied with her? There are many criteria for choosing a vehicle for a baby. It is for them that we will evaluate Hesba. The stroller of this production is a fashionable and modern solution for many parents.

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The first thing that mothers pay attention to is what type this or that vehicle belongs to. In our case, Hesba strollers are 2 in 1 vehicles.

They are already getting great reviews for this. German quality, along with advanced functionality - just what is so necessary when a child appears. Moms note that with such a stroller you can be spared unnecessary thoughts about buying a new model after 6 months. After all, typical cradles become unusable precisely by this period.

If you're looking for a 2 in 1 stroller of excellent quality, Hesba is perfect for you. Germanproduction makes itself felt. What else do parents highlight in this manufacturer and vehicle in general?


An important point is the choice of colors for the future stroller. This moment often makes parents think about their choice. Some want to buy something that suits mainly a particular gender (boy or girl), while someone prefers universal colors.

Faced with a similar situation? Hesba will come to the rescue. The stroller of this production (any model) is not only quality and functionality, but also a huge selection of colors. Parents note that this manufacturer has more than enough color options.

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Do you need a stroller just for a girl or a boy? No problem. Looking for something versatile and durable? Not a question either! The main thing is that the color is not lost over time. Hesba (carriage) remains always bright, like new. Therefore, sometimes you can even buy it from your hands, not new, and not be afraid that it will soon fade or break.


If you look at the characteristics that the strollers of our current manufacturer have, you can see that there is nothing special about them. Yes, German quality makes itself felt. But no more.

In general, in terms of general characteristics, Hesba is not much different from products from any other manufacturers. Some parents even emphasize that her leg cape is not quite suitable, and the weight sometimes makes you think about buying.Pleasure is not easy - Hesba (carriage) weighs 18 kilograms. For a 2 in 1 model, this is more than enough.

There is a depreciation system and inflatable wheels here. Almost all Hesba strollers are equipped with metal spokes. This is a definite plus. But the patency of these models is not entirely good. "Hesba" is perfect for summer and spring walks with both a newborn and a child up to 3 years old. But for the harsh Russian winters, this is absolutely not the right product.

The good news is that the depreciation of all models is excellent. And the Hesba strollers move silently, unlike the products of most competitors. Someone notes uncomfortable buttons on the product - they are too tight. This makes the connection of the parts of the stroller tight, but strong and durable.

Price tag

Pay attention to the cost of goods. She plays an important role in the choice of children's things. What is the Hesba stroller worthy here? The price of this product, according to many parents, is too high. On average, such a vehicle will cost 100-120 thousand rubles. But it is durable and of high quality.

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Thus, some believe that "Hesbah" is a kind of luxury that not everyone can afford. In most cases, this is true. But you can find strollers of this production from friends.

It's hard to make a definite verdict. Hesba - strollers of German production of the highest quality. They are not always suitable for Russian roads, but they fully try to justify their cost. If athe budget for the stroller is large, you can "fork out". Otherwise, it's worth saving up for. It is better to choose a cheaper analogue or even purchase a Hesba brand product from hand.

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