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How to recognize a womanizer: features of behavior, advice from psychologists

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How to recognize a womanizer: features of behavior, advice from psychologists
How to recognize a womanizer: features of behavior, advice from psychologists

Every woman wants love and happiness. And many of them are afraid to meet a womanizer, a man who does not know what sincere relationships and feelings are. In order not to fall into the trap of such a person, you need to learn how to recognize a womanizer man. This type of men has some differences in the manner of behavior, communication.

how to recognize a womanizer man

How to recognize a womanizer by behavior?

He is considerate, sweet, caring and gracious. It is easy to trust a womanizer. After all, he feels and knows the female soul and psychology, and uses this. In order to understand how to find out that a guy is a womanizer, you should study the following rules:

  1. At the first meeting, he may try to see all the charms of the girl, not paying attention to what she tells him. An exception may be an open neckline or a short skirt, then the man will look there.
  2. While communicating withas a girl, he looks at others. And you need to run away from such a man, because if at first he is like that, what will happen later?
  3. Hangy tongue and lots of compliments. This man knows how to make a woman fall in love with him. He even has a couple of blank phrases. From the first meeting, he falls asleep with compliments and may even hug the girl or somehow touch her.
  4. Long-term relationships. If he said that for many years he did not have a serious relationship, and he does not want this, then you need to beware, because nothing good will come of this person.
  5. An attempt to show my "I". A man talks about his we alth, about connections, about what kind of car he has. Sometimes there are those who buy fake gold watches or phones to attract attention and show the girl that he has money.
  6. Immediately will not propose marriage. He learns everything about a woman, then becomes perfect for her.
how to recognize a womanizer by behavior

When does he write?

Another way to recognize a womanizer (married or single) is the time he devotes to a woman. If a man didn’t call or write during the day, but showed up only in the evening, then he needs only one thing - to drag the girl to bed.

If a man is interested in a girl as a person, it does not matter to him when to meet, day or night, he can come to a meeting in the morning. And such a man is ready to go to a museum, cinema or theater, and a womanizer needs only entertainment. The libertine makes girls fall in love with him, and then, after a night spent together, does not call anddoes not answer calls. He only needs one thing from a girl, so if this has already happened, it's better to forget everything, like a bad dream.

how to recognize a womanizer by correspondence

Recognizable on the Internet

With the help of social networks, you can find out what kind of man: if he has a lot of photos from parties with girls, then this is definitely not an option for a serious relationship. How to recognize a womanizer by correspondence? A real man does not have such photos. Many guys do not want a serious relationship, they are either afraid of commitment, or do not want to be attached to another person. If, in a company, a man pays more attention to other women, and not to his companion, then you need to think about it. After all, for a real man, only his beloved is important, and not others.

how to recognize a married womanizer

Quick Contact

Another way to recognize a womanizer is to quickly establish a connection. Such men are charming and sociable, from the first minutes they meet girls, saleswomen and even policemen. They can easily establish contact with anyone. They have one approach to all young ladies: it is to say a bunch of compliments, then the girls do not pay attention to anything, because they are seduced that someone appreciated their dignity.

Also, by correspondence in social networks, you can find out that a man is a womanizer: he sends a lot of emoticons, which an ordinary man will not do. Womanizers are not interested in the life and inner world of a girl, because for them all women are the same. If a man devotes very little time to work, then he does not striveearn money, live happily. After the first or second night spent together, he disappears, then he may appear by writing an SMS like “Hi. Maybe we can meet?”.

womanizer how to recognize

If a man goes missing

If he disappears more than once, you need to forget this person. He will not spend money on a girl, unless he buys a bottle of wine, which he drinks himself. He will not take you to the cinema, or to a restaurant, or to a cafe. Why would he spend money on a girl if he has several of them. He never directly answers questions about his personal life, dodges the answer. It is impossible not to fall in love with such a man, from the first minutes of meeting he attracts and then the female logic does not work to understand that this person is a womanizer.

It's a shame, but a fact: when a girl goes somewhere with such a man, he can openly flirt with other beauties and he will be indifferent to the feelings of the one next to him. But if a woman arranges a scene of jealousy, then he will quickly calm her down with compliments and beautiful phrases. Womanizers love addresses such as "kitty", "sun" or "dear". And all just so as not to confuse names. When meeting, behaves confidently.

how to recognize a womanizer

Types of womanizers

There are 6 types of womanizers:

  1. Pick-up artist is a man who does not have any of the qualities of a womanizer, but so strives for it. He asks a lot of the girl whom he is trying to “pick up”, but he doesn’t say a word about himself, he evades questions. He also triesget to know each other using stupid excuses, for example, asking for a light or asking for directions. Such a man is easy to recognize.
  2. "Forever young" is a man who is already at retirement age, but "makes" romance out of himself so that a woman pays attention to him. A languid rose, a bottle of wine and his tales of youth, how cool and romantic he was. A woman pays attention to him and spends one night with him, but only hers, because he does not know what to do next and how to behave, because, in principle, he is not capable of a relationship. Grandpa is safe but intrusive.
  3. Macho is a man who loves himself madly and enjoys himself, his actions. Women are nothing to him, an empty place. He abandons them when, in his opinion, they did something wrong. Macho despises women. He often changes them because he is always looking for the perfect one. This is a disgusting type of womanizer to run away from.
  4. Infantile is a romantic who will arrange a date that a woman will never forget. In his understanding, there are only platonic relationships, he always gives gifts, arranges romantic dinners. Even if he has sex with a woman, he will get scared and leave her. Therefore, it is impossible to build a serious relationship with such a person.
  5. "Lieutenant Rzhevsky" is the type of man who loves life. He has a good sense of humor, he is cheerful, he has a lot of friends. With such a man, a woman will receive a sea of ​​​​emotions and impressions. From the very beginning, he makes it clear to the girl that their relationship is not for long, therefore, with such a manIt's easy to break up if the girl wants it. After parting, she can be a good friend to him. But if you demand something serious, then the "lieutenant" changes for the worse.
  6. "Casanova" is an ideal man who always tells the truth, and this is dangerous. He can't date one girl for a long time. He loves all his passions and tries to be perfect for everyone.

How can you teach a womanizer a lesson?

After you have learned how to recognize a womanizer, you should know the methods of his punishment. The first way is to do what he does. Make him fall in love with you, use him for sex and quit. This will hurt his ego a lot.

The second way is to try to prove to him that he is behaving wrong, to prove that love is beautiful. You also need to show the womanizer what a real relationship can be.

how to know if a guy is a fagot

Advice from a psychologist

Become a womanizer for two reasons:

  • The first is inflated self-esteem, a nature you can't go against. If one girl refused him, then there will definitely be another who will not refuse.
  • The second reason is a man for whom seduction is like a sport. For such a guy, it is important to win the attention of the one that he liked. If he was refused, he will take revenge, try to destroy. This type even marries, but on the one that will achieve this. But he can also leave a loving and caring wife. Even if there are children, for this person they have no value. So it's better nottry to change such a person, because all the same, a happy family life will not work, and then only pain will remain.

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