How to recognize a gigolo: the rules of his behavior, types and nuances of attitude
How to recognize a gigolo: the rules of his behavior, types and nuances of attitude

Video: How to recognize a gigolo: the rules of his behavior, types and nuances of attitude

Video: How to recognize a gigolo: the rules of his behavior, types and nuances of attitude
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Nature has created a man as a protector and breadwinner, and a woman as a keeper of home comfort and warmth. However, in the modern world there are more and more anomalies in relationships. Many men without a twinge of conscience tend to use a woman to obtain material we alth. Unfortunately, young ladies are not always able to resist the charms of a mercantile gentleman.

Who is this?

Before moving on to the question of how to recognize a gigolo, you need to understand the definition. The Alphonse man is a type with whom you cannot build a serious relationship. Representatives of this category tend to use women for their own purposes.

The most dangerous gigolo for the victim, who does not even know about his real motives. Women's love tends not to notice flaws in a partner. Even if the actions were negative, then a loving girl will try to justify them.

Alphonse man how to recognize
Alphonse man how to recognize

Alphonse is not the type of man withwhich you can feel protected and safe. People of this type very rarely take responsibility for both the relationship and the chosen one. As soon as you lose the benefits that kept your partner around, he will immediately go in search of a new victim.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to recognize a gigolo at the initial stage of a relationship. A man will not ask a girl on a first date about her level of earnings and financial situation. Therefore, in order to avoid relationships with such men, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the types and rules of behavior of such people.

How to recognize a marriage swindler, gigolo?

  1. When meeting him, he appears as a person who is engaged in a professional field associated with some kind of mystery. It can be a scout, a lawyer, an employee of a serious government agency, a sea captain, and so on.
  2. Never introduces the victim to relatives and friends.
  3. Does not like to be photographed or does everything to make the photo look different from himself.
  4. At the beginning of a relationship, asks leading questions about your financial situation.
  5. Trying to move into your house in every possible way.
  6. Regularly starts to forget the wallet. Thus, finding out information about whether you are ready to pay for it.

Special meeting point

Of course, this type of men can be found in the park, shop and on the street. But in order to pick up an exceptionally rich lady, he goes to certain places. It could be a gallery exhibition, a high-end restaurant, or an expensive one.resort. Thus, the master of seduction easily manages to assess the financial situation of the victim.

Very attentive and accommodating

How to recognize a gigolo in relation to yourself? Noticing a suitable option on the horizon, such a man will immediately go to get acquainted, turning on the maximum level of his charm. You will find many beautiful words, compliments, perhaps poems dedicated to your ideal person. True, all these courtships do not include special costs on his part.

Instead of the usual bouquet of flowers, a romantic date awaits you on the roof. You will admire the stars. And you will have to buy champagne. Since your chosen one can explain this by the fact that he did not dare to take such a step, fearing that you would misunderstand him. Moreover, he can back up his words with the fact that he really does not want to look bad in your eyes.

Rooftop romance
Rooftop romance

Of course, it looks romantic and cute. It is very easy for girls who are fascinated by such a man to mistake such an attitude for sincere passion from a partner.

Speaks little, but listens carefully

How to recognize a gigolo? Unlike most men, people of this type do not tend to reveal their soul. You have probably noticed that the guy who is trying to please you talks a lot about his successes and achievements in life. Alphonse is the opposite. Perhaps, even after a long time, you will not know about his hobbies and place of work, as well as the names of his close friends.

But he will becomean excellent listener. Alphonse are excellent psychologists who carefully analyze information about you, find weaknesses, and in the future can use manipulation techniques to control you.

If you have a complex about excess weight, he will assure you that everyone around is idiots, and your forms are perfect. Your age is approaching 40, and you are not married and without children - he will give you hope that everything will work out with him. No one to fix the fence in a country house? Such a man will arrange a whole performance using various instruments. There will be practically no sense from his work, but you will look at him with different eyes, realizing that here he is, finally, a real man, whom you can always rely on in a difficult situation.

As you know, gigolos are very interested in the financial situation of the chosen one. A house, a car, an apartment, a bank account, a business - he absorbs all this information like a sponge, analyzing the information in advance in order to pull off a plan related to profiting from other people's material we alth.

Avoids making decisions

How to recognize a male Alphonse? This type of people tend to live in comfortable and safe conditions. He doesn't care about your hobbies, interests, problems and worries.

If you need help, you won't get it from him. All he can offer you are endless excuses for his inaction. Such a category of men is incapable of making decisions or actions.

Many problems and troubles begin to haunt him

How to recognize a gigolo?By his behavior! As a rule, as soon as your relationship becomes stable, the man will begin to act. Namely, making sure of your sympathy, he will first test the ground for the implementation of the first plans.

