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Pinworms in children: symptoms. Tablets from pinworms for children. The child has pinworms - what to do?

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Pinworms in children: symptoms. Tablets from pinworms for children. The child has pinworms - what to do?
Pinworms in children: symptoms. Tablets from pinworms for children. The child has pinworms - what to do?

Every parent wants to see their child he althy and active, full of energy for new achievements. In order for the baby to feel good, loving mothers and fathers diligently monitor his nutrition, dress him warmly, pay much attention and time to the prevention of viral infections. Unfortunately, there is a group of diseases from which it is difficult to protect a small child. This is an infection with various types of helminths. The most common in our climate and external conditions are pinworms. In children, symptoms of infection are observed quite often. This disease accounts for almost three-quarters of all cases of parasitic infections in young patients. Pinworm infection is called enterobiasis.


what do pinworms look like
what do pinworms look like

So, the subject of our conversation is not very pleasant - pinworms. What do these parasites look like and how can you get them? Every adult should know the answers to these questions in order to protect their child. parasitesbelong to a fairly large group of nematodes. These are relatively small white round worms. Males reach a length of 3 mm, females are much larger (about 8-10 mm, but there are individuals up to 15 mm in length). Males live for about 3 months, while females die shortly after they lay their eggs. Pinworms are well adapted to reproduction. A female can lay up to 1.5 thousand eggs! If the external environment is favorable, after 4-6 hours they mature to the state of larvae.

Source of danger

The mode of transmission of this parasitic infection is fecal-oral. The female lays her eggs in the folds of the skin of the anus. This happens at night or early in the morning. In this case, eggs can get on clothes, bedding and other items. The process of laying eggs causes severe itching in the child, he combs the affected area, bringing parasite eggs under the nails. After that, the likelihood of re-infection of the baby increases, as children often forget to wash their hands before eating, bite their nails or simply stick their fingers in their mouths. The child also becomes a source of infection for other babies with whom he plays.

Cases are most common in spring and summer. During this period, there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables, which the guys often eat unwashed. In addition, children spend a lot of time in dachas and in the countryside, communicate with animals, play in the yard and in sandboxes.

pinworms in stool
pinworms in stool

Enterobiosis is a highly contagious disease. A child can get sick after visiting a playground, a store, a trip topublic transport. It is enough to hold on to the handrail, which was recently taken by the carrier of parasites, and then bring your hands to your mouth. Even flies carry larvae and eggs of pinworms.

Symptoms of infection

pinworms in children symptoms
pinworms in children symptoms

One of the most characteristic symptoms of enterobiasis is severe itching at night or in the early morning in the anus. The child sleeps restlessly, often wakes up, whimpering. At this time, the female parasites lay their eggs, causing unbearable skin itching. Pinworms in children, the symptoms of which are quite diverse, can be seen even with the naked eye. They resemble small pieces of cotton fabric on the baby's skin. You can see pinworms in the baby's stool. Bedwetting may set in.

Changes and the general well-being of the baby. He becomes irritable, whiny, gets tired quickly. Children do not eat well, they lose a lot of weight. The appearance of the child also indicates malaise. Pale skin, blue bags under the eyes - all this is evidence of the onset of the disease.

The baby's immunity decreases. Children suffering from enterobiasis are prone to various viral infections and colds. The stool is slimy, unformed, reminiscent of a greenish pulp.

Allergy or enterobiasis?

Pinworms in children, whose symptoms are sometimes disguised as a variety of diseases, can cause a variety of skin rashes, redness, swelling. All this parents often take for allergic reactions to food or other external irritants. However, specialistthe allergist, before prescribing special tests to establish the allergen, suggests that you first examine the child for the presence of parasites. Pinworms secrete various toxins that poison the body and cause reactions in the form of redness and rashes.

If tests to determine the irritant that caused the allergic reaction do not give a specific result, it is likely that enterobiasis became the cause of the ailment.


the child has pinworms what to do
the child has pinworms what to do

Diagnosis of pinworm infection is based on the clinical manifestations of the disease, as well as on the results of laboratory tests. The most reliable are just the data of the analyzes received, since the external signs of the disease are not always pronounced.

