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Congratulations in the Bashkir language - on a birthday, on an anniversary, on the birth of a child

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Congratulations in the Bashkir language - on a birthday, on an anniversary, on the birth of a child
Congratulations in the Bashkir language - on a birthday, on an anniversary, on the birth of a child

Any festive event is accompanied by congratulations, wishes and gifts. Without it there will be no feeling of a holiday. This article will consider what congratulations in the Bashkir language can be voiced on a birthday or anniversary.

The euphonious Bashkir language…

The Bashkir language is the national language of the Bashkirs, it sounds very soft and beautiful. Hearing it at a wedding, birthday or anniversary for any Bashkir is a real pleasant surprise. After all, usually many festive events are held in Russian.

Of course, if there are no other Bashkirs on the holiday, then congratulations in the Bashkir language are not a very good idea. For those who do not understand this language, the holiday may seem boring.

Congratulations in the Bashkir language on the birth of a child

Guests of the event should carefully prepare for the holiday and think over the appropriate words of congratulations. Wish they were special. It's not difficult at all. There are certain source sites where you can pick up interesting poems and congratulations onBashkir language. They can be both comic and lyrical, they can be in prose. Next, we will take a closer look at what words of congratulations in the Bashkir language can be voiced at a particular festive event.

Congratulations in Bashkir

Wishes in Bashkir will forever be remembered in the memory of the hero of the day, birthday or other person to whom they are addressed. And if they are accompanied by an unusual postcard and a good gift, then there will be no limit to joy.

Happy birthday greetings in Bashkir:

Kotlayim hine tyugan konen menen, Kuzzerende Nurzar Hongmaehen.

Bogengelei gel yylmaep tor

Yozen kaigy – hesrat kurmehen.

(Translation: happy birthday, may the fire never go out in your eyes, always smile like today, may grief not knock at your house).

Tormosh yulyn hinen balkyp torkhyn, Behet, Shatlyk Bulkhyn kunelende.

Haulyk, Ozone Gumer Telep

Bulaiyk berge Gumer-gumerge.

(Translation: May your life path always be bright, happiness and joy do not leave your soul. We wish you he alth, longevity, and we will always be together).

Congratulations in the Bashkir language happy birthday

In addition to the birthday, you can prepare words of wishes for such holidays as: anniversary, birth of a child, wedding and so on. Here are some examples:

Bulkhyn anniversary cauldron, Hine bugen etmesh yash.

Sirleme, gel yilmayip tor

Jozen Bulkhyn gel yep-yesh.

(Translation: Congratulations on your anniversary, you are seventy years old today,we wish you not to get sick and always smile, may the soul always remain young).

Cutting hezze - bepesegez tyuzy, Bulkhyn hezge olo kuanys.

Igelege autumn totyp khoyar emesh

Kyiyn Sakta Bulkhyn yuanys.

(Translation: Congratulations on the birth of a child, may he be a great joy for you, good heart, may he be a support in life).

Short congratulations in Bashkir in prose

Kaderlebez! Nur hibus yakty koyashybyz! Hine matur bayramyn - tyugan konen menen ysyn kunelden kotlaybyz! Khine nykly haulyk, bekhetle tormosh, ozone gumer telebez! ​​Gel shundai matur kunelle bulip cal! (Happy birthday greetings).

Bugen zur bayram – ike yorek ber-berkhen tabyp kauyshkan con. Yashterge mohebatterene tap tidermeense, gaile usagyn sundermeense yesheuzeren telebez! (Wishes on the wedding day).

Congratulations in Bashkir

All congratulations and wishes in different languages ​​are individual. This means that if someone wants to "stay beautiful", most likely, this is a wish for the female sex. Men, in general, want male strength, a strong spirit, and so on. When preparing a congratulatory speech, be sure to take this into account.

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