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What kind of jokes are there on friends?

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What kind of jokes are there on friends?
What kind of jokes are there on friends?

Jokes and jokes on friends - this is perhaps an integral part of communicating with them. Someone in this business is very good, but someone lacks a sense of humor or a sense of proportion. Some will say that you can’t joke with friends, otherwise they may be offended, deciding that you are thus trying to offend them, offend them. It's not like that at all. All people have a different style of communication with each other. And for each of these styles, you can find suitable jokes on friends who will understand everything and who will be liked by absolutely everyone who is in the company. And also the person who was joked about was pinned. After all, this item is the most important in the "recipe" for making a joke on friends!

The word is not a sparrow

Everyone knows what sarcasm, irony, and most importantly - humor. Making fun of friends with words is perhaps the most common option among today's society. In principle, it is not customary to be offended by this. The difficulty lies in the fact that almost everyone knows the meaning of these terms, but is not able to usethese three ways to prank your friends in real life. Sometimes it is quite difficult for a few people to understand that some things that cause laughter and joy in the joker can cause the exact opposite effect in others and the one who was laughed at. In order for the joke to succeed, you should know and understand the character of the person you are pranking on. Therefore, do not joke with those people with whom you have only recently made acquaintance. The task becomes much easier when a friend has already played a joke on you himself. In such a situation, you should just stick to the same style of jokes. Although it is unlikely that you will be able to imitate jokes over friends with rhyming words well, if you yourself are not a poet. But it doesn't matter! After all, rhymes composed from the heart, but slightly dissimilar, are interesting and funny to listen to.

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Birthday jokes

This should be funny, but not disgusting or offensive, don't forget that. You can prepare a fake gift for your friend or girlfriend. And before handing over what was actually prepared for him, handing over some useless thing or something that he definitely does not expect, does not want to receive from you as a gift. But this time you will need good acting. Try to at least keep a serious look. Do not declassify yourself for as long as possible. The person will have to really believe that this is a gift from you, and even put up with it. He may already start laughing because of what gift you brought him. After a successful prank, do not forget to give something that your friend reallyneed.

Don't forget about funny birthday gifts. Unlike fake ones, these ones do not have a "replacement" with a more valuable gift. For a man, it is quite possible to give a bottle of expensive alcohol, a pair of socks and a pack of condoms. And the mood is uplifting, and the gift is useful.

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Pranks on friends: to be or not to be?

Pranks are different: funny and dangerous. We advise you to use only the first type of pranks on friends. If you and your friend are among the thrill-seekers and sometimes like to scare each other, do not forget that you should know when to stop. Otherwise, fear can become a reason not for laughter, but for tears. But adding Mentos to Cola is almost safe. But still check a hundred times before preparing the prank.

You can arrange a common prank with friends or a friend's girlfriend. We hasten to warn you, if you decide to play a friend with his girlfriend and pretend that she is cheating on him with someone, prepare carefully and keep a couple of strong guys ready who can stop your friend before he beats someone. After all, each person's reaction to this will be different and even very unexpected. If your friend usually always remained calm, this does not mean that he will be able to soberly react to the fake betrayal of his girlfriend.

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Jokes on the phone

In this case, it is also better to agree with someone and arrange a joint prank. The most common (and always valid) -is to buy a new SIM card and call your friend, introducing himself with a different name. Maybe the police? Tax? Subpoena a friend? If you think that the person will immediately recognize you by your voice, persuade your friends (perhaps with whom he does not know or definitely does not expect a call from them) to call for you. But before that, discuss with your friends the phrases of a joke on a person, otherwise, without a script, everything may end unsuccessfully, and you simply will not achieve the desired effect.

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Funny videos

This will be a good option if you or someone you know has good video editing skills. A funny video with the face or voice of your friend in a variety of filters and collages can cheer him up a lot. Send this recording to him by mail or, better, show it at a meeting in some company. Most importantly, do not forget that the video should not contain anything that could offend your friend or his loved ones.

This is probably the end of it. Always remember that jokes and jokes always have their place and time. Do not joke where it is inappropriate. We wish you good luck!

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