The child may not experience severe itching characteristic of enterobiosis, and the baby's fatigue and irritability are a non-specific symptom inherent in many other diseases.

Laboratory diagnostics include scraping from the anus, as well as a special analysis of the patient's blood. Fecal examination is not used to detect pinworms, as parasite eggs cannot be detected in this way.

Scraping is usually taken with adhesive tape, which is first glued to the folds of the child's skin, then torn off and placed on a glass slide. Then it is sent to the laboratory for analysis. For the most reliable result, the analysis is recommended to be carried out repeatedly, preferably within three days. Scraping is done in the morning, before theanalysis of the baby can not be bathed. If the child suffers from enterobiasis, pinworm eggs will be found on the tape.

Diagnosis by blood is based on the body's response to infection with parasites. The child's immune system resists infection, and certain antibodies are released into the blood. If their amount in the blood exceeds the permissible level, we can talk about the presence of a parasitic infection.

For an accurate diagnosis, especially with a non-specific clinical picture, both types of studies can be performed. This will help to identify the disease at an early stage, which contributes to a quick cure and reduces the likelihood of infecting other people. It is necessary to be examined not only for the baby, but for the whole family.

The effect of pinworms on the children's body

Pinworms negatively affect many systems in the human body. The stronger the parasite infestation, the higher the risk of developing severe lesions of the internal organs, especially in young children. Babies are much more susceptible to enterobiasis than adults. The acidity of their stomach is quite low, so pinworm eggs do not die under the action of gastric juice, but penetrate into the intestines, where they develop to the state of adults. In addition, the consequences of infection themselves are difficult for children to endure.

Enterobiosis in a child is complicated by allergic reactions of a different nature due to poisoning of the body with the waste products of parasites. Pinworms in the process of their growth consume some vitamins and minerals, borrowing them from the body of the baby. This leads to beriberi, fatigue, drowsiness. The child's mood worsens. Due to severe itching at night, he cannot sleep well, becomes irritable and moody.

Children suffering from enterobiasis are prone to various infectious diseases. Even a mild cold can cause a lot of trouble. Kids complain of pain in the abdomen of uncertain localization, recurrent headaches. In girls infected with pinworms, there is a risk of penetration of parasites into the genitals. This can cause inflammation, urination disorder.

Now let's talk about how to remove pinworms.

pinworm treatment pills
pinworm treatment pills

Child treatment

Many parents panic when they find out that their child has pinworms. What to do? How to get rid of this muck? What to treat? Someone runs to the pharmacy for drugs, someone turns to traditional medicine. And there are people who do not attach due importance to such a state. Yes, this also happens. Note that all of the above solutions to the problem are wrong. At the first suspicion of pinworms in children (we described the symptoms of enterobiasis above), the baby should be shown to the doctor. You should not rely solely on folk remedies or try to remove all worms from the anus of the child, preventing the laying of eggs (such procedures are carried out by parents quite often, but they are ineffective). After the tests, the doctor will finally determine the diagnosis and assess the harm that parasites have caused to children's he alth. In addition, in addition to measures to directly get rid of pinworms, you may neednormalization of the general condition of the baby.

pinworm pills
pinworm pills

Now about the drugs. Many people prefer to go to the pharmacy and just buy deworming pills for children. However, they should not be given to the baby uncontrollably. The specialist prescribes a specific medicine to the patient and prescribes a dose that is calculated based on the patient's body weight, the extent of infection with enterobiasis, and the presence of chronic diseases in a small patient. All drugs designed to get rid of parasites have certain contraindications, so only a doctor will be able to choose a remedy that will be safe for your child.

