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How to play with a hamster? How to tame a hamster? What do you need to keep a hamster?

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How to play with a hamster? How to tame a hamster? What do you need to keep a hamster?
How to play with a hamster? How to tame a hamster? What do you need to keep a hamster?

Which pet to choose if you have no time to walk the dog and you are not ready to share your apartment with a cat? Take a closer look at small rodents. For example, a hamster can be an excellent companion and does not require complex care. This animal does not have high intelligence, but it has a touching appearance. With a good attitude and little tricks, he can be taught to carry out a number of commands and brought up by hand. How to play with a hamster, what can you teach a pet?

Perfect house for beloved Homa

What do you need to keep a hamster

Acquiring a pet is a serious, responsible step. It is advisable to start with the arrangement of housing for the animal. And only when everything is ready, you can go for the hamster itself - to the pet store or to the selected breeder. For keeping small rodents, cages ranging in size from 60x40 cm (along the bottom) are suitable. The hamster's dwelling can be one-story or have several tiers. This animal is quite mobile and curious. During the waking period, your pet will neverwill sit still. What do you need to keep a hamster to place in his cage? If the height allows, make a shelf (or several) and a ladder to it. There must be a house in the cage. All types of rodents need shelter where they feel safe. Be sure to get a drinker and a feeder. Very often, hamsters are afraid to start because of an unpleasant smell. You can solve this problem by accustoming your pet to relieve a small need in a certain place. Those who want to try to teach a hamster good manners will have to purchase a special toilet for small rodents.

Caged playground

domestic hamster in the house

Even the most loving and responsible owner cannot be with his pet around the clock. A hamster's cage should be a cozy home for him, not a prison. It is worth taking care of the correct equipment of the play area. The classic version is the running wheel. This trainer is available in various sizes. It is worth buying a wheel for a specific animal, taking into account the dimensions characteristic of the breed and the individual constitution of the hamster. Pet stores also sell tunnels and entire labyrinths. Such designs are made of durable plastic and safe materials edible for animals.

Choose to your taste, given the area of ​​the existing cell. Do not be afraid that with a lot of entertainment, the pet will lose interest in the owner. Give the animal time to get comfortable, watch him, and you will understand how to play with a hamster. A feature of rodents is their natural curiosity. The hamster will learn quickly enoughall the toys available in the cage and will become interested in the outside world and its inhabitants.

Adaptation and domestication of a hamster after purchase

how to play with djungarian hamster

Moving into a new home is a huge stress for a hamster. In the early days, the cage should be placed in a quiet place, if possible, ensure peace and quiet in the chosen room. Keep your bowls and drinkers full. But trying to communicate with a new family member is not yet worth it. Give your hamster time to get used to the new sounds and smells of your home. Think for a while how to name a hamster a boy or a girl. If you plan to try to teach your pet to respond to a call, choose a short and simple name. Already about a week after the move, you can try to make friends with the hamster. First, try hand-feeding the animal.

Be patient and be prepared for the fact that far from the first attempt, the pet dares to take the offered delicacy from the outstretched palm. When the hamster feels confident in the new home, you can try to pick it up. At this stage, it is important to observe the rule of the golden mean. Do not abruptly grab the animal and take it in your hands if it clearly resists. But you should not be afraid and refuse tactile contact at all, otherwise your pet will grow up wild and will never be handed.

Can a hamster learn its name?

how to play with a hamster

How can you play with a Djungarian hamster if he does not show a clear interest in the owner? It is important to understand that the intelligence of theselittle animals is quite limited. The hamster gets used to the environment. But he will never reach out to a certain person in the same way as, for example, a dog or a cat. There are, of course, quite smart animals that can learn something on their own. However, this is rather an exception to the rule - the geniuses of the world of rodents. The hamster is not able to remember and realize the name given to him. But you can teach the animal to respond to the nickname. Everything is very simple: treat your pet with a treat, clearly pronouncing his name with an inviting intonation. First bring the treat directly to the hamster and let him take it immediately, then stretch it from a distance. Thus, the pet will develop a reflex that after the owner pronounces a certain word (his name), a treat awaits him. Very soon, your hamster will start running out of the house at the call.

Simple tricks

There are many ways to play with your hamster, using food treats as motivation. You can try to learn some simple command. For example, teach a hamster to stand on its hind legs and wait for a reward. The command must be accompanied by a sound signal. Let it be a banal word "Stop!". The execution algorithm is simple: the owner shows a treat, pronounces the chosen word, brings a treat over the pet's head. When a hamster stands up on its hind legs, it gets a reward.

Walking in the arms and in the apartment

how to name a hamster boy

Soon enough after moving into a new home, a hamster will be interested in everything outside of itcells. We strongly do not recommend releasing the animal directly to the floor, it can run away and hide. How to tame a hamster to sit on a person's arms and neck? Only practice will help in this matter. Regularly pick up the animal at the moments when he himself is active. Try to put it on your shoulder, but be careful. Remember, hamsters are very fragile animals and they cannot jump high. If the animal accidentally falls off your arm or shoulder, it can be seriously injured. How to play with a Syrian hamster if he is constantly trying to escape from his hands? In the pet store, you can purchase a special sphere for walking small rodents around the apartment. This accessory is made of transparent plastic. It has ventilation holes and a door. Everything is very simple: you put the hamster inside, and he, running as if on a wheel, moves around the apartment. At the same time, the animal cannot get lost and get hurt.

Hamster toilet training

how to play with syrian hamster

Hamsters are sometimes called the strongest smelling rodents. Indeed, the urine of animals has a pronounced unpleasant odor. You can prevent its spread around the apartment only by changing all the bedding in the cage daily. But in fact, these animals are quite easily trained to cope with their natural needs in one place. Observe your pet's natural behavior. If the hamster has already chosen a certain corner, just put a special toilet there. You can help the animal decide: place already wet sawdust in the tray. Most likely the smelltells the hamster what to do in this place. As a filler for the toilet, it is best to use sawdust or sand. Shake out and rinse the tray regularly, and then your communication with your furry friend will not be overshadowed by an unpleasant smell. Now you know how to play with your hamster and toilet train him. We wish you success in raising your new pet!

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