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Ceramic pans: a worthy choice

Ceramic pans: a worthy choice
Ceramic pans: a worthy choice

Teflon frying pans, beloved by everyone in the recent past, have now faded into the background due to the appearance on the markets of products with a new coating - ceramic. The fact that Teflon is not safe for human he alth has already been proven. If it is damaged, harmful chemicals begin to be released. According to some reports, if you cook food in such dishes for a long time, there is a high risk of cancer. Ceramic frying pans are completely safe in this regard, which is why they have gained great popularity. For their manufacture, a special material is used, called "Termolon", as well as a more advanced "Termolon Rocks". Recent studies have shown that it is really safe, and also quite durable, resistant to wear.

Ceramic pans

Ceramic-coated frying pan, which is how it should be done correctlycalled, is not made entirely of this material. Ceramics are inherently clay, and if exposed to high temperatures, they will not last long. That is why the basis of the pan is aluminum or cast iron, and the very top layer (both outside and inside), on which food is cooked, is ceramic. Its thickness can vary. Usually, the cheaper the model, the thinner this layer, which means that the product will wear out faster.

Frying pans with ceramic coating reviews

Why are ceramic pans so good? As mentioned above, they are safe to use, as their coating is a completely natural material. In addition, it is a pleasure to cook food on them: it does not burn, it lags well behind, you can even create culinary masterpieces without using vegetable oil. The ceramic coating is also good because the heat is distributed evenly over it, which means that the dishes will cook faster, and the products themselves will have to be turned over less often. Such frying pans are not afraid of high temperatures, they are easy to clean, and the top layer itself is quite resistant to scratches. But still, it is recommended not to use metal spatulas, as there is a risk of damage.

Frying pan with ceramic coating

Ceramic frying pans are on sale today in large numbers. The abundance of models that can differ even in their colors allows each hostess to choose something worthwhile for herself. By the way, the prices of products are also quite diverse. And the more expensivemodel, the better it will be, so it can last longer. Cheap pans with a ceramic coating (reviews indicate this) “wear out” very quickly, in some cases this happens after a week of operation. So, if you are going to purchase such an assistant in the near future, choose a decent model, albeit a little more expensive, but always from a trusted manufacturer.

And the last thing: ceramic pans, despite their practicality and resistance to various kinds of influences, require careful handling. So, they should be washed only after complete cooling and only with hands using a detergent. Frozen foods should not be placed on the work surface, they must be at room temperature.

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