As a rule, doctors prescribe the following pills for pinworms for children: Pirantel, Albendazole, Devazimol, etc. Depending on the drug, a single dose of the medicine may be necessary. If the infection is severe, you will need to complete the full course of treatment.

deworming pills for children
deworming pills for children

Use of folk remedies

All folk remedies can be used in the treatment of enterobiasis only after consulting a pediatrician. They can promote recovery, but are unlikely to completely get rid of parasites. And the lack of effective treatment can cause serious infection, which is dangerous for the child. In addition, many foods and medicinal herbs have various contraindications. If the doctor allows you to use in the fight against parasites not only tablets for worms for children, but also folk remedies, you can use the following recipes:

1. get rid ofFrom pinworms, various fruits and vegetables of red and green colors will help. Naturally, they must be thoroughly washed, scalded with boiling water and peeled. Only in this form can they be given to young children.

2. A gruel made from pumpkin seeds, which are not tolerated by parasites. To prepare it, you need to grind about 100 g of seeds, pour them with olive oil (100 ml), mix well. Porridge is eaten on an empty stomach, after which they refrain from eating for three hours. The course of treatment lasts three days, then, after a two-day break, it is repeated.

3. Tablets from pinworms are well complemented by beet juice. It should be taken on an empty stomach for a couple of weeks.

4. A long-known folk remedy for parasites is wormwood. One tablespoon of well-chopped herbs is brewed in 300 ml of hot water, left to infuse for 10 minutes, then filtered. The resulting broth is drunk about an hour before bedtime. Before this, it is recommended not to eat for 2 hours. Then the infusion of wormwood is taken in the morning on an empty stomach. It is better to prepare a fresh drink, rather than use the leftover from the evening. The course of treatment is four days.

5. A good remedy for pinworms is onion and garlic. However, they should be given with caution to young children.

Traditional medicine can be used if the baby has no digestive problems and chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

Psychological help for a baby

Deworming pills for children will help get rid of parasites, but the treatment of a child should not stop there. In addition to direct relieffrom pinworms, it should include psychological help. For a child, especially if it is already an understanding preschooler, infection with worms can be a serious stress. The little man begins to worry, sleep badly, is afraid to play with other children even after recovery, is shy. Some children are terrified of dirty hands, pets, refuse to eat. To help him overcome all fears, parents should explain to the baby that enterobiosis is a disease from which no one is immune. Don't blame yourself. Children need to be told that if all hygiene rules are followed, the risk of re-infection is very small, and you should not be afraid.

In rare cases, the baby may need the help of a child psychologist. If parents realize that they cannot calm the child on their own, it is better to contact a specialist.

Disease prevention

how to remove pinworms
how to remove pinworms

Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. This rule also applies to enterobiasis. Pinworms, whose treatment with pills is, of course, effective, can disturb the baby again and again if preventive measures are not taken. Moreover, not only the child, but also his whole family should participate in the prevention of the disease. Periodically, you need to take tests to determine pinworms: take a scraping from the anus or donate blood for research. This will help to identify the disease at an early stage, as a result, it will be much easier to deal with the problem. The baby will simply be prescribed to take pills for pinworms, and you will quickly get rid of the parasites.

Childexplain the importance of washing hands frequently with soap and water, especially before eating. Try to wean the crumbs from licking and sucking fingers, biting nails. Cleanliness should be maintained by adults, including in the house. Wet cleaning, knocking out carpets and bedspreads on the street, frequent change of bed linen - all this is an excellent prevention of pinworms. Bedding should be washed at a high temperature.

pinworm prevention
pinworm prevention

After washing, just like underwear, it must be ironed with an iron.

Especial attention should be paid to food. All vegetables and fruits must be thoroughly washed under running water, it is best to peel them. It is advisable to scald strawberries, sorrel, lettuce with boiling water. Prevention of enterobiasis is the use of carrots, walnuts, beets, garlic, strawberries.

Children need to cut their nails short, then dirt will not accumulate under them. Twice a day, the child must be washed away. Avoid rubbing your baby's butt vigorously as this can damage the delicate skin and make your baby not want to bathe again.

If a child is being treated for worms, then to prevent re-infection at night, he needs to wear panties with a tight elastic band. This prevents parasites from getting on bedding, pajamas, hands. For the duration of treatment, it is better to remove all soft and other toys that are difficult to process.

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