Meeting from the hospital: ideas and design
Meeting from the hospital: ideas and design

Video: Meeting from the hospital: ideas and design

Video: Meeting from the hospital: ideas and design
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Most men think about how to decorate a meeting from the maternity hospital only a day before the discharge of a woman and a baby. This happens especially often when a woman with a child leaves the hospital on the third day.

Organizing a meeting from the hospital is a very important and pleasant thing.

How to cope on your own?

Even in a day, it is quite possible to manage on your own with the preparation of any holiday. The meeting of a baby and a woman excludes visiting restaurants, as this is a completely domestic celebration. However, the specificity does not mean that dishes for the festive table cannot be ordered with delivery or purchased ready-made in the culinary department of the supermarket. Such a simple action saves a lot of time, freeing it up for decorating an apartment or house.

children's room
children's room

It is the design that often baffles new fathers. However, in this matter, you can involve relatives and friends who are invited to this truly happy family celebration. They can share personal memories and ideas for a meeting from the hospital. Extractnewborn is a special time for everyone.

What to avoid?

First of all, everything that is not to the liking of a young mother should be avoided. She should be comfortable, because in fact the holiday is held just for her.

home is best
home is best

To be avoided:

  • platitudes;
  • noticeable cheapness of jewelry;
  • excessive food on the festive table;
  • large amounts of alcohol;
  • overflowing children's various tinsel.

There are traditional attributes that accompany a meeting from the hospital. For ideas on how to use balloons, stickers, and flower arrangements, check out any relevant store. It remains only to choose the product of your choice.

However, there are nuances in the use of these modern "three whales" for decorating the solemn meeting of a baby and a woman that must be taken into account. Balloons, flowers and stickers can not only decorate the holiday, but also ruin it.

About stickers

Car stickers are almost universally used. Template phrases look trite, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be used.

In addition to the standard words of gratitude in various variations, you need to decorate the car with funny stickers that match the baby's gender. That is, when a son appears - with airplanes, cars, trains, a daughter - with bows, sponges, flowers, dolls, and so on. The inscription will immediately stop looking trite.

About balls

Garlands of balloons inthe minds of most people make out a meeting from the hospital. Balls are very beautiful, but extremely controversial. The sound of a bursting balloon is very similar to a shot, but it surpasses it in terms of its effect on the nervous system and hearing. In addition to fears for the integrity of the baby's eardrums, another possible point is against the use of balls. With such a sharp sound, heard suddenly, the human brain triggers reflex functions. Therefore, the one who holds the baby can simply put his hands down and drop the baby. Controlling reflexes is very difficult.

Decoration of the festive table with balloons
Decoration of the festive table with balloons

This does not mean that the beauty of balloons should be refrained from. Meeting the wife from the hospital may be accompanied by the launch of helium-filled rubber bubbles into the sky, imitating soap bubbles. It is very effective and capable of touching even the most callous and prim woman and arouse the envy of other young mothers.

All kinds of garlands, bouquets, other compositions from balloons cannot be installed in the nursery and in the corridor. But in the room where the table is laid, they are quite appropriate.

About flowers for a new mother

Extract from the hospital, meeting a woman on his doorstep implies the presence of a bouquet of flowers. Now you can see a lot of advice not to buy huge and frilly compositions because of possible childhood allergies and other similar issues. Of course, you can limit yourself to a small and modest bouquet, but there is not much point in this.

flowers for mom
flowers for mom

If a child is allergic to pollen, then froma single tulip he will start to sneeze and cry just like a million roses. But a young mother will be upset by the lack of a magnificent bouquet, even if she does not say so.

It is easy to avoid embarrassment with a possible allergy - the bouquet is packed in a thin transparent polyethylene film, sealed on top, and below it is intercepted with satin ribbons similar to wedding compositions. In such a package, the flowers will be visible, they can be put on the back seat or in the trunk without fear of damage. And an allergy to pollen with such a design is excluded.

Things to remember

Meeting from the maternity hospital, the ideas of organizing which mainly concern surprises for a young mother, a festive feast, decorative decoration of housing and a car, also implies a gift for medical staff. This is a tradition that should not be neglected.

Staff are given flowers, they should be many times more modest than the bouquet of the hero of the occasion, and they should be enough for all women working in the department. That is, you can buy, for example, 15 simple identical roses in a neutral color.

In addition to flowers, doctors are given sweets and alcohol, but this moment is at the discretion of the young father, you can limit yourself to a big cake.

About photographers

A meeting from the maternity hospital, the design of which is always chaotically prepared, also implies the presence of a person with a camera who will record everything that happens. This is an important part of the celebration, because such an event occurs only once in a lifetime. Of course, this is not about the fact that a woman is in a maternitydepartment, but about her exit from it with a specific baby. The second time the same child will not be born, so you need to take pictures and shoot videos.

In the future, you can order a large elegant album "Meeting from the Maternity Hospital", a photo in which it will be pleasant to view all family members in different years of life.

Unfortunately, the photographer is that part of the preparation of the holiday, which is most often forgotten or simply considered not very important, believing that you can shoot the event yourself. This is partly true, but in practice, this approach results in the fact that one of the guests is constantly forced to step aside and take pictures, the rest often take out their phones for the same purpose. At the same time, interesting live and full shots never turn out, all relatively successful shots are staged and the guest who shoots is constantly absent from them.

You can't neglect the services of photographers. But in the absence of free funds, you can always ask one of your friends who love to take pictures about it, or you can agree with novice masters in exchange for permission to use the results of shooting in your own portfolio.

