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What should I do if my child has scabies?

What should I do if my child has scabies?
What should I do if my child has scabies?

Scabies is a very unpleasant skin disease. The causative agent is a special scabies mite. Once on the surface of human skin, it immediately begins to fertilize. After that, the females make relatively small holes in the skin, where they lay their eggs. Today, the child is diagnosed with scabies very often. What is this disease?

baby has scabies

How does infection happen?

It's actually very easy to catch this tick. The source of infection, as a rule, is the sick people themselves or household items with which they had contact (towels, shoes, bedding, door handles, etc.). In kindergarten, as you know, it is very easy to pick up a tick, especially if the parents have not isolated the sick child. That is why a child is diagnosed with scabies so often.

Priority signs

As a rule, little patients begin to complain aboutsevere skin itching. It is observed after approximately 30 days from the moment of infection. This allergic reaction is caused by the penetration of the tick deep into the skin. In addition, in a child, scabies also manifests itself in the form of small bubbles, as well as dry cracks throughout the body. This kind of skin changes are the body's reaction to the vital activity of the main pathogen.

scabies in children under one year old


According to experts, in pediatric patients, the course of this disease is somewhat more difficult compared to adults. The thing is that mite damage is often observed on the entire surface of the skin, including on the scalp. It is noteworthy that scabies in children up to a year even captures the nail plates. So, they gradually thicken, become loose, and subsequently even crack.


In order to determine the true diagnosis, the primary symptoms described above in this article are usually not enough. Accurate diagnosis, according to experts, requires the detection of the female pathogen itself. In this case, the doctor takes a scraping of the affected area, and then examines it in detail under a microscope.

how to treat scabies in children

How to treat scabies in children

After all laboratory tests and confirmation of the diagnosis, therapy is prescribed. Note that, as a rule, it is of a complex nature. The doctor prescribes, based on the possible individual characteristics of the he alth of a small patient, specialmedicines (ointments, gels, etc.), which, according to the instructions, should be treated with the whole body. This procedure is recommended to be performed in the evening, preferably before bedtime.

Helpful tips

If scabies was diagnosed in a child, preventive treatment must also be given to parents, as well as all patients who were directly found in the outbreak (in kindergarten, at school, etc.). In addition, for the entire period of therapy it is not allowed to swim and change bed linen. The change should occur before and after treatment. Stay he althy!

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