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Celebration event for the elderly
Celebration event for the elderly

Activities for the elderly are aimed at the entertainment part of the life of pensioners. In youth and in adulthood, a person spends a lot of time at work and at home. Entertainment and holidays decorate life, relax, help to distract from worries, energize and positive.

In older people, life takes on a more measured and monotonous attitude. At a venerable age, most grandparents have no work and social activities. Every day is bleakly similar to the previous one. Adult children and grandchildren, behind the hustle and carelessness, do not always care about aged relatives, so the older generation loses all interest in life. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons for the oppression and lack of brilliance in the eyes.

activities for the elderly in the script library

The importance of the elderly in the modern world

Modern public takes a step towards pensioners. Many institutions have a number of activities for the elderly,clubs and rehabilitation centers are being created for the sports and entertainment sector of the older generation. In schools and kindergartens, matinees are held with the participation of grandparents. October 1 is officially designated as the Day of the Elderly, and we hope that in the near future it will grow into a good tradition, when pensioners will feel the festive atmosphere, warmth and attention of their loved ones.

Magic library atmosphere

An annual event for the elderly is held in city libraries. Autumn weather inspires poetic inspiration to organize creative events and cozy evenings in the book kingdom for pensioners. Gathering for such meetings, people of respectable age have the opportunity to listen to beautiful poems, songs, take part in quizzes, solve riddles and exchange pleasant memories.

festive event day of the elderly

Autumn notes

In the fall, the names of activities for the elderly in the library have relevant content.

"Years flow like lines in a book." At this meeting, they discuss their favorite writers, get acquainted with the biography and significant events in the life of famous classics. Pensioners are presented with books that will help organize their leisure time and give inspiration. The holiday is complemented by wonderful creative performances, favorite works.

"Tea gatherings". A meeting of people of retirement age, organized over a cup of tea, always takes place in a relaxed home atmosphere. A wonderful tea party with fragrant pastries andother delicacies is accompanied by the exchange of recipes, memories, participation in competitions. Guests are told informative stories about the origin of the samovar, the traditions of the tea ceremony in different countries. The host tells what medicinal herbs you can use to brew a delicious and he althy infusion. The holiday is complemented by listening to creative numbers, fervent ditties or universal singing of folk works to the accordion.

Exhibition "Autumn Melody". For the older generation, meaningful exhibitions are held in the autumn season, which present wonderful compositions, ikebanas and crafts made from golden leaves and natural materials, made by pensioners, managers and library visitors. Songs and compositions on autumn themes sound, literary publications and works about autumn are shown, interesting scenes are shown. Among those present, an autumn quiz is being held, riddles on the theme of the harvest are being solved.

The purpose of activities for older people in the library is awareness of the importance of yourself, nature and all those around you.

the purpose of the event for the elderly

Scenario for autumn gatherings

Library scripts for seniors are sure to have a literary bias, an entertainment part and discussions.

Intimate meetings with a sweet table and tea drinking are a great occasion to gather older people for an interesting pastime.

This scenario shows an approximate sequence of numbers for a well-spent holiday.

Meeting for pensioners "And our grandmother has tea and pancakes"

Plays a perky melody or backing track of famous songs, such as "Someone came down the hill", "Lamb sweets", "Kalinka-malinka".

The presenter addresses the audience.


"Our dear guests, We salute you all

Tea door opened

And set the table for you.

Tea with lemon and biscuits

Let's drink while talking.

And with a smile, a warm word

Have a wonderful time!

Don't be shy, don't be bored, Pour tea soon.

He gives birth to us again, Warms, refreshes.

Golden and fragrant, Baikhovy, black and clean, Calls for food

To a warm pastime!

Let's not waste time

And let's start pouring tea into mugs!

Dear guests, we are very glad to see you in this hall, at our friendly, warm table. And I hope that the moments spent together will give you a piece of warmth that will warm you up on autumn evenings.

Joint tea parties have been considered an important tradition in Russia since ancient times. Families used to visit each other's tea parties and honor their relatives. Now we are going to do a little quiz. Every active participant tonight will receive a token. Whoever has the maximum number of tokens will receive an incentive as a prize. Let's remember who is related to whom and howcalled?"

Kind Tree Quiz

  1. What is the name of the betrothed girl? (Bride).
  2. Who is her husband's mother for her? (Mother-in-law).
  3. Who is the wife's brother for a husband? (Brother-in-law).
  4. What does brother-in-law mean? (Husband's brother).
  5. Who is the husband's sister? (Sister-in-law).
  6. What does the word - daughter-in-law mean? (Son's wife).
  7. Who is the father-in-law? (Father of wife).
  8. And who is the wife's sister's husband? (In-law).

Presenter: "Thank you for participating. And we are rewarding the biggest expert on family ties with a small photo album where he can store pictures with his family."

