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BMW electric cars: real and children's

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BMW electric cars: real and children's
BMW electric cars: real and children's

The creation of electric vehicles from BMW is engaged in a special division with the prefix i. In this article, you will learn information about all BMW electric vehicles.

History of the line

The history of the Bavarian electric car line begins in 2010. It was then that the company registered a whole model range with the index i. Thanks to this, you can track which cars are planned to be produced with electric motors in the future.

In 2011, the first model of a range of electric vehicles appeared. The I3 is an urban minivan powered only by electric motors in the wheels. After a good start, the company decided to expand the lineup with cars in almost every class.

bmw electric cars
bmw electric cars

BMW i1

BMW electric cars are opened by the youngest model – i1. This car has not yet gone into mass production, but there is information that it should compete with Smart Fortwo from the American concern.

BMW i2

This model is currently only a rumor. After the appearance on the Internet of renderings of a new concept from the Bavarians, experts concluded that we have before us a sample of the future serial BMW i2. Externally, the car has a great resemblance to the older i8 model. The pictures show that the car has a two-door coupe body, so it should occupy a niche between the i1 and the i3 minivan.

BMW i3

The first electric series car. It is a compact urban minivan. The body of the car is made entirely of aluminum and carbon fiber. Its weight is no more than 1300 kg. The electric motor has a power of 170 horsepower and a range of up to 160 kilometers on a single charge. The car is perfect for urban conditions, but not for long-distance travel due to the small power reserve. Official i3 sales began in 2013. Almost immediately after the start of sales, the company announced a new version - i3 Coupe. This car is a hybrid of a minivan and a sports car. The new modification has not entered the series at the moment.

electric car for children
electric car for children

BMW i4 and i5

BMW EVs plan to take over virtually every class in today's automotive market. This is evidenced by their plans to release a sports coupe called the i4. Most likely, the BMW 4 Series coupe will be the prototype.

The I5 is a full-size family sedan that will come with two electric motor options. The direct competitor of this model is the brainchild of Tesla - Model X.

BMW i6

This car should fill the niche of full-size crossovers in the electric car market. Not earlier than 2020 - that's what they say about the date when the new electric car will be released. The BMW X6 will be the prototype for a new SUV.

BMW i8

The most expensive and most impressive car in the entire range of electric vehicles is the i8 sports car. The car entered series production in 2014. It is hybrid. It has 4 electric motors per wheel with a total power of 150 horsepower. In addition, the coupe accelerates with the help of a 170 horsepower gasoline turbo engine. BMW i8 roadster electric cars went on sale a few months after the main model was shown.

bmw x6 electric car
bmw x6 electric car

BMW children's electric cars

Children can feel like driving a real BMW. Manufacturers produce children's electric cars in the bodies of various popular models (for example, Z4 coupe, X6 crossover, and so on).

The children's electric car can drive at speeds up to 5 km/h for 2-3 hours. During this time, the child will fully enjoy driving a real BMW, albeit in a reduced size. More expensive models have a full audio system.

Children's electric car fully imitates the functions of a real car. It has pedals, direction indicators, imitation of the sound of the motor and other "chips". Some models are even equipped with seat belts and real optics.

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