Thai cat: breed description, character, photo

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Thai cat: breed description, character, photo
Thai cat: breed description, character, photo

Video: Thai cat: breed description, character, photo

Video: Thai cat: breed description, character, photo
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Since ancient times, the Thai breed cat was included in the category of sacred animals. The owners of such unusual pets were mainly heads of state and the intelligentsia. Animals belonged to the "servants" of Buddhist temples and were present at secret rites. After all, the cat is considered the main mediator between our world and the parallel world.

What is the difference between this ancient breed and modern types of cats? And what character do these four-legged ones have? We will explore these issues later in the article.


Historical references to the Siamese miracle are present in 14th-century manuscripts, which are still kept in the National Laboratory in Bangkok. The image of a modern Thai cat is consistent with the described characteristics.

thai cat
thai cat

Our ancestors could clearly see the behavior and actions of pets, after which it was not difficult for them to deduce an accurate description of any animal.

Travel across continents

The import of Thai cats into Asia and Europe began in the first half of the 20th century. Scientists were very interested in the exotic breed and almost immediately began to breed them andimprovement. As a result of crossing with other species, they managed to develop the perfect example of the Thai cat. The old type also remained popular, but to a lesser extent.

The first mention of Thai cats in Russia was made in the Penza province. The scientist and experimenter P. S. Pallas was amazed at the appearance of these unusual cats. In his own book, Journey through the Southern Provinces of the Russian State, he described his first exciting impressions.

thai cat photo
thai cat photo

Modern Thai

Today, both types of cats have survived, and they are quite consistent with the ancient described images. They are rather compact, muscular and walk around on small paws. The head has a rounded shape, small ears stick out to the sides, and almond-shaped blue eyes beckon.

The Thai cat, whose photo you can see in this article, has a characteristic color, the so-called color-point - these are colored marks on the muzzle and tail, in most cases dark in color.

But the color scheme is very diverse, there may be chocolate, caramel, ash, purple and others. In some cases, the color is superimposed in a separate spot, it can be light stripes or other types of lines. This color point was preserved from the original appearance of the Thai cat, even before the first crossing was made.

thai breed cat
thai breed cat

Character traits

To begin with, it should be noted that the Thai, Siamese cat is very curious and fearless, so you should notleave him near an open window or any other high surface from which he can fall, trying to see what is behind it.

Also, these pets are very sociable and friendly, like dogs. Initially, the animal will carefully look at the new owner, but soon the latter will become its main object of adoration.

Thai cat is a loving and domestic animal. It can easily get along with all the animals and people in the same house, but if “not their own” come, it immediately reacts to a stranger and does not let it near itself. They especially love the smallest members of the family, letting them play with them.

In most cases, the mood of the pet depends on the mood of the owner himself. If you are on a positive note, then the Siamese wonder will be great to play and run around the room. But if the owner is sad or dissatisfied with something, then the pet will calmly lie on his knees, curled up in a fluffy ball.

The Thai breed cat, whose photo you can see in the article, changes the vibration and volume of meowing depending on the situation, resulting in a “talking cat” voice effect.

These pets also have pronounced facial expressions. They are easy to train to walk with a special collar.

thai siamese cat
thai siamese cat

Content specifics

If you prefer to give your cat only food of natural origin, then we do not recommend feeding him liver and various seafood, as they cause color changes.

Thai cat has an obedient coat, enough a couple of times astroke her with a wet hand for a week, and she will regain a well-groomed appearance. But it is still recommended to brush your pet with a special comb with stiff bristles once a month in order to keep it smooth and silky.

The Thai cat, whose photos are shown in the article, is a representative of centenarians, unlike other thoroughbred cats. On average, his life expectancy is between 20-28 years.

Choose a pet

In order to acquire this wonderful Siamese miracle, you should take into account a number of nuances that will help you make your choice.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the place of purchase. It is best to go to special cat clubs or catteries. They will be able to give a full consultation on this breed, provide documents on the origin of all kittens, and if you wish, you can get a pedigree for your pet.

thai cat character
thai cat character

When choosing a kitten, you should pay attention to the limbs, they should not have any spots of light color. The tail should be straight, without any curls or bulges. Also, obvious strabismus is considered a marriage.

Reproduction factor

The Thai cat is a special breed that requires constant attention and vigilance, especially when the mating period comes. This process should be approached very responsibly, as animals are sometimes unprepared for this.

The first urge to breed in cats occurs as early as 5-6 months after birth, but you should not rush, as their body is still not enoughstrengthened. It is best to withstand up to 1-1.5 years, then the pet's reproductive function will be in its prime.

It is best to choose a cat knowingly, if the goal is to continue breeding offspring of a pure breed. It is worth noting that pregnancy proceeds quite quickly - about 65 days.

Species certification

Today, the Thai cat is a representative of the breed of a closed type. It is not sold in zoological shops or at social events that are dedicated to animals. You can buy them at felinological exhibitions, where they have been pre-certified.

thai cat breed photo
thai cat breed photo

Also, if you wish, you can purchase a specialized patent for experimental breeding, where a new, completely different type of Thai cat will be obtained.

In order to certify the breed of an already acquired pet, it is worth taking it to the appropriate club, in which experts are present. They evaluate animals according to their scientific criteria, which a real Thai cat must meet.

Character also plays an important role. For example, if a pet shows signs of excessive aggression, then this will be the first call to the fact that one of his ancestors crossed with more expressive breeds.

After carrying out confirmatory procedures, a couple of signatures from experts should be obtained. If the cat does not pass the test and does not receive a certificate, this may mean that he is not a Thai breed or a mixed one.

Therefore, before buyingan expensive but adorable kitten, you should delve into the history of its origin, learn more about its character and check the baby for all the criteria that were listed earlier.