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How to accept gifts and express gratitude for birthday wishes?

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How to accept gifts and express gratitude for birthday wishes?
How to accept gifts and express gratitude for birthday wishes?

A solemn date is approaching, on which friends and relatives will come to congratulate you. You think about the upcoming chores: how to set the table, how to entertain guests. It would be useful to remember some rules of etiquette. For example, how to properly accept gifts and express gratitude for birthday greetings.

At the festive table, guests can take turns taking the floor for a welcome toast and wishes. After all that has been said from the lips of the birthday man, gratitude should be heard for the congratulations on his birthday.

How to properly accept gifts?

If you are given a gift, be sure to smile at the giver. The rules of etiquette say that beautiful packed boxes cannot be put aside, it is better to immediately remove the contents and express your pleasure from the gift received, expressing gratitude for the birthday greetings, because the person who came to congratulate you was preparing a gift especially for you, he will it's nice to see your joy, so he will understand that his plan was successful.

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How about gifts?

All gifts without exception should be accepted by you with a smile and joy. Perhaps they will differ in price, quality and degree of need for you. A good host should try not to offend anyone and in no case make comparisons between gifts so as not to hurt the feelings of any of the guests. Everyone needs to say "thank you" and express gratitude for the birthday wishes.

Sometimes, you obviously don't like the received gift, there is nowhere to put it, it is completely unnecessary, and you have no idea what to do with it. Even in this case, you should not express dissatisfaction. Accept it - because you wanted to pay attention - and try to do it sincerely.

Try to accept gifts in a way that will bring joy to those who gave them, because giving gifts should be as pleasant as receiving them.

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What to do with the bouquet?

If flowers are given as a sign of congratulations on your birthday, gratitude must be expressed to the giver. After that, the donated flowers must be immediately deployed and put in water. Flowers, like gifts, should never be put aside. In the bustle, you can simply forget about them by insulting the donor.

You will show yourself as a good host by placing a bouquet in the room where the celebration takes place, taking it to another room is tactless. If the flowers are low and do not block people's view, you can place them directly ontable.

It happens that several bouquets are handed over. In this case, each of them must be placed separately. If you don't have a beautiful vase, use another suitable container, such as a glass jar.

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