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Nursery rhymes for a child up to a year and older

Nursery rhymes for a child up to a year and older
Nursery rhymes for a child up to a year and older

How to entertain your baby? Everyone knows the nursery rhymes-amusements “Okay, okay, where have you been? At my grandmother's, "Forty-white-sided cooked porridge, fed the children." But after all, there are many more of them, and they are divided by age: nursery rhymes for a child up to a year old, from two to three years old and older.

nursery rhymes for a child up to a year
nursery rhymes for a child up to a year

So, what is a nursery rhyme? It is an oral folk art, thanks to which parents teach their children the basics of communication, speech, movement, self-awareness and the surrounding reality. Moreover, learning through nursery rhymes takes place in a comic form, through play and entertainment, so the baby is fun and interesting. And if you also substitute the name of your child instead of the names of the heroes, then he will like everything that happens doubly. With the help of play nursery rhymes, you can even feed a capricious baby!

nursery rhymes for children 3 years old
nursery rhymes for children 3 years old

Here are some nursery rhymes for a child up to a year old. This one, for example, will tell the baby about his family:

Here is our finger - grandmother, Here is our finger - grandfather, Here is our finger -mommy, Here is our finger - daddy, But this finger is me, And this is my whole family.

The following rhymes will tell him about his body. To do this, when reading a nursery rhyme, you need to drive the baby's finger along those parts that you call:

Where are our little ears?

Listen to ditties!

And our little eyes?

Watch funny stories!

And the little teeth?

Hide our lips!

Well, our mouth is locked!

Rhymes for a child up to a year old are even more authentic:

Where are our little hands?

Here are our pens!

Where are our little feet?

Here are our legs!

And this is Sonya's nose, He is overgrown with boogers.

Here are her eyes, and here are her ears, But her cheeks are like pillows

What is this? Tummy!

And here is Sonin's mouth!

Show your tongue

I'll tickle your barrel.

And also here are nursery rhymes for a child up to a year old, which are appropriate to use while bathing:

Bunny washed his face in the morning, Bunny was going to visit:

Cleaned my mouth, Cleaned my nose, Cleaned my ear, Everywhere is dry.

Gulk, gurgle, gurgle, crucian fish

Washing with us in a basin, And next to ducklings and frogs.

nursery rhymes for children 2 years old
nursery rhymes for children 2 years old

There are also poems for older children, for example, nursery rhymes for children 2 years old. They are already talking about our world, about who lives in it, what we eat, what we do, and so on. For example, fruits, vegetables andberries:

Tomato in our garden

Exercises in the morning.

How are you, tomato?

Everything is fine and everything is fine!

I'm sweaty but not tired!

I turned red from the effort.

Let's go pick some blueberries

For dad's birthday.

Let's cook daddy soon

Delicious jam!

Daddy will say: "Well done!

Here are gifts for you - lollipops!"

One raspberry, two raspberries, Near our window.

One raspberry, two raspberries -

And here's a full basket for you!

We need to get up early in the morning, Go pick raspberries.

In each nursery rhyme there is a mandatory motivation and explanation of actions. Two-three-year-olds understand the world better this way. But the most popular massage rhyme, all the kids love it without exception. It is also suitable as a nursery rhyme for children 3 years old and even older:

Rails, rails, rails, Sleepers, sleepers, sleepers.

Belated train is coming from afar.

Suddenly from the last window

How peas will fall!

The hens came and pecked.

Geese came and nibbled.

The bunny jumped, trampled the peas.

The fox came and waved its tail.

The top passed.

Clumsy bear hobbled.

A big, huge elephant has passed

And the old janitor swept everything up

And set the table, Put a chair and a typewriter

Sat down to write a letter

about what I bought my wife and daughter, Tiki-tiki-dots, tiki-tiki-dots, Thin stockings, Tiki-tiki-dots, tiki-tiki-dots.

And put a big dot at the end

And a tiny print.

Then he sealed the letter and mailed it.

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