How to wash a sofa from cat urine: ways and means. Dry cleaning of the sofa at home

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How to wash a sofa from cat urine: ways and means. Dry cleaning of the sofa at home
How to wash a sofa from cat urine: ways and means. Dry cleaning of the sofa at home

Video: How to wash a sofa from cat urine: ways and means. Dry cleaning of the sofa at home

Video: How to wash a sofa from cat urine: ways and means. Dry cleaning of the sofa at home
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Even a very nicely furnished apartment can feel uncomfortable because of an unpleasant smell, such as cat urine. Especially strongly it eats into upholstered furniture, which is able to perfectly absorb moisture. Removing the smell of cat urine from the sofa is not an easy task, but it must be mastered. There are many methods that will come to the rescue in this difficult matter.

Where to start

If the pet has safely let a puddle on the sofa right in front of the owner, you should immediately get this puddle wet, the sooner the better. It can be napkins, rags or toilet paper. It is advisable to do everything possible so that less moisture is absorbed into the furniture.

wipe with a napkin
wipe with a napkin

You can use a fine absorbent from the cat litter, wait a bit until the liquid is absorbed and vacuum everything up. You should not use water when cleaning the sofa, this will only aggravate the situation, the volume of the puddlethe problem will increase too, followed by the smell of cat urine. How to remove bad odor from sofa? This will not be easy to do, but some practical recommendations will help to cope with the difficulty.

Why is it problematic to get rid of the smell

The persistence of the smell of cat urine can be the envy of any perfumer. But here's a scent worthy of regret. It consists of:

  1. Urea. After drying, it becomes sticky due to its special properties, it quickly dissolves in water.
  2. Urochrome is a product of the work of bile pigments, it is he who will leave a noticeable mark on the sofa.
  3. Uric acid. Forms water-insoluble crystals during drying.
bad smell
bad smell

Washing the crystals will be very difficult. But there are still ways to clean the sofa from cat urine.

Glycerine soap

Glycerin can be a great helper. He enters into a fight with the urea contained in the urine of the cat. How to use:

  1. Soap is carefully rubbed into the problematic part of the sofa with a coarse-bristled brush.
  2. Wash everything off with cold water.
  3. Wet area is allowed to dry or blow dried.

Also, the use of ordinary laundry soap will bring positive results. If you want to clean the sofa from cat urine, you have to:

  • grind a piece on a grater and pour warm water over it to make a paste;
  • apply the resulting soap paste on the stain and rub well;
  • in 30 minutes everything is neededrinse with water.

To consolidate the result, it is necessary to treat the place of "desecration" of the sofa with alcohol. For a while, this will prevent the mustache from raiding this place.

The effectiveness of this method will be noticeable only if you resort to it immediately after the cat has done its "wet job".


Good results can be achieved using an excellent bactericidal agent with a good aroma - lemon. Cleaning principle for affected furniture:

  • Squeeze lemon juice into any dish;
  • dip sponge in the resulting juice;
  • rubbed well on the crime scene.
fragrant lemon
fragrant lemon

Besides removing bad smell, lemon will leave its fragrance. Animals do not like the smell of citrus fruits, most likely, the cat will no longer wish to mark this place. But this method should be used carefully - if the upholstery is made of delicate or bright fabrics, a discolored spot may appear. Therefore, after treating the problem area with citrus fruits, it is necessary to wash everything well with water.

Hydrogen peroxide

Another irreplaceable tool will perfectly help the owner to dry-clean the sofa at home. But first, you should test the furniture upholstery in an inconspicuous place, as the product can discolor the surface. If everything went well, then you should start removing the ill-fated stain. For this you will need:

  • using a cotton swab, apply 3% hydrogen peroxide to the problem area;
  • leave until completely dry;
  • so repeatseveral times.

The stain should disappear along with the smell.


This method among cat lovers is considered the most popular. How to wash a sofa from the smell of cat urine using ethanol bought at a pharmacy or any alcohol-containing product found at home? Be sure to do the same manipulations with furniture upholstery as with hydrogen peroxide. If successful, should:

  • moisten a cloth or bandage with alcohol;
  • rub the product into the stain and wait until it dries;
  • do this 2-3 times.

Wash off with water is not required, since alcohol is volatile and quickly disappears.

crime scene
crime scene

Potassium permanganate solution

Good method, but it is better to use it if the skin is dark. Otherwise, the stain will not be smelly, but it will become brown and more noticeable. Here's how to clean cat urine from a sofa with potassium permanganate:

  • a glass of warm water is poured into any dish;
  • a few crystals of the substance are dissolved in this water to a rich pink color;
  • with a sponge dipped in the resulting solution, treat the problem area until completely cleansed.

The result is a clean sofa and no smell, but the method will be more effective if the cat dirt is not too old.

