Cat breeds with photos, names and descriptions

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Cat breeds with photos, names and descriptions
Cat breeds with photos, names and descriptions

Video: Cat breeds with photos, names and descriptions

Video: Cat breeds with photos, names and descriptions
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There are an incredible number of different breeds of cats in the world. These cute creatures have long become human companions. Short-haired and fluffy, with cute ears and a free character …. There are just no cats. It is these creatures that go side by side with man from time immemorial. If you are thinking about getting yourself a cute pet, but do not know who to choose, then our article will help you explore the most popular types of these animals. During the conversation, we want to not only present the main breeds of cats with photos and names, but also describe their main characteristics.

Aegean breed

The Aegean cat is considered one of the most ancient breeds domesticated by man. In Greece, these cute creatures are considered a national treasure.

The birthplace of the breed is the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, hence the name of the variety. For hundreds of years, wild cats lived exclusively in fishing ports. They got to the mainland on ships with sailors, which earned them the reputation of good hunters and rat killers.

cat breeds with photos and names
cat breeds with photos and names

Purposefully the breed began to breed in the 1990s. ATit has not yet received official recognition. The Aegean cat is quite rare outside of Greece.

Description of the breed

The Aegean cat is a medium-sized animal. Its weight fluctuates between 4-5 kilograms. Although the breed standard is not registered, there is a general description of the animal:

  1. The head is wide and medium in size.
  2. The ears are covered with hair, wide at the base and have rounded tips.
  3. The body is very muscular and elongated. In appearance, cats may even seem plump, but this is only an indicator of their athletic build.
  4. The eyes have a characteristic almond shape.
  5. Proportional to the body of the paw.
  6. Long and straight tail.
  7. The coat of the animal has no undercoat and is semi-long. The tail is very bushy.

Aegean cats are smart and active. But they are very poorly trained. These animals can be safely called born hunters and fishermen. It is these abilities that distinguish them from many other breeds. Aegeans are simply indispensable in the economy, where there are rodents. However, it should be borne in mind that such a pet cannot be started if a hamster, bird or even a lizard already lives in your house, since for a cat they can simply become prey. If the cat has nothing to do, then he will play with his favorite subject with pleasure. Aegeans are very devoted to their owners, so they follow on their heels. Animals love affection, but they are not picky at all.

Aegean cats are accustomed to living on the street, so a private house is well suited for them. Animalsthey are not afraid of water at all, moreover, they climb into it at the first opportunity.

Highland Fold

The history of the appearance of these beautiful animals is quite long and confusing. The birthplace of the breed is Scotland. In 1961, a local farmer gave birth to kittens with special ears. This was the first Highland Fold. The cat was named Susie, it was she who became the ancestor of the entire breed. Surprisingly, this species was registered five years later. The name of the breed is associated with geography, since the Highlands are the highlands of Scotland.

aegean cat
aegean cat

Miniature cats have captivated many hearts. Their main feature is cute ears that have a special shape. In addition, they are tilted forward. An interesting fact is that only at three weeks it becomes clear whether the kitten belongs to this breed.

Long-haired animals look like a fluffy cloud, their shapes are so rounded. The eyes of cats are widely spaced and have a rounded shape. The breed is characterized by medium body size. Outwardly, the animal may seem well-fed, but it is not. Cats are characterized by very strong limbs of medium length and long flexible tails. The weight of the animal is from three to eight kilograms.

The breed boasts a beautiful coat of medium length. A shorter pile is noticeable only on the paws and muzzle. In the area of the collar and "panties" the wool is decorated with beautiful bunches. Well, the tail is generally the pride of the animal. Highland Fold can have absolutely any color - white, gray, marble, red.

Representatives of this breed have a friendly character. The animal is at the same time very soft and at the same time cheerful. It gets along well with all family members. Cats are not at all afraid to stay in the apartment themselves, they tolerate their owners' trips to work well. Representatives of the breed do not suffer from loneliness, so such a creature can be brought on by those people who come home in the evenings and are absent during the daytime. In addition, the Highlands are well tolerated by the road. You can safely take them on a trip. Animals are characterized by unflappable calmness and poise.


Not all lovers of cute pets can boast of their knowledge of their species. When deciding to make a friend, you should first study at least some of the most popular cat breeds. With the photos and names given in our article, it will be easier for you to cope with this task. Knowing the character traits, you can choose the right pet.

highland fold
highland fold

Supporters of hairless animals should pay attention to the Ukrainian Levkoy breed, which appeared quite recently, thanks to the efforts of Elena Biryukova, a felinologist from Kyiv. The history of this species began in 2000. And the name of the breed was given due to the completely unusual shape of the ears, which is somewhat reminiscent of Levkoy flowers. Despite the fact that this species of animals appeared quite recently, there are already a considerable number of its admirers not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders.

Ukrainian Levkoy weighs five kilograms on average. The animal hasmuscular body and narrow chest. Cats of this breed are much smaller than cats. Large almond-shaped eyes can have any color, but blue and green are preferred. Animal skin is hot to the touch. On the body, it is collected in folds. The breed standard assumes any color. As a rule, preference is given to hairless animals, but there may be a slight edging throughout the body.