Woman giving money to a man
Woman giving money to a man

It usually goes like this. One of the close relatives may become seriously ill at the chosen one. And the operation lacks "some 3 thousand dollars." Or he will be found by people connected with crime, who demand the return of an old debt for a friend with huge interest. Or at an imaginary place of work there will be a theft, a big shortage that they want to hang on him. Moreover, he can reinforce this information by the fact that he tried to cope with the situation himself. To do this, he allegedly sold everything he had, but this amount is still not enough.

Invented situations can be completely different, but they all have one goal - to get money.

It is natural for a male gigolo to tell such stories, showing you the last stage of despair, loss and fear. The amount that will be discussed will not be very large, but not so insignificant for your budget.

In a relationship with such a man, it is important to prepare for the fact that such situations will occur quite often. As soon as you manage to cope with one problem, the next one will appear on the horizon.

Money is little things

How to recognize a gigolo? The rules of his behavior are typical: such men tend to take other people's money for their own. As soon as you hint to him about the return of the debt, he"moves out" from the topic. Moreover, people of this type tend to repeat that money has no value compared to feelings. And after that, they reinforce their words with a confession of their high feelings towards you, while making an offended expression on their faces. Seeing such a picture, most women repent, and some even apologize for their tactless question.

Especially tender natures in male form can disappear for a couple of days, then to come to you with a bouquet of wild flowers and declarations of love. And after a few weeks, another trouble will happen, for the solution of which money is needed.


How to recognize a gigolo in life? Often this is an unfortunate person who, by an absurd accident, lost his job with a stable income. Subsequently, of course, he was looking for a new place, but he did not like anything. Usually men of this type have small life demands. It is unusual for them to engage in physical labor, they get very tired of it. They just want to live well, namely: visit good restaurants, spend time in the company of beautiful women who show him signs of attention. But he has no money for beauties, and he has to urgently decide something.

girl drinking coffee
girl drinking coffee

And now, in the head of such a man, a "brilliant" plan is ripening, related to the search for a lady who will support him. The victims of this type of gigolo are often women who are divorced or have low self-esteem. For the sake of love, such young ladies are ready for a lot. And to keep thislover, most agree to keep him. This can go on for a long time until the woman realizes the true attitude of the partner and sobers up from "great love".


How to recognize a male Alphonse who is a real pro in his field? This is the highest category of representatives of this type of people. Their goal is to achieve a very high standard of living. For them, women who have an impressive bank account, as well as business, are important. A professional gigolo does not hide his requirements, so a woman can be acquainted with them in advance.

Man at the resort
Man at the resort

Usually these are handsome and bright men who know how to show themselves in society from the most advantageous side. Their social circle is usually very narrow. Mostly there are single business women. He impresses them, and they agree to keep such a handsome man nearby so that, if possible, appear in his company at a social event.

Alphonse of this type often have higher education. They can know many foreign languages and understand literature. He will easily support an intellectual conversation. It is for this that most successful women appreciate such gigolos and are ready to pay money for their services.


How to recognize a gigolo? Psychologists distinguish several types of such men. Lovelace is one of the most common. He is constantly in search of bright love adventures. But it is important to him that a woman always pays.

Alphonse of this type needs cohabitation with a woman,in order to borrow a large amount of money from her after a while, and then disappear from her life forever. After that, the man finds another love adventure and acts according to the same scheme. This is the reason for its existence.

Virtual boyfriend

How to recognize a gigolo? The rules of his behavior often depend on the situation. Alphonses, who spend most of their time on a dating site, look for a victim with the help of someone else's photo of an attractive guy. They seem to be very we althy people who have not had a personal life, so they are looking for a close friend.

The guy behind the laptop
The guy behind the laptop

Lonely and gullible women tend to believe in such fairy tales, and they easily invite a gentleman to visit them. The virtual gigolo turns into a real one: he gives his chosen one flowers, champagne and spends a romantic night with her. In the morning, the "beloved" wakes up and finds that the man is not in place, and with him all the money and jewelry have disappeared. As a result, she realizes that she met a crook on the Internet.

Relationship nuances

How to recognize a gigolo? Quite simply, since most men of this type have good taste, look after their appearance, visit a beautician, work out in the gym, sunbathe in the solarium and get manicures.

  1. Alphonse men are always attentive to women. They constantly flatter, and then make meaningful pauses in the conversation.
  2. Sometimes they deliberately argue with a woman to reveal the level of her compliance.
  3. Alwaysagree to go wherever the lady says.
  4. Pretty words are often said, but gifts are almost never given.
  5. Man often talks about personal heart dramas. Either he assures the woman that she is the first person he has become seriously interested in.
  6. If the fair sex shares her problems and troubles, then such a man turns the conversation to another topic. Or does not attach any importance to her words.
  7. Man at the beautician
    Man at the beautician

So we have considered the question of how to recognize a gigolo. The rules of his behavior can seriously differ depending on the situation. Most girls who find themselves in relationships with such men suffer a lot. But there are we althy ladies who know about the partner's tendency to live at someone else's expense, and this does not upset them. Moreover, they are ready to be in such a relationship for some time.