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Until what age are children swaddled. Until what age to swaddle a baby

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Until what age are children swaddled. Until what age to swaddle a baby
Until what age are children swaddled. Until what age to swaddle a baby

Many mothers are sure that it is necessary to swaddle the child. The future of the kids depends on it. Is it so? What do doctors say about this? Until what age are babies swaddled? Read the article.

The swaddling myth

Many years ago, doctors, mothers and grandmothers argued that it was necessary to swaddle a child tightly. To date, doctors have dispelled the myths about tight swaddling:

1. The longer you swaddle your baby, the smoother his legs will be. This is not true. It has been proven that heredity is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Much more depends on high-quality and nutritious nutrition, and physical development is also of no small importance. If the child's body lacks vitamins, then there may be a curvature of the legs.

2. The tighter you swaddle your baby, the warmer it gets. It is a myth. Of course, the child is warm, only he does not have the opportunity to adapt to temperature changes. This will affect his he alth in the future. Such children get sick very often.

3. Sound and he althy sleep. This is partly true. However, if the child often twitches in his sleep and wakes himself up with his own hands, it is necessary to pay attention first of all to hisnervous system. Overexcitation or fright of the baby contributes to frequent awakening, regardless of swaddling.

until what age do babies swaddle

Previously, almost all children grew up on these myths. However, modern parents and doctors say that children need freedom. Why and why is it needed? Until what age are babies swaddled?

Modern take on swaddling

Many mothers have not decided until what age they should swaddle their baby. Today, they believe that a baby from birth can be dressed in sliders, vests, and a hat. Doctors support this approach. Swaddling hinders the movements that the baby needs. Many children often wake up because of this.

Swaddling has been shown to impair baby's sense of touch. Therefore, in babies, the arms and legs should be completely free. They need to touch various objects with their arms and legs. Then they will be less afraid.

Modern parents swaddle their baby only at night for the first two months. They believe that the baby scares himself with his hands, this makes him sleep worse. When a mother takes a newborn in her arms, then it is not necessary to shackle his body. The baby should feel the mother, her warmth, body and hands. In a diaper, such sensations weaken.

Body contact with mom or dad has been proven to be very important for families. When a child feels parents, he quickly adapts to the environment.

until what age should a baby be swaddled

At this time, moms or dads can make the baby easymassage of hands, legs or tummy. However, do not forget that no one canceled swaddling. In some cases, it must be applied.

Until what age are babies swaddled

There is no single answer to this question. Each child needs an individual approach. Not even a single doctor can unequivocally answer the question of how old a child can be swaddled. As a rule, in many children there is a “throw up” of handles. This wakes up babies, they are frightened of their own body and become nervous. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to swaddle babies for the first time during daytime and nighttime sleep. When the baby is awake, his movements should be free.

In some children, the throwing up of pens occurs up to 3 months, in others - up to 6. It all depends on the individuality of the child. When he stopped twitching, then diapers can be canceled for daytime sleep. If you do not know until what age to swaddle a child at night, try dressing him in rompers, undershirts once. Watch how he sleeps. If the baby continues to wake himself at night, then continue to swaddle him. Then he will be calm and cheerful.

What doctors say

Babies have been proven to adapt to their environment from birth to 6 months. That is why they are afraid not only of sharp sounds, but also of movements. Doctors recommend swaddling your baby for a more restful sleep for the first month. They are also advised in cases where the baby is very active and makes a lot of sudden movements.

If the baby is nervous or restless, the diaper soothes him. In this case it is desirableto constrain the movements of the baby at least in the moments of sleep. Doctors advise not to refuse swaddling.

When the baby is one month old, then he can leave his hands free. After all, many children wake up if they are uncomfortable.

until what age to swaddle a baby at night

At 3 months, doctors recommend not to swaddle the baby, as his limbs should develop well. This will not work with constrained movement.

As mentioned earlier, the baby must develop physically. Therefore, try not to restrict his movements at least from three months. However, this is individual. Only a mother can understand what is needed for her child. Watch your child, help him develop physically, and he will delight his family with his success.

Now you know up to what age children are swaddled. However, it is better to consult with specialists so as not to harm your baby, but to develop it correctly.


If a baby in a diaper sleeps soundly, does not cry or get irritated, then you are on the right track.

until what age can a baby be swaddled

When you see that the baby has a nervous dream from fettering, then you need to use vests and sliders. Avoid swaddling if baby is uncomfortable.

Don't worry about the curvature of your legs. It has been verified over the years that it is not from diapers. It all depends on the personality of the child. He won't have crooked legs at 6 years old. When children begin to walk, their limbs fall into place. Closer to the age of three, the baby will have straight legs.

Do not forget to show the baby to the pediatrician every month up to a year. He will help you monitor the development of the baby and answer all your questions. At the slightest deviation, the pediatrician will refer the mother and child to a specialist to quickly fix the problem.

The doctor will monthly check the baby for coordination of movements and advise the necessary exercises for full physical development.

Do not forget that if you gave the newborn freedom of movement, create a safe environment for him. It is impossible for a package to lie next to the child. He can hook it with his hand and cover his face. It threatens to suffocate. Very often, children put a corner of a blanket or pillow in their mouth. Therefore, when you are not near the baby, do not leave anything near him. Even the most ordinary pacifier can harm the baby.

You already understand until what age you need to swaddle your baby. Take care of him, take care of your baby, and in the future he will thank you the same.

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