Ukrainian Levkoy are friendly and very sociable. They are easy to get along with and are easy to train. The cheerful disposition of the animal will appeal to any owner. In addition, cats quickly get used to new living conditions. Levkoy are very affectionate and patient, they willingly respond to love.

However, when starting such an animal, you need to understand that it needs special care and clothing, since it has absolutely no wool. The delicate skin of pets does not tolerate drafts, is prone to sunburn and drying out. All these nuances will require additional efforts on the part of the owners.

Tailless breeds

There are a variety of legends regarding the appearance of tailless cats. But from a scientific point of view, the absence of such an important element for cats as a tail is the result of selection or mutation.

tailless cats
tailless cats

The Chinese, for example, believe that a tailless animal is a symbol of we alth and good luck. Therefore, such breeds are in great demand in Japan and China. Tailless cats are called "Bobtail". Despite the lack of a tail, thanks to which cats keep their balance, the animals are considered very strong and agile. BUTthe reason for this is their highly developed musculature.

Kimirik and bobtails

Kimirik breed can be called a bright representative of the tailless. Such animals have fluffy and long hair, which makes them look very thick.

But the most common tailless breed is the Kuril Bobtail. A strong muscular animal is very loyal to its owner. In addition, there are still Kuril and American Bobtails. The Mekong species has a small appendage in place of the tail. Animals of this breed are distinguished by the presence of dog habits in their behavior. The Mekong Bobtail loves to drag things around in his teeth and gets used to the leash well.

Ukrainian Levkoy
Ukrainian Levkoy

Representatives of the breed are related to Siamese cats, so their colors are similar.

Japanese bobtails and squeaky bob are also noteworthy. Many of the listed breeds have appendages in place of the tail. But the Manx cat is deprived of it. In place of the tail, the animal has a hole. These cats have plush fur and have a soft playful character, so they are good as pets. Bobtail kittens are active from early childhood, but at the same time they are very demanding of attention from their owners. Having matured, pets are no less sociable and still want attention from a person. Therefore, this animal is suitable only for those people who are willing to devote a lot of time to the animal.

Bobtail kittens can be taken no earlier than three months of age, because until that time there will be no certainty thatthe baby will be able to feed itself in the absence of mother's milk.

Rex breed

We have long been accustomed to the fact that cats have fluffy, smooth, long or short hair. However, there are curly-coated Rex cats in the world. Once upon a time, animals with such features were killed, believing that this was a sign of illness or a bad sign.

rex cat
rex cat

Now such unusual kittens may well become the ancestors of the newest breed. Rex cats with cute curls are currently very popular. Among them there are representatives of different breeds:

  1. Conish Rex is the oldest member of the group. The first animal was born in England. It had beautiful curls that form soft waves. Further work on breeding a new breed led to the appearance of a tall and thin cat with thin paws. Although she does not look much like her relatives, she is still not without charm. At the same time, the animal has an incredibly soft and sociable character. In addition, cats are very attached to people.
  2. Devon Rex is very similar to the previous breed. She appeared in 1960. The animal has a small but very graceful body with astrakhan curls.
  3. German Rex is a unique breed, the number of which is small today. Its distinctive feature is soft astrakhan wool, covered with waves of curls.
  4. Bohemian Rex comes from Persian cats.
  5. Ural Rex.
  6. La perm.


The Havana cat breed appeared as a result of crossing domestic black cats andrepresentatives of the Siamese breed. A characteristic feature of animals is the chocolate color.

Although the breed has an exotic name, England is still its homeland. The appearance of the first brown cats dates back to the 1800s. However, breeding animals began only in the 1950s. A long history has brought representatives of the breed to the American continent. It was there that they began to breed exclusively brown animals, which later became known as havana.

Cats of this breed are medium in size and weigh up to five kilograms. Outwardly, they give the impression of a lighter creature than they really are. The ears of the animal are tilted slightly forward and set wide apart. Large oval eyes are green. The coat of the animal is short and very shiny. There are also individuals of lilac color, they are more fluffy than brown cats.

bobtail kittens
bobtail kittens

Havana needs human society very much. They get along well with children and other representatives of the animal world. Cats of this breed are moderately active, very playful, and also love to talk. At the same time, the sounds they make are not intrusive.

Havana loves heights, so they climb the highest points in the apartment. Cats use their paws very actively, communicating with people or playing with objects. An animal from loneliness quickly becomes depressed and starts to get sick, so he constantly needs close communication with his owners. Representatives of the breed can be recommended only to those people who have the opportunity to give them a sufficient amount oftime. Since Havana cats are related to the Siamese breed, they inherited a tendency to certain diseases. Other than that, havana care is not very difficult.


Ceylon cat is a rather rare breed. From the name you can already understand that the birthplace of the animal is the island of Ceylon, now it is Sri Lanka. In 1984, an Italian doctor brought several cats to Italy. With other breeders, he started breeding a new breed. Unfortunately, the exact origin of the species is now unknown, since there are quite a lot of representatives of the cat family in Sri Lanka. And therefore it is difficult to determine who exactly became the progenitors of the new breed.

