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Where Santa Claus spends the summer - everyone is interested
Where Santa Claus spends the summer - everyone is interested

There is not a single person in the world who has not asked himself at least once in his life the question of where Santa Claus spends his summer. Many people think that in the hot season he rests in his huge palace, counting the days until the holiday, but this is far from the case. Grandpa never gets bored, life is in full swing.

Where does Santa Claus spend his summers?

New Year's question: where does Santa Claus spend his summer?

In Veliky Ustyug, or rather 13 km from it, there is a chic tower of the main character of the New Year. This is one of the most famous residences of our country. All year round you can meet Santa Claus in one of the 12 rooms of his residence. And also make acquaintance with fairy-tale characters. The doors of his house are always open to visitors. This ancient city is so beautiful, as if it had just stepped out of the pages of a fairy tale book. The magician's possessions also include: a zoo with marvelous animals, a bewitching winter garden, a glade of 12 brothers and many more amazing places.

Each room of the tower opens up new unexplored mysteries. The winding Story Path that leads straight to the door, at every turn, in some wonderful way, arranges an unexpected meeting with a sweet heart.character.

A Russian master in the Forge will tell the welcome guests about all the secrets of blacksmithing. You can inspect the property of the Wizard for a long time. Where Santa Claus spends the summer will be interesting for both children and adults. Santa Claus's post office is located in the city itself, as well as a shop and a throne room.

The city of Ustyug is truly the most breathtaking in the world. Thanks to the efforts of the Wizard and his helpers, friends, an extraordinary New Year is held here every month. For example, the festival in June was dedicated to fashion theaters. Both children and adults participated in it. All teams demonstrated their own collections of folklore, historical, Olympic costumes. Favorites received gifts from the owner of the residence.

House in Arkhangelsk

And in this city is the Wizard's tower in the Solombala region. It is very small, so you can visit it only if you sign up in advance. But do not worry, Santa Claus always answers letters. Visit this amazing place, there is a Tea House and a post office.

Another residence

New Year's question where Santa Claus spends the summer

Do you want to know where Santa Claus spends his summer in Belarus? 12 kilometers from the main entrance to the National Park. One of the largest Christmas trees in all of Europe grows here. Its height exceeds 40 meters. Especially in order to shelter Santa Claus from the heat, a forest extends for many kilometers from the house. In Belarus, he takes off his traditional fur coat and instead puts on a straw hat and a national shirt. Unfortunately, you won't be able to in the summerto meet the Snow Maiden here, because she is leaving for the North Pole to visit her grandmother. A festive atmosphere reigns in the residence all year round, Christmas decorations and first-class illumination are pleasing to the eye.

Do you wonder where Santa Claus spends his summer yet? In Estonia, Lapland, Norway, Karelia, Switzerland. But here his name is different. Cultural traditions in these countries are different from ours, and languages, of course, too. But all this does not prevent Grandfather Frost from giving smiles and joy to children. And being on a well-deserved rest, he always answers letters.

What does grandpa do?

We figured out where the New Year's wizard lives in the summer. But what does he do? He definitely does not sit idle - he organizes colorful festivals, unique competitions, holds theatrical performances, and, of course, meets long-awaited guests from all over the country. Sometimes he goes to visit his friends - Baba Yaga, the Kostroma Snow Maiden. This is where they arrange a real holiday for fans of Russian fairy tales.

where santa claus spends summer tips and instructions

Where does Santa Claus spend his summer? Tips and instructions for those who want to visit these magical places

Just stock up on a good mood and pick up a fun company. Together you will plunge into a real fairy tale.

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