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Tourist primus stove: user manual, "experienced" tips

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Tourist primus stove: user manual, "experienced" tips
Tourist primus stove: user manual, "experienced" tips

All the advantages of a primus can be well told by supporters of long hikes who had to spend more than one day in the mountains. Only those who had to carry in their backpack not only warm clothes, a sleeping bag, a tent and food, but also wood for a fire, can understand the full value of this device for preparing hot meals in such difficult conditions.

Description of the operating principle

Both household and tourist stoves work on the principle of a blowtorch. The liquid fuel in the tank of the device is fed into the burner tube by means of the pressure generated. Here, gasoline or kerosene is heated and, evaporating, is pushed out through the nozzle holes. In order for the process to proceed normally, it is necessary to constantly maintain pressure in the tank with the built-in piston pump.

Before ignition, it is necessary to warm up the metal of the burner. You can do this by first splashing a little kerosene, or setting fire to pieces of dry alcohol on top.

Mixing with air, fuel vapors burn in the burner, heating the dishes with water or food placed on top. The average operating time of the device is about 50 minutes. This makes it possible to boilkettle, prepare a simple hot dish (such as soup or porridge).

primus petrol tourist

The bumblebee that buzzes but doesn't fly

Tourist stove is a device for heating water and cooking, which runs on liquid fuel (kerosene or gasoline). There are modern models that use small gas cartridges.

The first such device appeared 8 years before the end of the 19th century in Germany and quickly "won" the sympathy of the townsfolk. In the Union, the production of household burners began in the twenties of the 20th century. Every self-respecting family had a gasoline stove in their kitchen. Tourists also quickly appreciated the advantage of this light weight and unpretentious device.

primus tourist instruction

Operation principle

How does a tourist stove work? The instruction is extremely simple:

  • install the device on a horizontal surface;
  • carefully pour fuel into the burner tank;
  • rhythmically moving the lever of the built-in pump, pump up pressure;
  • with the help of burning dry alcohol, slightly heat the plane of the burner itself;
  • slowly turn the valve.

Fuel, getting from the tank into the supply tube of the burner, evaporates when heated. Flammable vapors, leaving through the nozzle, burn out when mixed with air. In order for the whole process to take place in a normal and constant mode, preliminary heating of the working part of the stove is required. And just before ignition, air is pumped into the fuel tank, creatingpressure to maintain.

If, when ignited, instead of a blue flame, black-gray smoke suddenly flies out of the nozzles, it means that the stove itself is not heated enough. A few minutes of patience, and the "breadwinner" will begin to emit a uniform buzz. Perhaps that is why one of the models was called “Bumblebee”.

tourist stove

Who invented the tourist stove

Photos and information from the archives preserved the date and name of the inventor: 1892, Franz W. Lindqvist, who later founded a company to produce these heating devices. Such burners began to be produced in the Union from the beginning of the 20s, and they quickly won the respect of housewives.

The first models were a simple copy of foreign stoves. Later they were changed and improved.

Let's list some of the most popular models:

  • Tourist Primus, which was called "Swede" (according to the country of origin) tested by climbers around the world in the most severe temperatures and altitudes. Measuring 13 by 10 cm, weighs half a kilo, 1 liter of water boils in about 7 minutes, it works a little less than an hour on one refill of 120 ml.
  • "Spark" is a compact and reliable Soviet-made device without a pump, weighing about 800 g, with a capacity of 120 ml.
  • Motor Sich (Ukraine) is a larger device, with a liter capacity and a weight of 1.5 kg, it works from 3 to 6 hours.
  • "Tourist" can be used both for cooking and for drying clothes and wet shoes.
  • Modern multi-fuel burners "Himalaya" with interchangeable headsburners are able to work from gasoline, kerosene, gas. With a small size and weight of 505 g, water boils on such a burner in just 4 minutes.
primus tourist photo

Safety and seasoned tips

Experienced hikers recommend having a piece of fiberglass with you when hiking. How to use it? After ignition and installation of a vessel with water on a tourist primus stove, the entire structure is covered from above with this fabric for better heat preservation. In addition, after use, the burner is disassembled and cleaned on it, the flask of the device is wrapped with fiberglass when carried in a backpack.

If the surface of the earth is not very flat, the pot can be placed not on the primus itself, but on the stones, and slip the kindled burner from below.

And a few tips for safe use:

  • Fuel is best carried in eggplants, placing them in the side pockets of the backpack.
  • Fuel can only be poured into a completely cooled device.
  • Primus should never be overheated.
  • It is strongly not recommended to use the device inside a tent.

Have a good trip and bon appetit to you, lovers of heights, fishing or hunting!

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