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Modern ceiling chandeliers: review, style features, choice
Modern ceiling chandeliers: review, style features, choice

One of the most popular in the design of a modern home is the Art Nouveau style. This is a wide space, simplicity of forms, natural materials. To fully complete the design idea in such an interior, it is necessary to choose the right lighting. In this article, we will consider what modern ceiling chandeliers are, how to choose and fix them correctly.

The origin of Art Nouveau

Translation of the word "modern" means "new" or "modern". A style with this name originated more than a hundred years ago in Puritan England. This was due to the widespread development of production after the industrial revolution - if earlier things of the classical style were available only to the upper class, now furniture and much more began to be produced on an expanded scale, which made them accessible to the masses. This, in turn, led to the fact that new trends in decor appeared, since not everyone wanted to use the classic-looking things. This is how new trends in interior design appeared, and not only inEngland.

Modern ceiling chandeliers

In French, the new direction was called "art nouveau", in Italian - "liberty", translated as "free". Art Nouveau allowed innovations of any kind to be introduced into the design - even candles in candelabra were changed into light bulbs. And jewelers participated in the production of some lamps, decorating them with colored glass. This was the beginning of the creation of luxurious and unusual lighting fixtures in the Art Nouveau style, ceiling chandeliers in this list took the lead.

Style features

Each style has its own individual features that allow even a non-professional to distinguish it from others.

Ceiling lighting

Features of modernity are as follows:

  1. Many elements made of wood with a distinctive structure (oak, beech) or other - only natural - materials. Decorative coating of wooden parts should not hide the fibers.
  2. Floor levels and open space layouts.
  3. Straight lines are completely absent. There are soft, not angular contours, with an imitation of the plant world, smoothly passing into each other. The vertical direction dominates.
  4. An abundance of natural (animal or vegetable) simplified ornaments.
  5. The presence of stained-glass windows in the decor of the ceiling, doors, windows or ceiling lamps, up to cheap pseudo-stained-glass windows, also with the presence of plant themes.
  6. Arched or display windows stretching upwards and framed with decor based on natural motifs.
  7. Double wide doors inarch-shaped, with side windows decorated with stained-glass windows.
  8. Wide stairs with forged openwork railings.

Signs of modernity in interior lighting

Distinctive features of Art Nouveau lamps are simplicity and sophistication at the same time.

The huge ceiling chandeliers were replaced by lighter, more concise forms. They lost a lot of artsy elements, which were replaced by wooden details with burnt or carved patterns.

Chandelier in the bedroom ceiling modern

The reduced amount of light due to the replacement of massive ceiling lights was partly offset by large doors and window openings. More natural light.

Another distinctive feature of Art Nouveau accessory lamps and ceiling chandeliers is their shape as well as their finish. Plafonds can be made in the form of flower buds, flowers, leaves or climbing vines. And the decoration also adopted floral elements with the addition of colored glass decor.

Later, colored shades or inserts in them came into fashion, which flooded the room with a certain light.

Mandatory laws on the placement of ceiling chandeliers are not established, in this the owners have the right to choose - to place them at their discretion. If there is a lack of lighting, it is allowed to use additional light sources, for example, sconces. The only condition is that they must match the style of the main chandelier and the room.

Light design

Modern ceiling chandeliers are the bestemphasize the grace of this style, decorating the surrounding space with their appearance.

Ceiling chandelier modern crystal

Ceiling light sources have several design variations:

  1. Suspended. They can be either with one bulb or contain up to eight shades located on one platform. The base, as a rule, has the correct geometric shape, but there may be exceptions. Shades are made of crystal, glass or textile.
  2. Embedded or spot. Used for zoning space or creating a light accent. They are made of glass, metal, wood or plaster. Modern ceiling LED chandeliers are widely used in creating modern design interiors.
  3. Invoices. Harmoniously fit into rooms with low ceilings. They can also be used to highlight zones, but they are much inferior in beauty to suspended structures.
  4. Ceiling. This type of construction involves the direct installation of the product directly on the ceiling, installation is carried out using special fasteners. This group contains most of the chic options.

A special place in design is occupied by modern crystal ceiling chandeliers. Crystal gives the interior sophistication and chic. The lamp can either be completely made of this material, or contain only additional elements in the form of pendants that give amazing shine and play. In case of lack of funds, you can purchase options made of glass imitating crystal. In any case, such an elementinterior will be its highlight.

Types of Art Nouveau lamps

Before choosing the optimal model of a modern ceiling chandelier for a room, you should know that there are several types of such devices that are used for different purposes:

  1. Basic - this group includes floor lamps, LED lamps, sconces, as well as ceiling chandeliers. These devices allow you to divide the room into zones.
  2. Target - they are used to highlight a specific area in a room or an interior object (paintings, figurines, etc.). Great for accenting the dining area.
  3. Background - they are distinguished by diffused calm light that does not create bright differences. Most often, LED models are used for these purposes.

A characteristic of stylish design is the presence in one room of several lamps for different purposes, but they must be combined with each other in appearance.

Varieties of ceiling chandeliers

Today, manufacturers offer an unimaginable variety of ceiling chandeliers. This is due to the fact that their modern appearance is often a soft combination with other styles. Such lamps can be used in both modern and hi-tech or loft style.