Table vinegar

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine from the sofa? There is another penny remedy that can be found in any kitchen - this is table vinegar. What to do:

  • a clean piece of cloth is soaked in vinegar;
  • rubbing a stinky stain;
  • wait for some time until the treated area dries.
odor removal with vinegar
odor removal with vinegar

Acetic acid breaks down the foul-smelling particles of cat urine, but in the process, a breakdown by-product is created. It is easy to eliminate it with soda. Wet, damaged surface of upholstered furniture is sprinkled with soda and left to dry completely. The remains are shaken off or vacuumed.

The smell of vinegar, mixed with the smell of cat feces, will resemble a gas attack, but then everything will disappear, and nothing will remain of the stain.

Baking soda

This is a reliable remedy for the smell of cat urine on the sofa can also be found in any kitchen. The method of preparing the solution is elementary:

  • soda is mixed with water to make a slurry without lumps;
  • the solution is applied to the place where the cat shat, and rubbed with a stiff brush;
  • leave to dry completely and brush away the remaining soda with a soft cloth.

Sometimes all efforts do not bring the desired result. The smell, though not so intrusive, but remained. Do not give up and throw out a sofa or a cat. There is still hope for industrial detergents, with their help they also successfully dry-clean the sofa at home.

cat under the sofa
cat under the sofa

Professional products

The sooner the crime scene is located, the more likely it is that after the measures taken, the smell will go away. Another good reason is that if the smell remains, thenyour pet will most likely defecate in this place with enviable regularity.

The best way to solve this problem is to go to the pet store. An experienced seller can easily tell you how to neutralize the smell of cat urine from the sofa. Such agents include biologically active enzymes. They completely eliminate odor, as well as mold and bacteria that grow in a humid environment and feed on the remnants of urine moisture.

Products are available in the form of sprays, aerosols, in liquid and dry form. Please read the instructions carefully before use. In addition, these drugs are different in that after using them, the effect will be felt only after 2-3 days.

After cleaning the stains, it is better to treat the sofa with a “repeller”, cats cannot stand its smell. The spray discourages any desire to even approach this place.

It might be easier for someone to call specialists, pay money and not fool around - this is also a way out.

Professionals working

It is enough to dial the phone number of any dry cleaner in the city and consult: when, at what price and how to wash the sofa from cat urine.

Professional guys will come and do everything quickly. The main goal of specialists is to permanently remove all traces that may remind you of the incident.

stain removal
stain removal

Removal of the stain and unpleasant smell of urine occurs in several stages:

  1. The composition of the filler and upholstery of the sofa is being studied.
  2. First, the red stains formed on the mattress are removed.
  3. The main work is tois to use antiseptics to treat a puddle.
  4. The final action will be the destruction of an unpleasant odor with the help of special tools.

Usually, after the manipulations, there is no trace of the smell of cat urine. The price of dry cleaning the sofa will depend on the scale of the work and the chemicals involved. However, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay at least 1,000 rubles for a standard double sofa.

If all fails

Cleaning the sofa with improvised means, chemicals, the help of specialists - everything turned out to be in vain, or with little result? Then resort to more drastic measures. You need to be brave and take the following actions:

  • Find the nearest seam on the upholstery and rip it open.
  • Remove the spoiled filler.
  • Wash the upholstery without removing it from the sofa.
  • Blow dry clean upholstery.
  • Instead of the old one, insert a new filler into the resulting space.
  • Sew the seam neatly.

This method is guaranteed to eliminate the smell of cat urine forever.

cat in the arms
cat in the arms

What not to do

It is not enough to remove a foul-smelling stain from the surface of upholstered furniture, it is necessary not to damage the color of the upholstery and its texture. Here are some tips on what not to do:

  1. Use chlorine. An excellent disinfectant in this case will not help, but rather harm. Home fumes will not do any good, but on the upholstery,most likely the paint will suffer.
  2. The use of flavors. Eau de toilette, essential oils, brewed coffee and air fresheners are not only useless, but, on the contrary, can exacerbate the situation by making the smell even sharper.

Perhaps the smell will be masked for a while, but then it will reappear, and the cat will look to puddle in the same place again.


Zoopsychologists identify several factors that can cause a pet to urinate on upholstered furniture:

  • Dirty tray in which the cat goes, or he just doesn't like it. Then either clean the tray or get a new one.
  • The potty for the animal is located in an inconvenient place. Finding a suitable location will solve the problem.
  • Emotional background (stress, resentment, jealousy or revenge). You should watch the animal and find out the reason for the rebellion.
  • Sick animals thus try to attract attention. Then you need to pay a visit to the vet.
  • Perhaps the pet has stopped liking the sofa. It will already be a little tight here, education will take a lot of strength and patience.
cat on a tray
cat on a tray

It is necessary to understand these issues, then the problem will disappear, and there will be no more smelly wet stains on the sofa, which are difficult to remove due to their specific composition.