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Wishes to the bride and groom: text, interesting options
Wishes to the bride and groom: text, interesting options

Wedding is always full of emotions and new experiences. On this day, it is customary to give gifts, as well as to say wishes to the bride and groom. However, in addition to the pleasant words that sound from the lips of the toastmaster, the newlyweds can hear a lot of interesting and instructive things from relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues. We have prepared the most interesting and original congratulations for you today.

wishes for the bride
wishes for the bride

Bachelorette party and parting advice to the bride

In many foreign films and TV shows, you can see a kind of pre-holiday festivities of the bride before the wedding, called a bachelorette party. Like the wedding itself, this event needs preliminary preparation and a specific scenario. For example, bachelorette party participants can gather in a more relaxed and non-standard setting, such as a bowling club, a cafe or a disco. But the main condition for such sincere gatherings are obligatory congratulatory words and wishes. At the same time, the bride should not invite men to the bachelorette party. True, some ladies prefer to break these rules by hiring a stripper for the hero of the occasion.

This day is very symbolic, as it is considered the last moment in a free and unmarried lifegirls. Therefore, during the bachelorette party, various pranks are allowed on the part of invited friends and the bride herself.

wishes for the bride and groom
wishes for the bride and groom

For example, a future married lady can have a theme party in pajamas. During it, the closest and dearest friends to the bride gather in one place (most often in an apartment or house). At this time, they tell each other various stories from life, say parting words and wishes for the bride's bachelorette party.

Example 1: "Our beloved, Irina! We are glad that the one and only and beloved man appeared on your horizon, whom many have to wait for many years. We wish you happiness with this knight who stole your heart!".

Example 2: "Svetlana! This is your last day, when you are allowed to do whatever you want. Tomorrow you will say the cherished words of consent and become a serious married lady. Enjoy every moment spent with your future spouse. Appreciate his opinion, help and consult with him in everything!".

Example 3 (joking): "Finally, the day has come, Irina Petrovna, when we all breathed a sigh of relief. You finally met your" prince ". And even if he does not have a white horse, but he has honor and conscience. Live with him in peace and harmony. But do not forget about old friends who will always help with good advice. And most importantly, they will always cover you at the right moment. You can count on us."

Example 4 (in verse):

So girlhood is gone, He will be replaced by marriage and a husband.

Suddenly everything happened, We didn't expect Katyusha.

And let the past not return, And your choice is family and life.

We want you to risk everything, Your husband is a reliable shield.

We wish you joy, goodness, Lots of kids and love.

Luck, two buckets of happiness.

Make your dreams come true

Let peace and grace reign, In family life and everyday life.

Learn to please your spouse, Appreciate love and kindness!

By analogy, there is a bachelor party organized by the groom and his friends. That's only if only women are present at the bachelorette party, on whose behalf the wishes of the bride are heard, then during the bachelor party only men are in the center of events. Therefore, pleasant words are heard only in the address of the groom.

Wishes for the newlyweds during the wedding

The most rich in wishes is the process of marriage itself. At this time, the future newlyweds find themselves on the path of a future life together. On the threshold of the registry office, they decide how correct their decision was, they weigh everything and go through the cherished doors. Interestingly, this is the first place where young people enter hand in hand, and after visiting it, they leave as a full-fledged family contract.

During such a crucial moment for the couple, they are accompanied and supported by honorary witnesses, parents, as well as the closest and dearest people. It is they who say the wishes to the bride and groom, giving smiles and flowers.

bachelorette party wishes for the bride
bachelorette party wishes for the bride

Congratulation example 1:"Alexander and Natalia! We are very glad that on this wonderful day you sealed your marriage. A new family was born before the eyes of all those present. Hope and a cell of society. We wish you not to forget this moment and carry such beautiful smiles through time. Be happy!"

Congratulation example 2: "Dear Marina and Igor! We have gathered here for a reason. On this bright and festive day, you became loving spouses. As you can see, relatives and friends came to support you. May your future family always reign peace and atmosphere of happiness. Bitter!". These wishes to the bride and her newly-made spouse can be pronounced both by the representatives of the registry office themselves and by invited guests.

Congratulations to the young people in front of the celebration hall

After the newlyweds have sealed their vows with marriage, they go for a short walk, and then they are waiting for a festive table and the main part of the festive event. And, of course, the first to meet them are their parents. They bring a wedding loaf and give nice words for the young.

