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What is Jazz Transformer?

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What is Jazz Transformer?
What is Jazz Transformer?

Transformer Jazz is an original character from the American animated series Transformers, whose popularity peaked in the 80s of the last century. At one time, the transformer was produced in the form of a toy and was extremely popular among the younger generation.

The robot has the ability to transform into a Porsche 935 Turbo sports car model. Thanks to this feature, the folding toy is an excellent tool for developing a child's imagination and stimulating creative abilities.


transformer jazz

According to the cartoon story, Jazz is 6.5 meters tall and weighs 1.3 tons. In the movie about the Autobots, the height of the robot reaches about 5 meters.

Silver, gray and black shades prevail in the colors of the case. On the helmet of the transformer are two antennas, the shape of which resembles cat ears. The robot's visor contains bright blue-tinted optical sensors. Transformer Jazz has four-fingered manipulator arms. The wheels are located in the area of ​​the ankle and shoulder section of the exoskeleton.


jazz robot transformer

Jazz is a transforming robot that stands out from the rest of the Autobotsspecial dexterity and dexterity. Once on an unfamiliar planet, the character instantly collects data about the world around him and broadcasts it to his fellows. Transformer Jazz has the ability to quickly process strategically important data, which it converts into useful tactical advice. Thanks to the above qualities, the most dangerous and difficult tasks are assigned to the robot.


transformer jazz toy

In the animated series, while in robot mode, the Jazz transformer is able to throw out a metal cable from the manipulator, which is used to tow vehicles, climb hills and retrieve objects from hard-to-reach places.

The body of the Autobot has built-in stereo sound, powerful speakers. The latter enable Jazz to generate infrasonic and ultrasonic waves.

In the feature film "Transformers" directed by Michael Bay, Autobot Jazz has the following characteristics:

  • high rate of fire;
  • ability to hit long-range targets;
  • extreme accuracy;
  • lifting heavy loads;
  • x-ray and night vision.

According to a story that is revealed in a series of popular films, the transformer has armor that contains a special coating that reduces friction. As a result, Jazz has the ability to move at high speed in almost any environment. The robot is equipped with a heavy-duty shield made of titanium, which has built-in sensors that allow you to quickly respond to blows.opponent by predicting their direction.

In the movie, the speed of the robot, transformed into a car, reaches about 250 km/h. In this mode, Jazz is able to fire shots from a cryo-emitter, the liquid jets of which instantly freeze and immobilize opponents.


transformer jazz and lenox

Transformer Jazz is extremely concerned about appearance and worries about the integrity of his own body, which is regularly cleaned and polished. The robot shows interest in the latest models of sports cars. For example, in the story that tells about the first arrival of the Autobots on Earth, Jazz immediately scanned the most luxurious car from the dealership - a silver Pontiac Soltice, which he later repeatedly transformed into.

The robot quickly adopts local slang. Therefore, in the Hollywood movie about Transformers, Jazz is voiced with a pronounced South African accent. After all, it is precisely for the population of this country that a specific transformation of the English language to fit their ethnic characteristics is inherent.

Transformer Jazz - toy

The first ever series of foldable toys based on the robot Jazz was released in Japan in 1983. It was here that the cartoon about the talking Autobots was most popular among viewers of various age groups.

In 1984, the American company Hazbro bought a license to manufacture the above products. A racing car served as a model for transformation here.brand Porsche 935, launched into mass production in 1981. At this option, the developers of the toy did not stop by chance. After all, it was this model that earned the fame of one of the most successful racing prototypes in history.

Today, the transforming toy "Jazz and Lenox" is in special demand among the kids. In addition to the foldable robot of the original design, the set includes a man in a futuristic suit that fits into the interior of a car and is able to ride a separate motorcycle.

Transforming a toy into a robot and vice versa promotes the development of fine motor skills, spatial thinking, concentration and imagination in children.

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