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Wedding guest dresses - which ones to choose?

Wedding guest dresses - which ones to choose?
Wedding guest dresses - which ones to choose?

You have been invited to a celebration, and you are puzzled over what to wear to such an event? In this case, you need something luxurious and festive. However, the problem is that there is a certain dress code for wedding dresses for guests.

wedding guest dresses

Which outfit would you prefer?

There is one main rule that must not be broken. Wedding dresses for guests should not be white, because such an outfit is only for the bride. But at the same time, do not try to wear black for the holiday. The best option for a wedding dress for guests would be to wear an outfit of bright color and simple style. Clothes sewn from fabrics of blue and emerald shades look very elegant. Also, you can not wear a dress that will attract a lot of attention. It must be remembered that all the compliments on this day fall to the share of the bride, and the solemn moment is the only one in life. And it will be inconvenient to take away the palm from her in the struggle for admiring glances with the spectacularity of her clothes. Neither the guests nor the bride herself will be pleased.

Which style of wedding dress to prefer for guests

Okay,if the bridesmaids choose outfits of the same color and style. Long, straight wedding dresses for guests will look great. If all the girlfriends have beautiful figures, then you can choose outfits in the style of a baby dol or with a pencil skirt. Outfits that match the bride's accessories will look good. But you can wear dresses in other colors: red, pink, turquoise, blue and green.

wedding guest dresses


You still need to determine in advance what kind of shoes you will wear. Don't wear big heels if you want to take part in all sorts of competitions. In such shoes it is simply uncomfortable even to dance. Remember that the wedding lasts all day, so think about which shoes to choose in advance.


Don't put on a lot of jewelry and other accessories. It is better to limit yourself to a pearl set - earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring. This option will suit any outfit and will look very gentle. If you do not like pearls, then you can opt for jewelry with rhinestones. But remember that jewelry should not be cheap and "lurid".

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Don't choose a bulky bag. It is better to opt for a clutch. If you decide to wear a pearl necklace, then you can also sew a clutch with it. This combination will look advantageous even with a simple dress. The color should match the shoes.


I offer a ready-made dress for guests. Very beautifullook outfits in pastel colors and an elongated style. The fabric for such a dress should be very light and flowing. But if long dresses are not to your liking, you can pick up short ones. And the asymmetry that is fashionable today will emphasize harmony and grace. But remember, if the dress is in the style of a baby dol or with a pencil skirt, then the shoes should be high heels. You should choose shoes for such an outfit in advance. Jewelry can be bright, but not bulky. Small stud earrings and a thin necklace are a great option.

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