Example 1: "Hello, young couple! You are now established as a family and ready to move to a whole new level in your relationship. Congratulations on this. Keep your love like the apple of your eye. Honor each other, as we respectfully we belong to the older generation. Appreciate your union. Live happily ever after!".

Example 2 (wishes to the bride from parents with the participation of father and mother): "Our dear children! We are pleased to congratulate you on your very first family holiday! From this dayyou will do everything together. Let the spouse support the family hearth and prepare the rear, and the spouse honor her work and provide the most necessary, including material benefits. Happiness to you, patience and good luck!".

wedding wishes for bride
wedding wishes for bride

Congratulations to the young during the feast from the bride's parents

After the young people break their first bread and s alt, they enter the hall of celebrations. Here they will find a rich table, as well as many other pleasant surprises. They are traditionally seated at the head of the table, and honorary witnesses take their places next to them. Next, parents and relatives, acquaintances, colleagues and friends sit down as they are related.

When the time comes for the first toast, the right to vote is usually given to the parents. So, it can be relatives on the spouse's side. Here is an approximate wish for the bride from her mother: "My daughter! My blood! Finally, I lived to the moment when you got married. It's hard to say how many emotions are overwhelming me now. You are like a dove living on my shoulder. But I am sure that your spouse will become for you the hope and support that you have always been for me. Happiness to you and future children!".

wishes to the parents of the bride
wishes to the parents of the bride

Wishes for the young from the father of the bride

If the bride has a full family, then in addition to the mother, the girl's father can also express wishes. An example of his parting words: "My dear, daughter! Mom and I are happy for you and your spouse! We see that you are happy and shining,like the sun. We hope that this sparkle in your eyes and the smile on your lips will last for a long time. We let you go on a free voyage, like a boat tied to a pier for a long time. Now you have your own captain who will lead you on a long and pleasant voyage along the endless waves of life's journey. Happiness to you, and we have many grandchildren!".

Another example of a wish for a bride: "Dear and beloved daughter! Now you are a husband and wife. You have a lot in common with our son. We hope that after the wedding you will not only have old, but also new interests. Love to you!".

And finally, one more option: "Our beloved daughter! We are glad that you became part of our family. It was you who positively influenced our son, and he finally found his family happiness. Let there be comfort in your home and love always reigns!".

Wish the bride on the wedding from the mother of the groom

After the parting words from the bride's parents, the word goes to the groom's relatives. For example, his mother may say the following: “Dear daughter-in-law! We are glad that it was you who became the chosen one of our son. As if blind, he wandered in the dark for a long time, not noticing anyone around. But you became the one who lit his path and gave vision. We want you to continue to give him your warmth and support in difficult times. Be happy!".

Pleasant words to the young from the father of the groom

Connecting to the words of the mother, the groom's father can say the following: "Daughter-in-law! From this day on, we will call you daughter. You are our new family member, whom weowe to their son. It was he who for a long time was the only child in the family. Now there are two of you. Children! We are glad that you are together now. You have become a complete family. Love each other and don't forget your parents."

wish for bride from parents
wish for bride from parents

Return gratitude from young parents

After the congratulatory speeches of relatives, in order to pay tribute to them, the newlyweds say their return wish to the parents of the bride and groom. One of the examples of such a toast from my wife: "My dear mom and dad! I am glad that at this wonderful and important moment for me you are there. Thank you for everything! I hope that in the future you will support and help me!".

Congratulations from the groom: "Dear parents! Today you have acquired a son in my face. I promise to take care and love your daughter. Thank you for raising her and raising her. Special thanks to my mother, because it was she who taught my beloved to cook borscht and favorite meatballs. Although some other dishes she doesn't get yet. But we are working on it. You are the best!".

wishes for the bride from mom
wishes for the bride from mom

Continuation of the banquet: further congratulations from the guests

After such congratulations, guests traditionally speak. They express words of respect and wishes to the bride, thank their parents for raising such a wonderful couple and give gifts or any other valuable things. For example: "Happened! Finally, the moment we have been waiting for has come. Our friend and colleague got married. With all my heartWe congratulate his young wife on such a profitable and promising acquisition. Bitter!".

And of course the fun continues.

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