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Sees and hears a baby from the cradle: when a newborn begins to see and hear

Sees and hears a baby from the cradle: when a newborn begins to see and hear
Sees and hears a baby from the cradle: when a newborn begins to see and hear

The hard times are behind us. You have a small bag in your arms. Now comes the moment when you wonder: “Is everything okay with my little one?”.

development of the newborn

Seeing and hearing a baby from the cradle

During the first weeks after birth, your baby is not as indifferent as it might seem at first glance. He can sleep, cry and soil diapers a lot more than he eats. His senses are in fact all functioning, and he hears the sounds, smells that are inherent in the new world for him.

It's hard for parents to know when a baby starts to feel, but if you pay close attention, you can see how he reacts to lights, noise, loud music and raised voices.

Let's figure out when a newborn starts to see and hear?

In the first weeks of life, the baby can see at a distance20-30 cm. If he is in the arms of mom or dad, watch him, he will definitely look at you, and also focus on distant objects. Babies are very sensitive to bright light, so it is better if there is a subdued soft light in the children's room. The development of a newborn child begins from its first days. After he sees mom and dad, just bright spots and contrasting patterns, he will look at the movement of things, at bright and resonant toys, all this will attract and hold his gaze much longer than before.

Although your little one's vision is functioning, it still requires some

newborn baby development

easy adjustment, especially when it comes to focusing. You evenmay think that the eyes of the crumbs are a little skewed. Do not worry, this is normal: the eye muscles of the little child will still be strengthened over the next few months. But if your baby's eyes seem to cross more than they should, or if they are cloudy, be sure to let your doctor know. Hang toys of bright colors over the baby's bed, he is interested in everything when he begins to see and hear. A newborn will enjoy seeing new places if you provide him with more scenery changes.

And what about the crumbs with hearing?

The baby begins to hear when he is still in his mother's womb. He feels his mother's heart beating, his stomach growls, he even hears her voice and hears the sounds of others too.

whennewborn begins to see and hear

After the birth of a baby, the sounds of the outside world become loud and clear for him. When a newborn begins to see and hear, he may be startled by the unexpected barking of a nearby dog ​​or the noise that a vacuum cleaner makes. Try to pay attention to how the baby reacts to your voice. The voices of mom and dad are especially familiar to him, and at this time he feels protected and calm. He already knows when they are going to feed him, lay him down, bathe him, as the development of the child is carried out. It is very easy for a newborn to startle with a loud knock or noise. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your family is attentive to this factor.

We've sorted out the questions about when a newborn starts to see and hear, but he still has so much to learn, and the family needs to help him cope with all this. After all, no one knows the baby as well as his parents.

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