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Children's toilet seats: when the baby has already grown up

Children's toilet seats: when the baby has already grown up
Children's toilet seats: when the baby has already grown up

Teaching young children to hygiene is an important and time-consuming process. Experts believe that the baby should be "planted" on a children's pot at about one year of age. A new acquisition should be bright and comfortable for the little one. The kid, remembering that mom or dad throws out the contents of his pot, after a while he will also begin to repeat their actions. Therefore, the children's toilet should be light and have an absolutely smooth surface, then it is easier to wash it and the child will not be scratched by the roughness.

baby toilet seats
baby toilet seats

Step by step

To make the baby like the potty and he was not "afraid" of it, it is better to stop at a bright model that resembles a toy, a car, or with a colorful picture. Modern manufacturers offer designs in the form of animals, birds, and even with musical "stuffing". However, experts believe that a child can develop a strong reflex to certain sounds: having heard a familiar melody in another situation, the baby will involuntarily wet his pants.

The next milestone in the development of the child - the transition to child seatson the toilet in an adult toilet. Psychologists and pediatricians recommend mastering it by the age of four. Most likely, the baby will not yet reach the floor with his feet, so you can use a special stand. It will also come in handy for the baby when he will wash himself and brush his teeth near the washbasin, standing at the optimal height for his height.

Recommendations for parents choosing child toilet seats:

  • optimal dimensions
  • baby soft toilet seat
    baby soft toilet seat


  • easy to install;
  • reliability of fasteners;
  • aesthetics;
  • original design;
  • convenience.

When choosing child seats on the toilet, moms and dads should understand that they are bought in the first place so that the child is less in contact with the surface of the toilet. The baby can spin, kick and fidget: the seat must be firmly and securely fixed, not move out at the most unfortunate moment. You should also not flush the water while the little fidget is on the toilet: he may be frightened by the sound of the drained water.

Some baby toilet seats are universal, which is especially

toilet seat adult child
toilet seat adult child

very convenient if the family with small children from time to time goes on long trips. On the road or in another city, a toilet nozzle will come in handy more than once so that children feel comfortable and do not get used to other people's toilets for a long time.

Children's design can be equipped with a low back and handles that the baby can hold on to. Of particular note is the child's soft toilet seat, on which the child sits with pleasure and more confidently, since it does not slip.

Two in one is a great solution to the problem

Some believe that the most convenient design (in terms of use by all family members) is an adult-child toilet seat, that is, two in one. In this model, the lower seat is designed for adults, and the child seat, fixed together with an adult, is attached directly to it, and leans back to the tank as unnecessary.

You can choose and buy any of the models in a special or children's store. The kid will like it if you choose the toilet nozzle with him. Let him be as comfortable as possible!

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