Presenter: "Well, are you cheered up? Let's have a glass of our wonderful drink, and in the meantime, listen to the beautiful composition "Rejoice" performed by Nadezhda Babkina."

Presenter: "Dear friends, our ancestors were very fond of wise proverbs and sayings. Now I want to test your knowledge in this topic as well. I will start saying the phrase of a well-known proverb, and you will finish its continuation."

  • "Take care of the good in the house, in tea … (warmth)".
  • "Drink tea, don't go into… (sadness)".
  • "Come to tea - pies … (treat)".
  • "We don't… (miss) for tea".
  • "Drink a cup of tea, you'll forget… (longing)".
  • "Bread for all… (head)".
  • "Appetite comes with… (eating)."
  • "The more you chew, the more… (you will live)".
  • "Drink sweet, happy… (live)".
  • "You don't drink tea - what strength? Drinking tea - another … (case)".

"Friends, don't forget to add some more tea. The most active participant of the contest gets a pack of fragrant tea. In the meantime, I suggest you participate in the "Delicious Recipes" contest.

Delicious Recipes Contest

Presenter: "I invite all hostesses to complete our culinary task. On the tray you are offered several upside-down cards. Each of them contains a specific list of products, after reading which, you must determine which dish can be prepared with such a recipe."

Suggested quest ingredients:

  1. Cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, meat (borscht).
  2. Milk, egg, a little flour, a pinch of s alt, sugar, a spoonful of vegetable oil (pancakes).
  3. Cabbage, carrot, onion, rice, minced meat, tomato (meatballs).
  4. Jar of peas, eggs, sausage, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, mayonnaise (Olivier).
  5. Semolina, kefir, eggs, sugar, flour, soda, vinegar, butter (mannik).

Presenter: "All the chefs of this competition receive culinary condiments as rewards.

Dear guests, would you like a cup of tea? Especially when there are sweets and a heart-to-heart conversation for tea drinking, right? Look who came to visit us, yes, it's Candy!"

Candy: "A deep bow to everyone and a basket of sweets! But my basket is not simple. Sweet treats in it are charged with kindness and joy. Pass the basket in a circle, everyone should takecandy and give it to your neighbor with warm words."

The game task "Treat a neighbor" is taking place, during which all those present pass sweets with a basket in a circle, expressing wishes and compliments to a person sitting close.

Presenter: "Aren't you tired of sitting? Let's dance with you!

But first I propose a hidden melody. Whoever guesses the song gets the honor of dancing."

The following works are suggested:

  1. "Dark curly hair", N. Babkina.
  2. "I'll go outside", N. Kadysheva.
  3. "Oh viburnum blooms", Russian folk song.
  4. "Lady", Russian folk song.
  5. "Am I to blame", N. Kadysheva.
  6. "A stream flows", N. Kadysheva.

The head of the library presents a collection of poems by Valentina Skvortsova "Autumn in Age". One of the verses of the book sounds: "Ah, the age of "autumn" is not an easy time."

Presenter: "Autumn is a beautiful and a little sad time. Life slows down, the days get shorter and the weather does not indulge in warm days. But there is more time to pay attention to relatives, drink tea with neighbors and friends. only in autumn nature acquires magical golden colors.the beauty of autumn landscapes!"

The video presentation "Autumn in the city" is shown on the screen. The slideshow presents beautiful places and corners of park areas in the city, decorated with autumn leaves.

It would be appropriate to hold this solemn event on the Day of the elderly.

commemorative day of the elderly

Important points

The scenario of events for the elderly in the library should not be long, so that the meeting does not turn out to be overly busy and tiring for senior citizens. Themed gatherings, based on common hobbies, memories and entertainment, contribute to a surge of vitality and inspiration for people of advanced age.

The purpose of activities for the elderly should be the main idea: life is beautiful at any age. Organized hobby groups allow grandparents to showcase their talents and learn new things.

The following meetings are held in special institutions:

  • "Needlewoman".
  • "Culinary Miracle".
  • "Chess checkers".
  • "Musical kaleidoscope".
  • "Poetry club".
  • "In friendship with sports".
  • "Life is more fun with a song".

The names of activities for seniors at the library or other organizations indicate a specific purpose. At these circles, pensioners knit, sew, make crafts, do gymnastics, sing, exchange recipes, drink he althy herbal infusions and communicateamong themselves.

activities for the elderly in the title library


Winter activities for the elderly in the coldest period of time are held infrequently. However, the importance of such meetings should not be forgotten. In winter, people spend less time outside and socialize with their peers. The purpose of entertainment events is to designate the possibility of acquaintance and conversation between pensioners.

The list of winter evenings can be as follows:

  • "Dating night".
  • "Christmas meetings".
  • "Christmas festivities".
  • "Vasiliev's day".
  • "Shrovetide".

Intellectual games, watching good movies or theatrical performances will diversify the usual course of the entertainment program and add zest to the leisure of pensioners.

