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Armudy - Turkish glasses for tea

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Armudy - Turkish glasses for tea
Armudy - Turkish glasses for tea

Eastern peoples have tea drinking - a real ritual, which every time is carried out in compliance with national traditions. Turks have a special attitude to tea. In Turkey, breakfast, lunch and dinner must be completed with the preparation of this drink. Even in hot weather, the Turks quench their thirst with hot strong tea. The main place in this process is occupied by Turkish glasses for tea.

History of glasses

Every Turk's morning starts with a cup of tea. Traditionally, this drink is drunk from special Turkish glasses called armuds. They are small pear-shaped glass containers.

Turkish tea glasses have a history. There is a legend that armuds were created as a symbol of perfect love. Poets and romantics compare this feeling with the incredible beauty of flowers. Therefore, armuds got the shape of a tulip bud. Some historians argue that the shape of the glass resembles the fruit of a stone pear, a tree popular in Central Asia.

Today, armud tea drinking is rather traditional and is part of the national culture of the Turks. Turkish tea glasses have also become the focus of attention.foreign tourists. Every traveler during his stay in Turkey tries to try real tea and buy a set of glasses.

turkish tea glasses
turkish tea glasses


Armud is a pear-shaped glass made of transparent glass. It has thin walls slightly narrowed towards the middle and a wide thick bottom. This is what any Turkish tea glass looks like.

Armud form is considered practical and easy to use. Thanks to the narrowed edges, the glass is comfortable to hold in your hand. It does not slip and does not fall out even with sudden movements. The special shape also improves the taste of the brewed tea. Tapered cup traps heat.

In an oriental glass, the drink retains its aroma for a long time. A person drinking Turkish tea can fully experience all the notes of herbal bouquet.

Turkish tea glasses don't have a handle. During tea drinking, armud must be held by the “waist”.

The volume of the glass is 100 ml. Despite the small capacity, the armuds do not fill to the top. It is customary for Turks to leave 1-2 cm on top. In some armuds, this place is indicated by a rim. The free part of the glass is popularly called the place for the lips.

armud glass
armud glass

Types of Armud

Today, Turkish glasses are made from different materials. The most common are classic armuds made of colorless glass. Such glasses are used by the Turks for daily tea drinking. On holidays and celebrations, it is customary to drink tea from armud, decorated with multi-colored patterns or goldpatterns.

The most expensive are crystal, silver and gold armuds. Simple dishes include glass, earthenware and porcelain glasses.

To receive guests, they use a set of Turkish glasses for tea, consisting of several pairs of armud with saucers and a tray. Such sets can be both multi-colored and in a classic style.

turkish tea glass shape
turkish tea glass shape

How to drink tea from Armud

A glass, according to the Turks, is the best container that can convey the true aroma and taste of tea. Usually black long leaf tea is drunk from armuda. It is brewed in several stages:

  1. Pour the right amount of dry tea in the teapot with half the required volume of boiling water.
  2. Cover the container with a lid and leave for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Pour the second half of boiling water into the teapot and again leave for a few minutes.
  4. The finished drink is poured into glasses.
turkish tea glass set
turkish tea glass set

Armuds are served on saucers. Sugar, jam and honey are served separately. Most Turks prefer lump sugar. It is lightly dipped in tea and chewed, washed down with a fragrant drink.

It is customary to take Armudy with the thumb and forefinger by the narrow part and bring it to the lips without removing it from the saucer. Sometimes cup holders are used for convenience.

During tea drinking, the teapot remains on the table. The host invites guests to refill tea.

The duration of this tea party is unlimited. And the owner of the house or the most senior person from the company should lead the process.

In Turkey, tea is offered to every guest, regardless of the purpose of his visit to the house. If the host does not invite a guest to a tea party, this indicates a bad attitude towards the latter.

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