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Is a one-year age difference dangerous for a union?

Is a one-year age difference dangerous for a union?
Is a one-year age difference dangerous for a union?

Finally, you have found the very prince you have always been waiting for. However, you are concerned about the question of whether the age difference can ruin a relationship. If yes, then what to fear and what to be prepared for. Now let's look into this difficult issue.

What astrologers and psychologists think about the age difference

Psychologists claim that the main component in any marriage is the so-called psychological compatibility, which does not depend on financial status or sexual well-being. In turn, experts in astrology believe that the same psychological comparability can be built on the basis of astrological factors. Using the Zoroastrian calendar, they calculate different types of relationships in marriage, taking into account the difference in age. Surprisingly, it does not matter at all whether the husband or wife is older. The main thing that is taken into account is the number of years that separate the newlyweds.

age difference per year

Difference per year

A common occurrence among couples is the age difference of a year. Therefore, it is precisely this figure that needs to be given close attention. It is believed that such marriages can last a lifetime. HowAs a rule, when clarifying everyday tasks, spouses quickly come to a common opinion. Mutual assistance is the main feature in the relationship of couples whose age difference is a year. It is also interesting that spouses very often have common hobbies, and this cannot but strengthen their marriage. As for the upbringing of children, there is also an idyll here: in this matter, their opinions are completely mutual. It has also been observed that couples with a one-year age difference have at least two children, and often more. In such a marriage, oddly enough, in most cases, the leadership belongs to the wife, which, with the skillful actions of the spouse, only strengthens the bond between the lovers. Therefore, if you and your loved one have a one-year age difference, then you should not be upset. Such an alliance is quite good for both sides.

There is another way to look at such a union. Many astrologers believe that people who marry with such a difference in age will be very good business partners. This relationship will contribute to a strong, stable financial situation, which is also very good.

3 years difference

age difference 3 years

"What do the stars say if the age difference is 3 years?" - you ask. They say that such a marriage is doomed from the very beginning, its main feature is hostility towards each other. A union with a three-year age difference, the stars assure, is tense and consists only of continuous struggle. Such couples are always on the line, trying to save their marriage. One of the spouses, according to experts in astrology, will be subject to severetrials and voluptuous temptations, with which he will try in vain to fight. In the end, apart from lies, nothing is worth waiting for. Here is such a gloomy forecast awaits the spouses. However, you should not take all the words of astrologers and psychologists seriously, because every relationship is individual.

4 years difference between spouses

age difference 4 years

As for those couples whose age difference is 4 years, everything is much better here. Relationships can be based on friendship, mutual understanding and mutual assistance. Which is also very good for the foundation of a future marriage.

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