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Analogues Magformers - review, models, manufacturers and reviews
Analogues Magformers - review, models, manufacturers and reviews

Among the variety of toys, the designer is far from being in the last rows. He intellectually develops the child, makes him think about solving various problems. The most popular is the designer "Magformers". It helps children think and create for themselves.

The company cares about its reputation. She produces parts for her designer from high-quality plastic. They are safe for kids. Even if the child breaks the product, he will not get hurt. Details are reliably soldered by special welding. The basis of the product is not only durable, but also safe. Therefore, Magformers and fakes are incompatible things. However, there are several analogues that are quite difficult to distinguish from the original.

Why is the designer so expensive?

analogues magformers

Any of its counterpart "Magformers" significantly outperforms in price. But it costs so much because of the special neodymium magnets. These magnets are strong compared to others, yet retain their qualities for years to come. This design of magnets makes it possible to develop creative talents,creating different structures. Children dream of bringing their projects to life. The Magformers constructor will help them with this. Analogues of a third-party company will not be able to contribute to the implementation of the plans of the kids, since they lack reliability and strength. A structure made of such materials is quite fragile. In the manufacture of this designer, ABS plastic is used.

If we consider magnetic Magformers and analogues, then the original surpasses them in many ways, but these models are cheap, albeit low-grade goods. They include second-rate consumables that do not give the desired effect. At first, people are happy with the purchase and say that the analogue is no different from the real Magformers. However, the fragility of the elements is later revealed, and the second-rate plastic hurts children, and the internal magnet is not so strong.

How to distinguish the original from a good analog of Magformers?

magnetic constructor magformers analogue

If we compare the Magformers building set and an analogue of another company trying to make money on this brand, then it should be noted that the original construction set pleases children more with its properties. Thanks to him, the children realize their grandiose plans. And in order not to overshadow their enthusiasm, you need to choose only the original version. The brand name is always indicated on its details. It also happens that third-party manufacturers imitate the firm of the famous designer "Mugformers" using their packaging colors.

Variety of choice

The use of the designer is great - the development of fine motor skills of the hands.The original manufacturer has a huge range of goods, from which you can choose whatever your heart desires. Compared to the original, Magformers analogues cannot provide such a variety for the development of the creative and intellectual abilities of the child.

magnetic magformers analogue

"Mugformers" stood out from the competition due to the fact that its parts can be assembled into various designs. The most popular bestsellers: Magformers Standard Set. This constructor, of course, stands out in that it can be used to assemble a variety of structures. The Magformers Build Up Set should also be noted. The set includes many building elements. Building lovers will definitely appreciate this gift.

Among the variants of the "Magformers" construct, the following are especially popular:

  • "Pythagoras". The set comes with click-wheels and cards with drawn cars, which are assembled using the constructor. Each box is equipped with assembly instructions. Play gives parents the opportunity to connect play and learning. The cards show how to assemble a mathematical figure into another figure.
  • "Creative 90". It features a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • "Mountain adventure". The child, by creating vehicles, can transform them into mysterious creatures.
  • Glowing Lighted Set. It stands out among other designers in that it has the illumination of all details. This function is performed by the so-called pyramids.

Worthyanalogues of Magformers

Despite the lower quality of competitors, consumer reviews stand out from the crowd a few excellent copies. Not every parent can financially afford to buy a chic designer. It is important to take a practical analogue of the toy and not upset the baby.

Among the positive analogs of Magformers are Mag Wisdom and Magnikon. Consumer reviews say that they are a good copy of a promoted and high-quality brand. The elements are of high quality and flexible, as well as easily connected to each other. The product itself speaks about the good production of this designer. It is like two drops of water similar to the original designer. It is made of high quality plastic, and the magnets are securely hidden inside. The designer has obligatory quality certificates "Magnicon".

Customer reviews indicate that it is visually impossible to find differences. The elements are strong, do not crack or break, the fastenings are reliable. The price pleasantly pleases parents, and children can build whatever they want out of it. Structures do not crumble, and the components are large and bright.

