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Children's riddles about the pencil case

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Children's riddles about the pencil case
Children's riddles about the pencil case

What are the good puzzles about the pencil case for children? How can they be applied? You will find answers to these questions in the article. Being a teacher for first-graders is not an easy task. Just yesterday, the kids spent days on end in carefree games: they rested as much as they wanted, and when they needed it. Now they are required to perseverance and discipline, every day they are forced to routinely replenish the baggage of their knowledge, from which they get terribly tired.

The task of the first grade teacher is to organize the school process easily, unobtrusively, to make it interesting for every child. In this case, riddles about the school, aimed at getting involved in learning and learning new terminology, are great help. Riddles about a pencil case, books, satchels and other school supplies help children adapt to a new world for them.

The benefits of school-themed riddles

When entering the classroom for the first time, the kids still do not understand what they have to deal with. Now their life is radically different from the one that was just yesterday. They are surrounded by a lot of new things: unfamiliar guys, desks, a blackboard and a primer. From an overabundance of impressions, it is even more difficult for them to enter the educational process, remembering new names and rules every day. In this case, the element of the game will work positively,in which information will be absorbed much more easily due to the fact that the familiar environment will relieve stress for young students.

riddles about pencil

A child comes to school, takes off his satchel and realizes that most of the things in it have never been used before either at home or in kindergarten. Thematic riddles will help to remember the names of all school supplies. You can pick up a huge number of different puzzles that will unite the young team and make everyone feel like schoolchildren without stress. The subject of riddles can be different: about lessons or books, notebooks. And there are also riddles about the pencil case. Agree, solving riddles is a difficult task.

Penal and its secret

Since the pencil case is a completely new subject in the life of a newly minted schoolchild, riddles about the pencil case will become very relevant.

riddles about a pencil case for children

Following is a large selection on this topic. The answer in each case, of course, will be "pencil case":

In a narrow little box

There are rulers, an eraser, buttons.

In this little box

You will see pencils, Both a ruler and a sharpener –

A lot for the soul.

Looks like a box, Put a pencil in me.

Me, a schoolboy, did you recognize me?

I'm your new one…

There is a cramped house on the table

There is a colored pencil in it.

The schoolboy found out the house.

What is the name of the house?

The pencil toils in it, Only notbreaks down.

In tight quarters, But easy to find.

My red briefcase

Not a bit small:

There is a textbook there, Notebook and…

Open the doors to the house, Check if it has:

Pen, eraser, and ruler:

Where does this family live?

He became a home in the lineup.

And he's called…

Pen, pencil and eraser

Place the plastic box.

It doesn't matter that it's too small -

Keep everything…

Home for rulers and pencils.

Locked for babies.

Only adult children take it

And together with the textbook put in a satchel.

Fancy box!

It has pens, an eraser, a cork.

Colored pencil, toffee, Last year's note.

Well, kids, guess what?

It's all in my…

So as not to get lost, in a bunch

Pencils and pens, Eraser, paper clips - all collected

Handsome new one…

riddles about pencil

Such funny puzzles about the pencil case will give the child a break from the hard school process, while unobtrusively replenishing the knowledge of kids about school. They will help develop children's ingenuity and logical thinking.

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