Ceylon cats are small, an adult weighs 2.5 kilograms. A feature of the breed is its modest size. Cats have thin paws and a small, well-shaped head. The ears of the animal are widely spaced and covered with soft long hairs. Large cat eyes can vary in color from light green to dark green.

The Ceylon cat has a short thick coat. Individuals with ticking are very common. The coat color can be any, but cream and yellow-brown animals are the most common. The most valuable specimens are individuals with a red-brown and blue shade of wool.

havana cat breed
havana cat breed

Ceylon cats are characterized by a sociable and open character. They do not tolerate loneliness, but at the same time they do not sit in one place. Animals are incredibly energetic and curious. They always follow their masterand watch his work with interest. Cats very subtly feel the state and mood of the owner, but at the same time they are never annoying. Despite the playfulness and mischief, the animals are polite and not mischievous. If the owner makes it clear by voice that he does not like something in the behavior of the pet, then the cats instantly react to the comments. In general, representatives of the breed are very intelligent and quick-witted, while they have a very developed sense of justice. Therefore, they will not tolerate resentment.

Foreign White

A rare breed of cat from England has an incredibly beautiful look. The animal's sky blue eyes will dazzle any pet lover. It is they who show a close relationship with the Siamese breed. These creatures became the first white cats with azure eyes that have completely normal hearing. It's no secret that snow-white Persian cats and Angora cats are deaf.

Foreign white was born thanks to the genetic experiments of an experienced breeder from the UK. She managed to get a new breed, which had not only white hair, but also excellent hearing. Despite all the difficulties, the new species was quickly officially recognized.

Outwardly, cats are very similar to Siamese counterparts. Adult individuals weigh from 4 to 6 kilograms, and live up to 15-20 years. Animals are characterized by large, wide-set ears, and a slender, long body. The fur of cats is very short and close to the body.

ceylon cat
ceylon cat

Forin white are very smart, playful and sociable animals. They are incredibly loyal to their owners. Their temperament is even morelooks like a dog. Animals love to chase the ball, and when they catch up, they bring it to the owner in their teeth. Such cats need constant close communication with people, they cannot stay on their own for a long time. As a rule, they prefer to follow on the heels of the owner, accompanying him even to bed. For a cat, a person is the same creature as himself. Foreigners love to chat. But their voice is more like a child's, very quiet cry. If the animal lacks your attention, then he will definitely make it clear with his voice.

Minskin breed

As you may have noticed, in our article we present young breeds of cats with photos and names. Many of them appeared quite recently as a result of the great work of breeders.

Minskin is the same breed. It appeared at the very beginning of the 21st century. The main distinguishing feature of animals are short legs and the presence of fur points on the naked body. Because of their furry paws, cats are sometimes called hobbits.

The United States is considered the birthplace of the Minskin cat. The first kitten of this breed was born in 2000. And five years later, the new species was officially recognized.

Minskin has a very small size, and weighs from two to three kilograms. There are many folds on the body of the animal, which are more noticeable on kittens. Individuals have different colors. But colorpoint is the most common.

foreign white
foreign white

With their small stature and short legs, Minskins are very agile and agile creatures. They may not be able to immediately jump on the tall refrigerator, but they will get there with someroundabout ways. Animals love to climb high. Cats need to move and run. They quickly become attached to people, so they should not be left alone. Animals not only get along well with all family members, but also with other brothers. Cats are very patient with children's antics.

Breed from Oregon

Oregon Rex is a breed that appeared by chance as a result of a gene mutation. Its name comes from the US state in which the new species was registered.

minskin cats
minskin cats

The animal is of medium size and weighs no more than six kilograms. The miniature creature is covered with curly fur. Animals are very affectionate, but at the same time playful and demanding of people's attention. They love new acquaintances and quickly adapt to any stop. For a person, such a creature is able to become a real life partner who will follow. At the same time, cats get along well even with the smallest members of the family. They tolerate all their inept games. Animals get along well even with dogs. They are very playful and energetic, and therefore love to run.

Bengal breed

The breeds of cats described by us in the article with photos and names are so different that it is difficult to decide which one you like more. But when choosing a pet, it is still worth focusing on what conditions you need to provide the animal and how much attention you are able to give it. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to wait with such an important step, since many cats become attached to people very quickly.

Suchis a Bengal cat. The description of the nature of this cute creature should begin with the fact that it is very loving. Moreover, the love of the animal is enough for all family members. Cats quickly become attached to people, showing devotion and responsiveness. They build their relationship with a person in such a way that they become a true friend for life.

oregon rex
oregon rex

And yet, despite the great popularity of the breed, it is worth noting that such an animal is not suitable for everyone. Bengalis feel better with experienced owners who can devote a lot of time to their pet every day. Cats are demanding attention, love to talk and make a wide range of sounds. Animals love to play with water and walk on a leash. The owners of the representatives of the breed believe that the Belgians are completely devoid of aggression. In addition, animals are very smart, they learn quickly and can master some tricks. Cats can independently turn on light switches, open doors or press the drain button. Such animal skills, of course, do not always please the owners.