Mag Wisdom - a new analogue of the Magformers constructor

constructor magformers analogue

The Mag Wisdom constructor is rightfully considered an inexpensive analog of Magformers. If we compare the two options, we can say one thing - the color, shape and touch of the details are almost the same. The only difference is in the brand name. Therefore, if you simultaneously purchase the designers of both models andmix them, then a significant difference between the analogues cannot be seen. The parts are compatible with each other, the magnets stick the same.

In order not to confuse Magformers and Mag Wisdom, you need to use the following tips:

  • The original Magformers name must be on the box.
  • Each element of the constructor must contain the inscription of the manufacturer.
  • The box should be made of high quality cardboard, and the pictures should be clear and bright.

It is important to note that Mag Wisdom is a worthy analogue of Marformers.

Reviews of ordinary people about the designer Mag Wisdom

As you know, there are many different analogues of Magformers. At the same time, reviews about the Mag Wisdom constructor do not change for the worse, but on the contrary, they become more and more positive. Despite the significant cost, adults choose this construction set for the personal development of their child and the realization of his ideas. Buyers have noticed that a diverse choice allows you to find exactly what you need, taking into account their financial capabilities and the wishes of the child. Reviews are reliable evidence that the parts are reliable and easily attached to each other. Do it both butt and flat. Not every analogue of the Magformers magnetic designer can boast of this.

Many people speak positively about the toy, calling it an ingenious design of the modern children's industry. It should also be noted that there are reviews characterizing the constructor in terms ofsecurity.

The uniqueness and perfection of the designer "Magnikon"

magformers analogues reviews

The unique magnetic construction set "Magnikon" is an innovation in the modern production market. Most parents have never even heard of its existence. The toy is truly rewarding and educational for children of all ages.

Constructor "Magniton" - a set of parts in the form of geometric shapes of various colors and sizes. From them, you can design various volumetric and flat figures. The parts contain magnets inside a plastic circuit made of an alloy of iron, neodymium and boron. Despite the fact that this constructor is considered an analogue of Magformers, it does not have certain fasteners and does not need a base for assembly. The forces of magnetic interaction allow parts to attract. The magnets are located in free rotation and turn to each other with the desired pole. This is precisely the explanation for the absence of obstacles for connecting the elements of the constructor and creating various shapes.

Safety of the "Magnicon" constructor

Large-sized parts are easy to handle, the edges of the parts are rounded, so injuries can be avoided. After all, it is not always possible for a parent to keep track of his child. But thanks to the designer "Magnicon" the risk of injury is minimal. Compared with analogues, they contain metal elements.

good analogue of magformers

Many children are taught toinexpensive Chinese counterparts, fearing that the designer will fail at the slightest fall. The amazing thing is that the constructor does not break on the first fall.

Customers noted that this set is very durable. When guys run over parts on a bike, they don't break. As it turns out, the parts are made of such a durable material that even visible damage is imperceptible.

The main advantages of the "Magnicon" constructor

Many parents are glad that the "Magnicon" set does not contain small parts, because they will not have to be looked for long if they are suddenly lost. You should also not think about its special storage, and the child will not get injured during the game and will not accidentally swallow any element.

magformers standard set constructor

Another undoubted advantage is the development of fine motor skills. Children most of all like to collect cars from this designer.

The parts of the original designer are easy to detach from each other without using teeth and nails. Pleases children and the speed of assembly. Models come out big, and the respect of the child increases for a large product.

Other important details

As a rule, the manufacturer produces sets in solid plastic boxes. Parents noticed that all the magnets are inside the elements. The toy is harmless even if it is played by a small child. Each box has instructions and a diagram, according to which you can assemble various figures. First you assemble the constructor together, then the baby can do ityourself.

In closing

The brand "Magformers" is the most common among buyers. The company takes part in exhibitions and festivals. A significant proportion of the costs goes to advertising activities. This is all included in the final cost of a single product. Of course, there are companies that want to capitalize on the fame of a famous brand. They make substandard products from second-rate materials. But there are also good quality analogues of the Magformers magnetic construction set at a fairly affordable price. Moreover, the quality is at a high level.

What exactly to buy and which option is better - the consumer decides. The analogues presented in this article have a lot of advantages compared to the rest. Developers and manufacturers are always improving their products, so novelties and new inventions are introduced into production. Such construction sets can only be purchased from the official representative of the company, regardless of whether it is a world famous brand or its high-quality, but cheaper analogue.

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