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Our new birthday greetings: Svetlana, accept

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Our new birthday greetings: Svetlana, accept
Our new birthday greetings: Svetlana, accept

An old Christian tradition to celebrate the day of the angel, that is, the saint whose name a person receives at birth or baptism, continues to live today. Relatives and friends on this day can prepare a small congratulation on the name day. Svetlanas celebrate their angel day on February 26, the day of memory of St. Svetlana of Palestine, and on April 2 - Svetlana of Rome. On these dates, you need to remember those who are called by this name.

congratulations on the birthday of Svetlana

For people who are not familiar with Christian culture, name days are identified with birthdays. That is why a person on his birthday is called a birthday man or a birthday girl. So the Christian tradition entered the life of even those people who are far from religion.

Our article will help you choose the right congratulations for your occasion on Svetlana's name day.

Lightray - our congratulations

Every holiday should bring joy, fill it with the best impressions and positive emotions. Friends and relatives always want to please something dear person. We hope our lines will help you create a festive mood and celebrate Sveta's name day.

We brought congratulations to Svetlana, You are like a bright ray of light that brings everyone out of the darkness!

Today is your name day, we want to congratulate you.

Many sincere, warm words we will tell you at this hour.

Quiet tenderness of the heart, eternal peace in the soul, In wishes, I would like to do without cliches, But what people value is impossible not to say, Wish you happiness, joy, he alth and love!

Svetlana's name day congratulations to Svetlana

Dedicate poems to Svetlana

We bring to your attention one more poetic congratulation on Svetlana's name day:

Svetlana's birthday!

We brought it into our plans

Hurry to your holiday

And congratulations from the bottom of my heart.

You are like a bright ray for us, Life is much better with you.

Take it like a parade

Wishes from our row.

Let everything work out in life, The sun is laughing in the sky, Let the breeze caress

And blows sadness into the sky.

Let love walk beside you

Helping with a word, a look, Feelings are tender though

Fill you with warmth.

Let he alth be strong

And diseases will forget you, And give people light

Many, many, many years

Be he althy and beautiful, Smart, kind, gentle, sweet

And be happy myself

Keep shining for all of us!

Rainbow wishes - as a gift for a birthday girl

We are sure that poems will always help create a festive mood, and, of course, they will decorate Svetlana's name day. Congratulations to Svetlana can be like this:

Your birthday today, This day is amazingly bright.

And we want to wish you now

Colorful rainbow in the sky.

name day of Sveta congratulations to Svetlana

Will red Svetlana whisper, That she is as beautiful as a rose.

And let it blossom

Definitely in snow and thunderstorms.

And orange will sing

You about a bright sunny summer

And it will warm with its warmth, Let Svetlana shine like the sun.

Yellow color will bring peace, He will bring joy with him, Not a gold medal, Gives you a golden soul.

And the green color will cheer up, And filled with the power of nature, And it will burn on the way

For Svetlana for many years.

Blue is the color of dreams

And a cloudless blue sky.

Let wishes be simple, And the fiction will become reality.

Blue will lead to the seas

Your ship through the waves of bad weather, To drop your anchors

Only in the sea of ​​Love and Happiness.

Purple will bestow

The mostthe main thing in life is necessary, Let the family hearth burn

And friends will always be there.

Name day today you-

You smile - we are happy!

We can't count warm words now

We are happy to congratulate Svetlana!

Solemn speech on Svetlana's name day

Congratulations to Svetlana can be said in simple words coming from the depths of the soul. We offer an approximate text that can serve as the basis for a solemn speech addressed to the birthday girl:

"Today, an amazing person is celebrating her angel's day, accepting congratulations from us on Svetlana's name day. Her very name is filled with light, brings kindness and warmth. She is our ray that never tires of shining on us on the path of life. We want wish you joy on this day: let your family, work and everything around you please, let every day bring only happy moments. Smile! It suits you so much! And give everyone who is next to you your wonderful smile. adversity. Laugh! Enjoy life! Shine! Happy birthday to you, Svetlana!"

congratulations on the birthday of svetlana

Name days are a bright holiday

"Unfortunately, the birthday is only once a year," - sung in a children's song. Yes, indeed, a person only once a year becomes the hero of the occasion. But let's not forget that in addition to birthdays, there are also name days. This is a special date that can be found on the church calendar. Each person has his own saint, whose name he bears. The day of memory of this saint becomes the dayangel. Name days are a good occasion to invite your closest people for a cup of aromatic tea. Let it not become the same solemn holiday as a birthday, but this day will bring a lot of tender words, lovely gifts and warmth.

Congratulations on Svetlana's name day can be like this:

Name day - second birthday, We want to wish from the bottom of our hearts, So that you are not tormented by doubts, Days to be always good, To our beloved Svetlana

The saint always helped, For faith to be indestructible, For a star to light the way.

Your birthday, congratulations!

How long since the beginning, And from the bottom of our hearts we wish

To live happily ever after.

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