Ceiling chandelier in the living room modern

The most common patterns are:

  1. Ceiling lamps with 5-8 glass shades with not very bright lamps. The shape of the plafonds varies from floral motifs to geometric ones. Usually,they are attached to the ceiling on a long leg or suspension.
  2. Chandeliers with plafonds decorated with stucco. They are perfect for a ceiling finished in the same way.
  3. Ceiling lights with pendants are metal structures hung with glass or crystal elements.
  4. Lamps having one large glass or textile cover of a hemispherical or cylindrical shape. In the case of textiles, you need to correctly design the surrounding space.
  5. Original ceiling light sources that do not belong to any of the groups. They have bizarre geometric or abstract shapes, repeat the shape of the bodies of animals or marine mammals - they look extravagant and fit into the interior of the corresponding style.

Kitchen lighting

The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in the apartment, so every housewife wants it to look perfect. Lighting plays an important role in this.

Ceiling LED chandeliers modern

To choose it correctly, you need to observe some points - this also applies to modern style:

  1. Ceiling chandeliers for the kitchen of this design can consist of several shades (in this case they are placed above the dining area and the working area) or from one (several lamps are evenly spaced throughout the ceiling). Hanging at different levels is allowed.
  2. In a small room, as a rule, the installation of one chandelier with bright lighting in the middle of the ceiling is used - in this case, a uniform light fluxreaches all corners of the kitchen.
  3. If the central part of the ceiling area is designed so that the lamp cannot be installed on it, then the devices are hung on the wall separately above the dining area and above the work area.

You also need to take into account the fact that the Art Nouveau style requires natural light - the light bulbs in the lamps should be selected in warm colors.

In addition, when choosing a lamp, you need to consider that the kitchen is a specific room and the appliances in it must meet the requirements of moisture resistance, ease of maintenance, wear resistance, good illumination.

Lamps in the bedroom

These appliances are perfectly combined with the interior of the bedroom, emphasizing comfort and peace. When installing a modern ceiling chandelier in a bedroom, you should follow a few rules:

  • shape lines should be smooth and unobtrusive;
  • in the children's room you should choose lamps of the appropriate theme - decoration in the form of flowers, birds, bees or cartoon characters;
  • if the room is covered with wallpaper of bright colors, then the lamp should be chosen, on the contrary, calm, unpretentious shapes and light colors;
  • if the walls are of a light shade, then a bright openwork lamp in the style of a general interior solution will perfectly cope with the decoration of the bedroom.

Lighting other rooms

The design designs of modern ceiling chandeliers allow you to place them in any room - you just need to take into account the characteristics of each.

Chandelier in the hallway ceiling modern

Here are some tips:

  1. In the bathroom, it is best to install fixtures with LED lamps, designed for rooms with high humidity. In addition, they should be small in size and with good light output.
  2. For the living room, there is a huge selection of lamps for every taste - from exquisite lamps for chic interiors to simple forms. It is a source of comfort and coziness. For this room, cylindrical, spherical or plafonds of regular geometric shapes are better suited. At the same time, on the basis, they can be located both symmetrically or in a circle, and in a chaotic direction. A chandelier on a small leg will make a low room visually higher.
  3. Standard corridors, as a rule, are compact in size, so modern ceiling chandeliers in the hallway are installed with bright LED lamps or overhead ceiling structures of small sizes.

Installing the lamp on the hook

The installation of a ceiling lamp will not require much work, but you should still know some subtleties.

Large heavy chandeliers made of glass, crystal or metal are mounted on a special metal hook, firmly embedded in the ceiling. This is a very secure mount that will not allow the lighting fixture to fall to the floor. As a rule, the place of installation is covered with a decorative cap in the case of a chandelier with a leg, or is hidden by the base of the lamp. The main thing in this process is to correctly connect the wires and connect the switches. This type of connection is used for mounting ceiling chandeliers in modern living rooms.

Most often the special hook is alreadypresent in the ceiling. In this case, the device is simply suspended from it and connected.

But often there are situations when the owners transfer the location of the device, then the hook has to be built in on their own.

Depending on the type of surface, different hooks may be needed - with dowels, spring or anchor. A hole is punched in the right place on the ceiling, a hook is placed in it and well sealed with cement mortar. After the last hook has dried, it is ready to use.

It is only necessary to take into account that in this case the rewiring is inevitable, which must be carried out by an electrician.

Mounting pendant and recessed luminaires

Most of the Art Nouveau lighting fixtures have a lightweight design, so they are mounted on special metal strips with holes made. They are attached to the ceiling with dowels after appropriate marking. After that, the wires from the chandelier are connected to a common electrical wiring. At the last stage, the strips located on the lamp are attached with bolts to the plate on the ceiling.

If you use a chandelier with wooden or textile elements, you need to measure the degree of their heating, and also insulate the wires well.

Another lighting option is to install spotlights. Step by step it looks like this:

  • at the base, a gateway of the desired size is cut;
  • wires are brought out into the resulting hole and connected to the lamp;
  • using the mounting springs, the device is mounted in place.

Currentlyyou can see that Art Nouveau interiors, as well as the lamps used for their design, are still relevant today. And a wide variety of lighting models will allow you to easily create the desired environment.

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