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Can friendship grow into love: the development of relationships, advice from psychologists
Can friendship grow into love: the development of relationships, advice from psychologists

Can friendship grow into love?! This is a rather controversial issue. Relations between a man and a woman can develop in different ways. How the process of falling in love between friends takes place, as well as how it can end, we will consider in the article.

Is friendship possible?

Friendship between a man and a woman constantly generates a lot of controversy. Love and friendship very often go hand in hand in life. These feelings have a lot in common with each other, and sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish between them. To begin with, it is important to understand the meanings of these concepts.

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Love is perhaps one of the strongest feelings that people tend to experience. It has many different forms. But every facet of love contains a huge attachment to a person. This feeling encourages you to live for your loved ones and give them your love. Throughout human history, many beautiful, heroic and romantic deeds have been performed in the name of this feeling. Love doesn't always have a happy ending, but it definitely makes the person who can feel it happier.

Friendship is considered to be a relationship between people, the basis for which was honesty, sincerity and love. Close people always have common interests, goals and complete trust. Friends tend to come to the rescue and provide support in difficult situations. The concepts of love and friendship are so closely related that they simply cannot exist separately.

Features of feelings

Can friendship grow into love?! These feelings are characterized by attraction. People who are close friends and miss each other very often. They often have an overwhelming desire to spend time together as often as possible.

Both feelings are based on close relationships between people. A bond that combines trust, respect and understanding is possible in both ways.

The difference between friendship and love

Both feelings are very similar to each other, but there are a number of differences. Of course, good friends are able to come to the rescue in difficult times, support, share your views and opinions. But just friends will never strive for the implementation of common goals and plans. A joint future can only be planned by people who see themselves in family ties in the future. You can determine the true attitude of your friend by the attention that he gives you. Even the closest friends will not give as much time as the person who is in love with you can give.

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When two people fall in love, they lose such concepts as "I", "mine", "me" and other statements. They start enoughoften use "we", "us", etc.

Can friendship grow into love?

Of course, such an outcome is possible. Practice shows that often excellent families are obtained from good friends. The feeling of falling in love can come instantly, and sometimes it takes time to realize it. There is a very thin line between friendship and love, which can be quite difficult to recognize. Friendship tends to develop into a feeling of love very slowly and almost imperceptibly. Accordingly, it is very difficult to determine the appearance of a deep feeling. At first, the relationship between friends becomes warmer and stronger. Over time, a need arises in a person, and you want to spend your free time exclusively with him. It's good when such feelings are mutual.

So, mutual sympathy arose

Can friendship grow into love?! Yes. Perhaps this is the most common situation. Often friendship between a man and a woman develops into a love relationship. Sometimes people of opposite sexes begin to be friends solely out of sympathy, but for some reason they cannot enter into a romantic relationship at this moment.

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Over time, this kind of friendship leads to sex. And in the future, perhaps, it can destroy more than one family. Often a male friend insists on a love relationship. And a woman who feels sympathy sooner or later gives up. That's why it's so dangerous to allow your soulmate to be friends with someone of the opposite sex.

Alarm bells

Some people for whomfriendship of opposite sexes is considered the norm, they may be surprised by a sharp declaration of love. Moreover, they are not ready for it. After all, love is not always mutual, and some people are not able to fall in love after a while, most likely, they belong to the category that the feeling of falling in love covers at the beginning of a relationship.

Do friendship grow into love?! Definitely yes.

can friendship turn into love

Let's look at the signs by which you can tell that your friend is in love with you.

  1. He started calling you very often. Begins to regularly spend his free time with you. And sometimes he even changes his plans for the next meeting.
  2. Happy shopping with you for a long time. Or your friend agrees to a joint vacation in the form of hiking and fishing, although she was absolutely not interested in such entertainment before.
  3. Rejects your attempts to set her up with a nice guy. Or introduce him to an interesting girl.
  4. If you have a soul mate, then a real friend will always give good advice if you have love problems. On the contrary, a person who is in love with you will point out flaws, trying to destroy your relationship, even if not consciously.
  5. Flirting, gentle touching and obsessive attention are the main signs of a romantic relationship.

Is there a chance exclusively for friendship?

For some people, it is very important to keep the friendship, and they do not consider the optionlove from the other side. Especially often this state of affairs occurs between former lovers, when former love turns into friendship. And there is no point in resuming relations, otherwise the relationship will go in a vicious circle again.

Friendship between a man and a woman

Psychological advice on how to maintain the boundaries of friendships.

  1. Avoid flirting, compliments and ambiguous sentences. Try not to violate the boundaries of friendly communication.
  2. Feel free to remind the person once again that you and him are exclusively friends.
  3. Don't spend much time with him. Even if this is your best friend, still try to limit your time together.
  4. Don't tell your personal and intimate secrets. In general, avoid situations that involve complaining or crying. Otherwise, soon it will start to happen automatically for you. After all, the person listened to you and regretted it, it became easier. Next time, I'll be tempted to speak out again.
  5. Don't play married couple. No need to go shopping together, choose wallpaper for repairs together, go to visit parents and so on.

That is, friendship between a man and a woman can exist for quite a long time, but until one of them wants something more. At best, it will be mutual, and at worst, friendships may end, and romantic ones will never begin.

When there is no reciprocity, is it possible to return friendship?

Sometimes it outgrowsfriendship into love, and love into habit. But what if a person who fell in love on friendly terms received only a “broken heart” instead of an answer. Remember that it is impossible to force a person to love, and you should not indulge yourself with illusions.

friendship into love love into habit

First you need to create a psychological distance from your former friend. You need time to recover. After a while, you will understand yourself and, perhaps, decide that you should no longer communicate with this person. And if this does not happen, then maybe it is worth fighting for the relationship.

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