About the celebration

The meeting of the wife from the maternity hospital ends with her arrival in a clean and decorated apartment for the celebration, where the table should already be set. A new mother should not strain, carry plates or wait for someone to bring a salad. Also, she does not need to watch her mother or mother-in-law run her kitchen. This does not give anyone positive emotions, which should be filled with a meeting from the hospital. Everything at homeshould be prepared in advance.

What exactly the table itself will be does not matter. You can arrange a buffet if space allows. The themed buffet looks good. But, as a rule, they cover traditionally.

It is important not to display large volumes of treats and not to buy “bulk lots” of alcohol. Alcohol should be present in symbolic volumes, literally a couple of glasses for each guest.

The feast can be revived with a couple of interesting activities that coincide with the theme of the celebration, for example, collect notes from guests with predictions or obligations.

A good finale will be a cake with a candle, which all guests need to blow at the same time, while making good wishes to the baby. The meeting from the hospital, namely its feasting part, should not be delayed. After all, the woman is tired, she spent several days in the hospital, and long gatherings, even with dear people, will only tire that day.

After the guests leave, you do not need to start cleaning, you should visit and feed the child together, and then sit quietly together. For the background, a film beloved by both young parents is a good choice.

Collection of predictions

The meeting from the maternity hospital, often elegantly and brightly decorated, fades after the first toast said at the table, turning into a simple eating of the displayed treats. To prevent this from happening, you can prepare appropriate entertainment for such a holiday.

To organize the collection of predictions, you will need small postcards and pens according to the number of guests. Waiting for the handover of a pen can turnentertainment into a routine boring undertaking. You will also need a decorated large jar with a tight lid.

The bottom line is that each of the guests writes what the baby will be like in exactly one year. Weight, height, habits - whatever he sees fit. The card must be signed.

Exactly one year later, everyone should be invited again, open the jar and read the postcards. One of the guests who turned out to be closest to reality in their predictions will need to be presented with a souvenir. For example, a mug with the inscription: “Uncle Borya from Vika, who turned one year old” or “The meeting from the maternity hospital was a success.”

To avoid embarrassment, parents should first read the predictions themselves, and if the jar is sealed with a "seal", then choose neutral inscriptions on souvenirs.

Collect commitments

It's exactly the same fun as collecting predictions, with the only difference being that the guests write down their commitments.

You can write down everything that is somehow related to the baby, or rather, to the celebration of his first anniversary. For example, you can write: “I, grandmother Sonya, will give Vika a big elephant” or “I will bring a delicious children's pie. Aunt Liza.”

Postcards are also collected in a decorated jar and closed for a year. And on the child’s birthday, you will need to read the obligations and give a souvenir to those of the guests who fulfilled them.

About the cake

A meeting from the hospital, which ends with the removal of the cake and making wishes for the baby, always leaves the warmest memories.

receive guests in the garden
receive guests in the garden

However, choosing thisa dessert that serves as a point in the celebration, understandable even to those guests who “sit until the victory”, must be approached responsibly.

When choosing a cake for such a holiday, you should focus not on its external design, although it is also important, but on the components from which the dessert is made. The fact is that young mothers who are in the lactation period and plan not to transfer the baby to artificial food can eat far from everything.

And it is unlikely that the celebration will be enjoyable if a woman cannot eat a piece of cake and will look at how others do it. The same condition applies to the organization of the feast menu as a whole. That is, ideas for celebrating at the table should take into account the interests and capabilities of a young mother in the first place.

The dessert should not contain chemical dyes, a large number of preservatives and ingredients that cause allergies. This is not about the allergy of the woman herself, but that her milk will contain the allergen.

Many try to avoid biscuits. This is completely unjustified, since the classic biscuit is completely safe for a young mother and child. But a jelly dessert filled with citrus or exotic fruits, eaten by a young mother, almost always leads to an allergic rash on the baby's body.

The best option would be a biscuit cake from the pastry shop of a local supermarket or directly from the factory with a shelf life of no more than three days, this indicates the absence of preservatives. You can buy a dessert, originally intended for a children's holiday, insuch products never contain dangerous or harmful components.

What to replace the cake with

Recently it has become fashionable to replace the common dessert with small cakes, fancy muffins and even cookies.

This can be an additional entertainment for guests. The idea is similar to the Asian "fortune cookie". Of course, you do not need anything to bake, you will need small, the size of a cupcake or cake, disposable multi-colored paper plates.

The table can be buffet
The table can be buffet

On the inside, where the dessert itself is placed, a playful wish is written related to the theme of the holiday. For example, such: “Tomorrow you need to give Vika a big rattle”, “When you leave, take away the garbage, Vika is worried” and the like.

It's quite fun and has a significant "household benefit" - there will be less dirty dishes. This is important for young parents - both for a mother tired in the hospital, and for a father who, in principle, still does not understand which way to approach his baby.

Are there any restrictions for creativity

There are no limits to fantasy in celebrating the reunion of a woman and a baby from the maternity ward, other than observing safety measures, taking into account the preferences of the new mother and following medical guidelines regarding nutrition.

A reasonable approach is also important. New dads often do crazy things like:

  • fireworks under the windows of the hospital;
  • serenades performed by own or hired artists;
  • rose petal bed;
  • circle in the centercity in a flower-filled limousine;
  • baby's room filled to the ceiling with toys;
  • car tied with a large bow at the threshold of the department.
Car at the meeting
Car at the meeting

This is all certainly a wonderful manifestation of the emotions that fill the father's soul, but such creativity is inappropriate and selfish. All such actions cause inconvenience, not only to the woman herself, but also to those around her. A young mother should be met without excessive creativity, guided in the design and holding of the holiday only by the interests and needs of the woman herself and the baby.