New Year at the gates

New Year's activities for the elderly are of great importance. It is permissible to organize a real holiday with funny characters, games, contests, riddles, joint singing and skits.

The celebration plan can be as follows:

  1. Address of the host to the guests with a welcoming speech. It's good if she spends the holiday in the costume of the Snow Maiden, the Snow Woman or in the image of the Russian Alyonushka.
  2. Riddles or listing on a competitive basis of objects and natural phenomena with a winter or New Year theme.
  3. Cheerful New Year's ditties.
  4. Winter quiz.
  5. Competition "Dress up the Christmas tree". Participants shareinto teams, each of which decorates a small Christmas tree. Speed ​​game.
  6. Singing contest "Sing along". Which of the teams (or sides of the table) will sing songs on the theme of winter and the New Year.
  7. Game "Guess the animal" There are 12 animals in a decade. For the task, 12 animal masks are prepared, which are put on the participants so that they do not see who they are. By leading questions, the player guesses his animal.
  8. Dance competition. They become round. The volunteer in the middle shows the movements, chooses the best. The participants change places. The dancing continues.
  9. Joke game "Surprise for the fastest". A multi-layered bundle-prize is passed in a circle to the music. When the melody stops, the participant with a prize in his hands unfolds one layer of paper and passes it on. A fervent song sounds, the bundle goes in a circle and so on until the lucky one receives a prize. It could be a fridge magnet.
  10. Discussion "Speak a snowflake". Guests are invited to choose one of the paper snowflakes with a question and reflect on the answer or share their memories. For example: what is the happiest memory of the year? What meeting did you enjoy last year? What are you grateful for the past year?
  11. The arrival of the discharged characters will charge the holiday with cheerful and fervent emotions. It can be: Baba Yaga, Goblin, Brownie, Solokha, Matryoshka, Santa Claus.
  12. The decoration of the evening will be a feast or tea party, postcards with wishes.
  13. The following compositions will be excellent musical accompaniment: "Old Maple", "Snowstorm","Whatever the winter", "The snow is spinning".

New Year's mood will be guaranteed both for pensioners and organizers of such a meeting.

New Year's activities for the elderly

Ideas for next year

From the beginning of January, a new plan of activities for the elderly for the year is planned. Each season can be marked by a thematic meeting and make a certain contribution to the organized leisure of pensioners.

A rough schedule of cultural activities could be as follows.


  • "Spring motives" - a creative evening with a presentation of spring paintings, slides and poetry reading.
  • Women's Day "With Love to Grandmother" - a festive program with concert numbers of creative teams, congratulations, an exhibition of flower arrangements.
  • "Easter meeting" - Easter egg decorating contests, listening to Easter songs and poems, watching videos.
  • "Working Times" - an evening of honoring professions, game tasks, riddles about professions, memories and conversations about working days.


  • "How young we were" - an evening of memories with dancing, ditties, favorite movie.
  • "Grandma's Jam" - a meeting with a fruit theme, the exchange of recipes, tasting contests and game moments, sketches.
  • "A he althy mind in a he althy body" - an event of a sports and recreational nature with gymnastic numbers, rewarding activistssports mug, useful tips for maintaining he alth.

Events for the elderly should include both discussion and movement.

activities for the elderly

Red date in October

On October 1, a solemn event dedicated to the Day of the Elderly is held in schools, kindergartens, veterans' homes and libraries. Children and schoolchildren are reminded of the importance of honoring the elderly and paying attention to them. For the heroes of the occasion, festive evenings are organized, where congratulations, songs and poems are heard, contests and quizzes are held.

Celebration event for the Day of the elderly can present a photo exhibition of the activities of grandparents with a demonstration of works of applied art or sports achievements.

A good addition to the holiday will be congratulations from the administration, postcards and applications made by children of primary and secondary grades, a performance by a poetry and drama club.

On the Day of the Elderly, the goal and objective of the event is a warm attitude and a sense of self-worth for the older generation.

Ideas for Seniors Day

The main date of autumn is the Pensioner's Day. The form of the event on the Day of the Elderly can be the most diverse and multifaceted. You can spend one solemn day or a series of significant events dedicated to the older generation.

List of events for the holiday of the elderly:

  1. Exhibition of books celebrating matureyears and senile wisdom.
  2. Chess and checkers tournaments.
  3. KVN or competitive programs: "Come on, grandmothers", "Come on, grandfathers".
  4. Gala Evening "Autumn of Life".
  5. Intellectual tournament "My years are my we alth".
  6. Musical and poetry evening.
  7. Concert of young talents for grandparents.
  8. Performance of creative teams among pensioners.

Tea parties, excursions and joint walks in the park will successfully fit into the list of pleasant leisure activities for older people.

The festive event on the Day of the Elderly will give every pensioner a sense of self-importance, vitality and joyful emotions.

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