How to find out when I got pregnant, or what worries the expectant mother

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How to find out when I got pregnant, or what worries the expectant mother
How to find out when I got pregnant, or what worries the expectant mother

Video: How to find out when I got pregnant, or what worries the expectant mother

Video: How to find out when I got pregnant, or what worries the expectant mother
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Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in the life of every woman. This is 9 months of hope, exciting expectation and pleasant worries. Everyone dreams of becoming a mother. Someone manages to get pregnant immediately and without difficulties, and someone, unfortunately, is forced to visit a doctor more than once. But with the onset of the long-awaited "interesting situation", almost the same questions concern both those and others: am I really pregnant? How do I know when I got pregnant? When will the baby be born? Am I expecting a boy or a girl?

how do i know when i am pregnant
how do i know when i am pregnant

I'm expecting a baby?

Determining the presence of pregnancy is quite simple. This can be done with a rapid test at home. Just a couple of minutes in the bathroom - and the result is ready.

However, some girls still wonder: "How do I know if I'm pregnant without a test?" Sometimesthere is simply no way to buy it. It happens that the lady is young and afraid of being caught "hot".

An interesting situation will be prompted:

  • late period;
  • unpleasant, painful sensations in the chest;
  • increased irritability and tearfulness;
  • nausea, vomiting, provided that food poisoning is completely excluded;
  • profuse, clear, odorless vaginal discharge;
  • pain in the lower abdomen;

frequent urination

Of course, a woman can experience these sensations even in the absence of pregnancy. For example, the mammary glands swell before menstruation in most women, and nausea can be the result of simple overeating. But several signs at the same time, along with a delay in menstruation, should make a woman pay attention to the signals of her body.

Phantom pregnancy

It happens that a woman wants to have a baby so much that she convinces herself and others that she is pregnant. The power of self-deception is so great that the body is completely amenable to its influence. There is a delay in menstruation and all of the above symptoms, even a growing belly.

Therefore, before wondering how to find out when I got pregnant, let alone start collecting a dowry for the baby, it is worth visiting a gynecologist and getting professional confirmation of your new status.

Does the date of conception matter?

At the first appointment, the doctor will indicateyour card is the so-called gestational age of pregnancy. It is calculated from the first day of the last period. Conception itself happened much later. Accordingly, the age of the fetus is less than the calculated gestational age. However, this date is enough for doctors to manage pregnancy.

i got pregnant on my period
i got pregnant on my period

Why is the question of how to find out when I got pregnant worries many expectant mothers.

There are several reasons for calculating the exact day of conception:

  • he will help with the maximum probability to predict the date of the upcoming birth;
  • relative to her, the time of conducting certain tests and procedures is planned;
  • a number of beliefs promise to establish the sex of the unborn child by this date (this may be necessary if for a number of reasons it could not be established during an ultrasound scan);
  • in some cases it is important to determine who the father of the baby is.

Calculate the day of conception

Only the future mother herself can remember the exact date of conception. As an assistant, you can use an online calculator that determines the day of ovulation. How do I know when I got pregnant? This question is asked very often in the search engine, similar services are available on many resources for expectant mothers.

how to know if i am pregnant
how to know if i am pregnant

However, even with its help, it will be possible to calculate the date of conception only approximately. The thing is that the calculator calculates the day of ovulation for the standard menstrual cycle, in which it occurs in 2weeks after the first day of menstruation. Not all women do this. There are long and short cycles, spontaneous ovulation. In addition, conception can occur within five days after intercourse. This is how much sperm may need to get to the egg.

Beginning of pregnancy during menstruation

Some new moms say, "I got pregnant on my period." Theoretically, this is not possible. But happy babies born after such relationships prove otherwise.

i got pregnant after my period
i got pregnant after my period

In what case can you get pregnant during your period?

In the case of an ideal menstrual cycle lasting 28 days, the onset of such a pregnancy is completely excluded. In this case, ovulation occurs on the 14th day, strictly in the middle of the cycle, and no bleeding occurs at this moment. On other days, getting pregnant is unlikely.

However, if the menstrual cycle is quite short and is less than 25 days, and the menstruation at the same time lasts 7 days or more, this is exactly the case when a woman can become pregnant during her period. In this version, ovulation will occur in the last days, with little bleeding already.

In addition, there are cases when ovulation can occur several times in one cycle, including on the days of menstruation. Therefore, you can hear a lot of stories on the topic: “I got pregnant after my period, and both times!”