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How to swaddle a newborn baby?

How to swaddle a newborn baby?
How to swaddle a newborn baby?

Today, there are a huge number of special courses for expectant mothers, where experienced teachers teach how to swaddle a newborn. However, in reality, this matter is far from being so simple and very exciting. After all, a newborn baby is different from a smiling doll, on which many parents trained. This is what most happy moms and dads discover after arriving from the hospital! A newborn baby waves his little arms and knocks his legs, sometimes even cries bitterly. But do not be upset - very soon, practical experience will also be added to the theoretical foundations on how to swaddle a child correctly!

how to swaddle a newborn

There are two main ways to swaddle your baby: tight and wide. However, many pediatricians unanimously argue that tight swaddling is harmful to the he alth of the child, and recommend swaddling in a wide way as an alternative. Because this type does not hinder movement.

How to swaddle a newborn?

You will need: 2 thin cotton diapers, a large flannel diaper, 2 undershirts (cotton and flannel). It is worth noting that the baby must be dressed and swaddled.according to the season, as excessive heat can cause prickly heat. Now let's move on to how to swaddle properly.

how to swaddle a baby
  1. First, you should put on the baby a thin vest, the smell of which should be behind. Wear a thicker flannel vest over it. You can also use a bodysuit or man suit, which is more comfortable than undershirts.
  2. Lay out the diapers. The flannel diaper should be at the very bottom, a thin cotton diaper spreads on top of it. The top of each diaper should be folded inward 5 cm.
  3. Fold the second thin diaper into a triangle and place the baby on it. The lower edge of the triangle is passed between the baby's legs, and the side corners are wrapped around the body and hidden behind the back. It turns out that the side corners securely fix the bottom edge of the diaper. If the baby is wearing a "diaper", this item can be skipped.
  4. Now the most important aspects of how to properly swaddle a newborn. We place the free edge of a thin diaper obliquely under the back of the newborn. In this case, one handle remains open. We perform the same action with the second edge. After the edges of the diaper have disappeared under the back, straighten the bottom edge, tuck it up, wrap it around the body and fasten it to the top edge of the diaper.
  5. Now we are doing the same with the flannel diaper. It should be remembered that swaddling should not hinder the movement of the baby's legs
How toswaddle

It should also be mentioned that swaddling is full and partial. Full swaddling is suitable for newborn babies, while partial swaddling is ideal for a three-month-old baby. For boys, it is preferable to use reusable diapers from a diaper folded into a triangle.

Now you probably know how to swaddle a newborn. Do not be upset if at first you do not succeed or you manage to swaddle, but not in the way you would like. A little skill and dexterity - and you will succeed.

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