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If the marker is dry. What to do to revive the felt-tip pen?

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If the marker is dry. What to do to revive the felt-tip pen?
If the marker is dry. What to do to revive the felt-tip pen?

Felt-tip pens have gradually firmly entered our lives. Children like to draw with them, they are actively used in the office and in industry, in tailoring and in interior design. Perhaps there is no such house, enterprise or office where there is not at least one felt-tip pen or marker. Accordingly, sometimes the question arises: what to do if the felt-tip pen is dry? Is it possible to somehow restore its "operability" at least temporarily?


Felt-tip pens are made on the basis of water or alcohol. There are not only felt-tip pens for drawing on paper, but also on metal, concrete, leather, glass, rubber and all kinds of other surfaces. In addition, they are collapsible and non-collapsible. Also, on some felt-tip pens and markers, the manufacturer indicates information that it is strictly forbidden to disassemble or refill them. Let's take a closer look at all these nuances.

Felt pen or marker

Water pens

Almost all modern children's markers are water-based. This is done in order to provide bright saturated colors and at the same time make themsafe for the youngest artists. In addition, such felt-tip pens are easily washed off clothes and any surfaces, do not have an unpleasant odor and can be stored for a long time even with open caps. A drawing made with such a felt-tip pen lasts a long time and does not fade in the sun. But, as you know, nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later, even such felt-tip pens cease to please their owner.

water-based markers

If the marker is dry?

What to do. First, understand the composition of the writing medium. For example, I stopped writing with a water-based felt-tip pen.

Most often this happens because the water that allows the dye to drain has run out or dried up. In this case, there are several ways to restore the marker and give it a second life:

  1. If the design of the felt-tip pen is such that it can be easily disassembled, then you must completely remove the core and place it in a bowl of warm or even hot water. This is necessary so that the rod is completely saturated, and the remaining dye is evenly distributed inside.
  2. If a non-separable felt-tip pen has dried up, then you can try to revive it by dipping only the tip into hot water and leaving it there for a while. In addition, at the same time, you can try to introduce water into the rod and from the other side of the felt-tip pen. This can be done with a syringe. When pouring water with a syringe, do not overdo it, as you can even wash the dye out of the marker rod.
  3. Another interesting and effective way to restore the marker on the waterThe basis is that its tip is moistened with vinegar. To do this, you can apply a few drops with a pipette or the same syringe.
how to restore a marker

Unfortunately, all of the above methods will not help if the dye has run out of the rod. By the way, with intensive refueling or a large amount of water being poured, you can accidentally wash it yourself.

If it contains alcohol

Alcohol markers are rarely used by children as they have a strong odor and can be hazardous to their he alth. In addition, they dry quickly enough, and at a price much more expensive than water. Alcohol-based felt-tip pens and markers are used in offices, in industry or in creativity. As a rule, the inscription made with such a felt-tip pen can be removed with an alcohol solution.

alcohol markers

Restoration of a felt-tip pen on alcohol

What to do if the alcohol marker is dry? First you need to check if it is possible to remove the plug, which is located on the end of the felt-tip pen. If yes, then just take it out and drip a few drops of alcohol or any alcohol-containing liquid inside, as we did in childhood. If this part is soldered, then there are two ways in which you can reanimate it if the felt-tip pen is dry.

What to do?

  • The first way. Pour alcohol into a marker cap or other small container and place the marker there. Leave it there for a while until it reaches the required amountliquid.
  • The second way. Carefully drill or pierce a hole with a hot nail, through which pour a few drops of alcohol with a syringe. Then solder or put a removable plug.

Attention! When using this method, do not use hot objects, as flammable alcohol vapors may collect under the lid. Simply slightly heat a nail or any other sharp object.

If the alcohol marker is dry

Felt pen refill methods

To be completely honest, then all of the above methods do not fill, namely, they dissolve the dye already in the felt-tip pen, that is, they help if the felt-tip pen is dry. What to do when the dye runs out?

You can try adding printer ink to the rod or use various household dyes, such as brilliant green, manganese, etc. But you should remember that felt-tip pens refilled in this way will not last you long. And the price they have is quite low and does not justify such efforts. All these methods are more suitable when it is not possible to purchase a new felt-tip pen at this very moment.

felt-tip pens for drawing

Also, some alcohol markers are not refillable. Trying to bring them back to life will simply fail. Usually this information is indicated on the packaging. Most often, these are expensive art felt-tip pens or, conversely, cheap Chinese ones, in which all the dye instantly flows out.

Quantity"Refills" in any case will depend on how much dye was originally in the felt-tip pen. If the manufacturer immediately saved, then such a felt-tip pen will not be able to serve you for a long time, no matter how you trick it.

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